Since the season is a third of the way through, you can clearly point out positions that need improving and United have already succumb to this. There are still positions that we need reenforcing and as a united fan I feel like I can point out these problems. I’m also going to be as realistic as possible, so don’t expect me to be saying Bale or Muller. I’m just going to be sticking to transfers I think will happen.

1. Fabinho – AS Monaco (likeliness: 8/10)

Fabinho was a player we were heavily linked to in the summer and I understand why, considering the injuries we always have at fullback, he would of been a nice addition to the squad. And after seeing how he looks this season, I’m even more convinced we need him. The big difference this season is his versatility. He’s been playing in midfield recently and it just makes him look like an even better player. United’s full back situation at the moment isn’t awful, but Valencia isn’t getting any younger, Shaw won’t be at his best for a while after his leg break last year and Darmian isn’t a starter. We need someone who won’t get injured and will give an option going forward. Last season he played 34 games in the league and made 2 appearances from the bench. He almost played every game last season, something I haven’t seen from a united full back for a while. What surprises me the most about him is his height. He originally started as a full back so to see a fill back that’s 6ft tall surprises me. Height on any player is a benefit so there isn’t a complaint there. The only complaint I have about him is the yellow cards he’s picked up. He racked up 9 last season in ligue 1. The premier league is a much more aggressive league than the French league so that number could increase. Also he takes penalities, and hasn’t missed on yet since his time in Monaco, which I just find incredible. It would give Denis Irwin vibes back to the Theatre of Dreams. The only reason I don’t think this would happen would be how good Monaco have been this season. They are on fire and Fabinho has been excellent too. Their success could mean them wanting to keep their best players.

Virgil Van Dijk – Southampton (likeliness 9/10)

Since I have already spoke about Van Dijk I’m gonna keep this short. (if you haven’t read what I’ve said about Van Dijk already then here’s the link: Van Dijk would fit very easily in the starting XI, he is composed, strong, intelligent, he is perfect. He already has experience in the league and in fact is one of the best in the league in his position. We just have to make sure that we beat Liverpool and Everton, who are also interested in him, in getting his signature.

Antoine Griezmann – Athletico Madrid (likeliness 7/10)

I love Griezmann so I’m not sure where to start with everything I love about him. He is one of the best strikers in the world by a mile and he only got noticed by the British public in the Champions League and then the Euros, where he proved his ability (besides that penalty miss) and his clinical nature. He also works so hard for the team and doesn’t wait around for the ball to come to him. He’s also very versatile, being able to play in attacking midfield, both wings and of course as number 9, where I want him to play. But what I love about him the most is he’s like a shadow, someone who can go unnoticed in the box. I came to this realisation in the Euros where he was in the box scoring headers out of all things, no one saw him and he was wide open. You could blame poor defending but that wasn’t the case. Griezmann himself is a player who is difficult to mark. The runs he makes and the spaces he gets into is just marvellous to watch your striker do. He does have his problems though I think. In the big games he’s been apart of, he never necessarily played well. Man United have had a history of players who turn up when called upon, but I’m hoping that problem improves with experience, he’s still only in his mid 20s so he has plenty of time to prove his class in those finals. The reason I’m giving it a seven is because I think it is way more likely in the transfer window in 2018, because of Simeone. Even though I still think it’s possible to get the Frenchman next summer but because of the respect and love he has for Simeone, I think he’ll leave when Simeone does, and with Simeone leaving in 2018, we could see Griezmann eventually at Old Trafford.

4. William Carvalho – Sporting CP (likeliness 8/10)

And finally the midfielder that seems the most suitable and most likely replacement for Carrick. At this moment the midfield isn’t a problem after the signing of Paul Pogba. It has players who protect that back line, box to box and players who love to roam forward. With Carrick possibly playing his final season at the club, Mourinho needs to make sure he buys a player who can do the same job as Carrick, to make sure no one gets near that back four and gives them the most protection possible. Herrera and Fellaini can do a job in those positions, but they weren’t signed for that particular reason, and pogba is a player who excels in going forward, he isn’t made to stay back but as the Euros proved, we can do a job. It is important that United find the right guy, and I and many others believe that William Carvalho would be the right guy. I am not much of viewer of Primera Liga, but I do watch international tournaments, and I thought Carvalho was a stand out performer. His sole job in that tournament was to protect the back four, and he did an excellent of that indeed. He gave players like Gomes and Mario the freedom to do as they please. There aren’t many players with the quality of Carvalho that can do his job. He seems like the most likely to be chosen by Mourinho, and I would welcome him to Old Trafford.


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