This weekend wasn’t as good as the last few, but there are still some talking points of the weekend’s football. But I’m gonna change something. Instead of discussing the Dortmund vs Koln game (because it wasn’t that eventful and Bayern have just increased the gap now on the rest of the league), I’ll talk about another game. But let’s start with the usual Man United game:

Manchester United 1:0 Tottenham Hotspur

We finally won a home game! I’m obviously over the moon about beating a team we needed to close the gap on, but there’s more to be happy with and that’s the performance and some individual ones. We should talk about the game first and it did not disappoint. This was the first time I’ve been to Old Trafford in a long time so I was hoping for a game I could come out smiling from. We played very well against a very well balanced Spurs side, not giving Kane a sniff and hitting them on the break plenty. Mourinho is the first person I want to give credit to for his game plan. Soon as we got on that pitch every player knew exactly what to do. Phil Jones was on Kane like hawk. He was so good in fact that Kane only had one shot, and it was off target. I just have to credit Mourinho for turning Jones and Rojo (who I thought was man of the match for being an absolute rock) into top quality centre halves, something I thought I’d never say at the start of the season. The other element that was on point was our midfield of Carrick, Herrera and Pogba. All had good games except Herrera, who has an excellent game. Herrera was everywhere, barking orders to the other players, making those key tackles and even getting the assist for Mhiki. And speaking of Mhiki, he was the missing piece on Sunday. He gives United this speed and driving force we haven’t had for a very long time. He was our biggest attacking threat all because of the chances he was giving us. The only problem, and it is a big one, is United are still struggling to finish their chances. Pogba should of scored twice and Zlatan (who else) should of scored. Besides that we played very well. The referees were awful as ever. United should of had a a few penalities. One was the most obvious penalty I’ve ever seen where Herrera got kicked in the face and nothing was given! On another note Fellaini shouldn’t be booed, I don’t care how poor he has been for 2 minutes he shouldn’t be booed, he still a red so you have to support him. Anyway let’s just hope United keep this up Wednesday!

Leicester City 4-2 Manchester City

This is the game I’ll be talking about instead and for good reason, and that’s because I hate city and love seeing them lose. City were absolutely awful, the worst I’ve actually ever seen them play. It’s these games where I just have to question Pep completely. I understand you’re missing Otamendi and Fernandinho, but that doesn’t give you any reason to play John Stones (who’s barely a centre back), Sagna and Kolorov at centre back. I don’t know where to begin with this decision. First, Kolorov is barely a defender. He is definitely at fault for one of those goals just because he went so far forward when he’s at centre back and exposed by a very good Leicester team that love waiting for those moments. Secondly, when you play 2 full backs at centre back, they will obviously bomb forward and struggle with their positioning overall because they aren’t used to it. Thirdly, Stones isn’t good enough to be an almost a main man at Centre back, putting a lot of pressure on him making him make rash decisions, for example setting up Vardy for his hatrick. I gotta say it’s good to see Vardy scoring again. I really do want Vardy and Leicester to do well this season because of what they achieved. So seeing him score and destroy city in the process really put a smile on my face. Leicester did player very well though, obviously taking advantage of that stupid high line city were playing. Mahrez played great in the game and his assist to Vardy was superb and I hope the Mahrez from last season comes back. This loss has definitely put more pressure on Pep and City so he has to turn this around soon or he might be sacked for the first time at the end of the season.

PSG 2-2 Nice

Little annoyed I got this one wrong because I didn’t expect Cavani to even to get a goal and Nice to capitalise on a poor PSG side. And in some aspects they did. Nice did get a 2-0 lead from capitalising on poor defending from a team I’d consider to be solid in the back. Nice then got another to give a two goal advantage. To then give it way because of Cavani finally decided to score after about a million shots. The only reason why I’d never consider him one of the best strikers because of how poor he can be in front of goal. Sometimes hes very clinical and sometimes he couldn’t score a single sitter. He’s lucky Lucas and Di Maria give him enough chances for him to finally. I’m just so glad Zlatan left PSG because he’s made the league more competitive. Giving teams like Monaco and Nice a chance to win this league. I’m just hoping it stays this competitive. 

AC Milan 0-1 Roma

Roma are really trying to keep up with Juventus aren’t they. They just beat one of their top rivals at the moment. Donuramma tried so hard to keep Milan in the game and it clearly wasn’t enough. Roma were good in the game, getting plenty of chances and it took the beast that is Nianggolan to get the winner. He is definitely one of the best midfielders around. His all around play is so good he can just do everything. I didn’t Dzeko had a great game. He just needs to finish his chances better. Milan should be fine though. They have eniugh quality and goals to get that champions league spot they so desperately want. I hope one of the legend clubs can get what they need to return to the top.

Also congrats to Bayern for winning 5-0 against Wolfsburg, Madrid for coming back from behind to win 3-2 on the weekend, Napoli for cruising past more teams as usual and the Seattle Sounders for winning the MLS cup. Good job boys!


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