We’re at a certain point of the season where we can judge how the season is coming along, but not this season. Even though Chelsea are clear by nine points, just one or two suspensions or injuries could harm their season so the outcome is hard to predict. Around Europe it’s the same story (well besides Serie A, where Juventus have basically already won). Ligue 1 is competitive again ever since Zlatan left (thanks for that PSG). Nice are at the top but I can see Monaco catching up with all the goals they scored. RB Leipzig are doing really well at keeping Bayern from winning it as per usual and I hope they continue. La Liga is dominated by Real Madrid at the moment. But it’s interesting to see how long Real will go without losing. Anyways let’s get to the matches from the weekend!

West Bromwich Albion 0-2 Manchester United

It’s good to see us winning on the weekend again, and in a very comfortable and professional manner. The good start we had thanks to Lingard whipping the ball into the big Swede Zlatan gave us the confidence to keep it up and continue to dominate, and we did. I thought Mourinho including Lingard back in the team was a great move. In the Crystal Palace game we lacked someone with pace and the ability to make those runs beyond the full backs we so desperately need. It was a perfect game for Lingard to play as well. West Brom’s defence is very slow and we needed that pace to give us the advantage. Lingard is a player I don’t understand why he gets as much hate as he does. Lingard would die for the club and it’s always good to have a local lad in the ranks. He’ll always come in and do a job and knows what it means to wear the shirt. Every club needs some like him. I’m so glad Zlatan is scoring again. He is a genuine world class player and we need him scoring to increase our chances of top 4. With Arsenal dropping points it’s given us a chance to take their place there. The rest of our team have been playing brilliantly. De Gea is back to his best, Rojo and Jones have been brilliant since partnering together, our midfield is so balanced and Pogba is playing consistent and giving us that extra quality to win games. As soon as Mhiki comes back into the team, we’ll be ready to run over teams like they are nothing. West Brom have surprised me this season, mainly because I don’t usually see them just below us in the table. They didn’t play so great against United, not creating that many chances for them to do some damage. If they keep it up though they should be fine this season.

Manchester City 2-1 Arsenal 

Well we were all waiting for Arsenal to bottle it and here it was. They actually played well in the first half, getting the early lead and taking advantage of how bad City are in the back. But soon as the second half started everything changed. It’s as if Wenger told them to bottle it as per usual. I have to give prays to the blue side of Manchester though, I usually criticise them for lacking any fight and aggression after conceeding and usually in general. But they came back and got the win to put them back in the race for 2nd. It’s the first time they’ve came back from behind to win since 2012. It just puts into perspective how useless city are if they are trailing. Speaking of useless, let’s talk about Arsenal. They were really poor in that second half, lacking any sort of desire and fight to retain or further the lead they had. Some of those players just didn’t turn up either. The likes of Ozil and Sanchez, their best players just didn’t show up and prove their worth. They did deserve to lose that game and shouldn’t of got anything out of it. The best thing for me about the game was watching the idiots on Arsenalfantv go ballistic.

Monaco 1-3 Lyon

Come on Monaco. I expect better from you at this point. Even though I am hoping Monaco stay in this race and make their league even better. They didn’t play that great and Lyon did deserve to win. Because they were more clinical. Lacazette had a much better game than Falcao, actually scoring with the two chances he had. Thomas Lemar is continuing to perform and I’m hoping he continues to do so. He could be moving to a bigger club soon.

Quick congrats to Dries Mertens for scoring 7 in 2 games and putting Hart on his stupid ass. Congrats to RB Leipzig for returning to winning ways, PSV Eindhoven for coming back from behind to get a point from Ajax. Also some more congrats to Real Madrid for winning the club world cup. Merry Christmas everyone!


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