The January isn’t usually the most eventful time for football fans. It’s a window full of more rumours than usual because the the press love spreading bullsh*t. But sometimes there can be some big names moving. Usually players that aren’t getting much game time or are unhappy. I will make not of some players we could be hearing about


Oscar to me is one of the most overrated players in the premier league, he is extremely inconsistent and just doesn’t show the talent enough he clearly has enough. So when I heard he was going to China for £60m I just couldn’t believe it. I just want to know why Oscar wants to move to somewhere where you’ll be forgotten about and can’t play at the highest level. Oscar could still play for a team competing for Europe. He’s still quite young and still has time to improve. He’s throwing his career away for high wages when he doesn’t need them at this moment. I don’t usually have an issue when players go to China if they’re career is in the down, like Paulinho, or when you’re over 30 and just want those high wages, like Hulk and Tevez. But players like Oscar and Texiera are in the prime of their careers and should prove that they can do it at the highest level, instead of going somewhere else for those high wages. It’s just disappointed. Anyways his move is all but confirmed, he’s just waiting to get on that plane.

Julien Draxler

I think Draxler is a quality player. The only times I’ve watched him he’s really impressed me. I thought he did great at the Euros for Germany and he was a one man team against Real Madrid in the first leg. But it seems clear to me he is very unhappy and I’m not sure why. It just seems like another Berahino situation (it’s still going after 2 years…) where he wants to move because he thinks he’s better than he is. Players like that infuriate me. Draxler is still young. He needs to play games and complaining constantly to the press isn’t what a young player should do. It seems PSG have out a huge bid in for him so we’ll have to see how this transfer saga continues.

Memphis Depay and Morgan Schneiderlin

Memphis and Schneiderlin are a curious case. I still believe they are good enough for United but they just never proved it when they have had chances. I wholeheartedly believe that in Memphis’s case. He had plenty of chances but he just wasn’t consistent enough. You need to be consistent if you want you play for Man United. Why do you think players like Veron and Nani left? Schneiderlin I thought wouldn’t be a player Mourinho would like, so it surprised me he wasn’t getting played and Carrick was getting picked instead. Schneiderlin stated his United career very well but after the Chelsea game he just wasn’t seen again, even Wayne Rooney played in his position over him. Both have been linked to Everton and I can see them both leaving. Although I am disappointed Memphis is going, it’s the best thing for his career.

Daniel Sturridge

On his day Sturridge is the best striker England have, but that’s the problem. Because of all his injuries and Klopp’s system, Sturridge isn’t getting a chance. Players like Origi and Firmino, players who fit Klopp’s system much better are picked over him. Sturridge doesn’t work hard enough and that’s not his fault. He was never bought for a Jurgen Klopp team. He could fit in another premier league team but he just has to prove he can stay fit. If he did what Jack Wilshire did I think that will benefit him. It will prove to other clubs that he can stay fit and consistently play.


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