This weekend wasn’t as great as I expected it to be, but it still had some great matches and plenty to talk about. So I’ll start with the game that was easily the most entertaining:

Manchester City 1:3 Chelsea

I finally got a score right and my preview was pretty spot on. I did say that Gary Cahill is unreliable and so was all of City’s defenders and surprise surprise, all that were mentioned had bad games. I should start with the managers because that was one of the biggest battles of the day. Pep tried to beat Conte by setting up the same way, which to me was made for failure. Pep’s players aren’t used to the system in the same way the Chelsea players are and even though Chelsea’s defenders aren’t great, they are so much better than the shite in City’s back three. What else separated the two managers was half time. Conte’s men came out with belief and fight in them, while Pep’s men didn’t know what to do. Now let’s actually get to the game. On paper City did dominate, which they did, but they just couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net. De Bruyne’s miss sums it up, skying it from 5 yards. Chelsea on the other hand played on the break perfectly. Besides the own goal (on another note why is Cahill still at that club?), Chelsea were pretty solid, all thanks to David Luiz to say the least. All they had to do was wait for City to over commit and hit them with power and pace. Diego Costa was easily the man of the match for this reason. He was a monster against City, relentlessly running for the ball and through players to get to it. His goal was taking brilliantly and that assist to Willian was world class. Both Costa and Sanchez have made a case on why they are the best strikers in the league. Speaking of strikers, what the hell was that Aguero tackle? I thought a 4 match ban was nice, considering the tackle. That tackle was a career breaker! Chelsea have just made a case on why they will win this league. They’ve only conceeded 2 since changing to the 3-4-3 formation, which is brilliant considering they’ve played Man United, Man City, Everton and Spurs. If they keep it up, they have this league in the bag.

Barcelona 1:1 Real Madrid

This is actually the second El Classico I’ve watched, and it was pretty underwhelming considering the size of the event (I was actually expecting a red card or two). I thought the first half was pretty even. Barca playing their usual position based football and Real sitting deep and waiting for a chance. Messi and Neymar tried very hard to make things happen and they were close a few times. The most notable being that Roberto shot. Barca on paper did have a much stronger did as well so I expected more. Barca had their front 3 and their best defence fit, while Real had midfielders injured and Bale, who debatablely has been their best player this season up until his injury. One player on Barca’s team who was pretty poor was Andre Gomes. From what I heard Iniesta wasn’t fully fit so Gomes was starting instead, and I bet they wish they had Iniesta instead. I thought Gomes was very poor, adding nothing to the game and just reminding me why I think he’s a waste of money. On the other hand, Modric was brilliant. Controlling the game and making those key tackles. Another player I thought was pretty impressive was Neymar. Im not that big of a fan of Neymar. I do think he’s world class but he’ll never be on the level of players like Ronaldo no9 and Ronaldinho.  But I gotta say he turned up on Saturday the assist for Luis Suarez, who actually wasn’t that great on the day. Neymar was a constant threat and gave Barca hope for three points. But he just wasn’t enough. Because surprise surprise, Ramos is there for that 90th minute header, giving Real a point and slowing the progress of Barca down even more. This was a win for Real, because all they needed to do was make sure Barca didn’t gain any more points. I do think Real will win La Liga, but I hope teams like Sevilla and Barca will keep fighting till the end. To make Real’s win worth it.

Lazio 0:2 Roma

This was another big game that didn’t really blow me away, but I still really enjoyed the game. I thought based on Lazio’s form that they would of put in more of a fight, but in the end Roma just outclassed them in the final third. Lazio started off the game very strong, with Immobile having a few chances. But Roma in the second half were so much better. I thought Roma’s midfield played very well. With De Rossi shielding that back four very effectively, Nianggolan was very good getting forward and actually getting the final goal and Strootman turned up for this game as usual, getting a goal from a very stupid mistake from Wallace. I just don’t understand why this guy decided to do a step over in his own half. So stupid. I wouldn’t say there is anything else to say about the game. The atmosphere was dier though. From what I heard the ultras were protesting about something but forgot to look up why. I just hope Roma keep this up so the league stays interesting

Everton 1:1 Manchester United

This game has easily pissed me off the most out of all the draws we’ve got. I don’t really want to talk about so I’m just going to list the 3 things to take out of this game:

1. Fellaini get the hell out of the club. You add nothing to the team and you’re just an awful football player

2. We shouldn’t be parking the bus when winning 1:0. We need to close games off. Mhiki should of stayed on

3. Everton are bad, like really bad
Congrats to Bournemouth for beating Liverpool for the first time in their history, RB Leipzig for continuing their winning run by beating Schalke 2-1, Montpellier for beating PSG with only 3 shots on target, Napoli for beating Inter 4-0 and Granada for getting their first win by beating Sevilla.


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