These four players are players who are rather two good for their team or aren’t getting played enough, and need to move on to a bigger challenge or more game time: 

Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon)

Lacazette is a player who was heavily linked to Arsenal, Spurs and West ham in the summer. It just baffles me why he didn’t move. He is a very good player and just too good for Lyon. For the past 2 seasons Lacazette has been banging in plenty of goals for Lyon, giving them champions league last season, but I just can’t see them getting anything this season. With Nice doing a Leicester this season, and Monaco and PSG just being themselves, I just can’t see them getting the spot they so desperately want. I respect players who stay at their club out of pure love for the team, but Lacazette should aim high. Loyalty doesn’t exist in the game anymore. So I wouldn’t even blame him for leaving. I thought Arsenal or Spurs would of been a great pick personally, his pace and intelligence would fit them both perfectly. He’d give them the goals they both need at the moment. Ive already heard how much Lyon’s owner wants for him, but he might just be worth it for some teams.

Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton)

Van Dijk has this ability of just staying under the radar. Everyone knows how talented he is, but everyone seems to forget about him. Southampton had a very good campaign last season, and Van Dijk was one of the best parts about it. He had the difficult task of replacing Alderweireld, and he succeeded. Van Dijk is built to be a centre back, he’s tall and very physical. You can tell he’s Dutch too, for how composed and intelligent he is. There are two factors that make me think he should and will move on next summer. The first being how good he is. He could easily fit into any team in the league, he’s that good. The other factor being Southampton’s reputation as a selling club. Southampton have been giving their best players away for the past few seasons. Key players like Lallana, Mane and Schneiderlin were all sold to Liverpool and Manchester United respectivally. And surprise surprise, the Dutchman has been linked to both teams. If both offer £30m plus, then should definitely be moving to even better things next season.

James Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

It feels like forever since we all saw James star at the World Cup in Brazil, and after his huge money move to Real Madrid, it seemed like everything was working for him. But after him seeing two managers get sacked for not being good enough, he’s in a situation where Zinedine Zidane doesn’t think he’s the right guy for him. Players like Kroos, Modric, Casemiro and Isco (who I was originally going to talk about, but changed my mind after the Madrid Derby. He’s earned a place in that team) are picked over him. All the problems James is having right now is just a classic Real Madrid problem. They’ve gained this reputation of buying the biggest players in the world, without thinking how they’ll fit in the squad, and James is another victim of this. It’s clear that he is a very talented player, but he just doesn’t fit in Zidane’s system, and I don’t know if he ever will. He needs to move on for the sake of his career. He was linked to many teams in the summer, including Man United (who isn’t though), Chelsea, Juventus and PSG. The only reason he probably won’t be sold is the transfer ban. Real Madrid want a lot for him, it would not be a problem for wealthy clubs but because of the transfer ban, Zidane will not want to get rid of anyone. It’s a shame really. He’s a player who will make thinks happen for you, and with many years left in him, he could be a huge player for another team.

Romelu Lukaku (Everton)

Why hasn’t this guy left yet? When his own manager has said he needs to move on, it’s just telling that he’s too good for Everton. Lukaku, is physically, perfectly built as a forward, he’s strong, tall, quick and very aggressive. But it’s other factors of his game that need a bit of improvement. He’s not as clinical as other srikers in the league, something that will improve over time. His first touch needs sorting out if he wants to improve playing off the last man. If he sorts these things out he’ll be one of the world’s best. With huge links to big clubs like Manchester United (again, who isn’t), Chelsea, Bayern Munich and PSG (the French giants being the most likely destination), he’ll soon moving on to scoring in huge games and cup finals


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