It’s been a while since I wrote a preview but with the lack of games since every other league is on a Winter Break, it’s hard to find enough games to talk about but this weekend is hosting one of my favourite games of the season but has declined in quality over the past few years, and that is Manchester United vs Liverpool 

This is a must win game for both teams because the top six has became so close after Arsenal dropping points and United going on a long winning run. Both teams need three points and a draw just won’t cut it, because if they both drop points then that gives Spurs and Cheslea a chance to make the gap bigger, and I can just see United getting the three points here. Man united have been in form we haven’t seen since the days of Ferguson, and we’re actually playing well! And if we aren’t we still get the wins. That comeback against Boro especially made me feel nostalgic. The best thing about this winning run is how well Zlatan and Pogba have been doing. I don’t know where to begin with Pogba. He is just what we’ve been needing since Scholes left. Someone to do everything for us. He can go forward, assist, score, tackle, pass and has the body to run for days. He is just too good and I think he is worth every penny we paid for him. Zlatan is a player who just continues to surprise me and it’s great to see an actual world class striker playing for Man United again. For a 35 year old, he is playing like he’s 28. He’s played so many games and it’s amazed me that he has been able to play this many games. I thought he’d get around 15 goals in the league and hope the rest of the team would contribute. But that isn’t true. We’re relying on him and it’s justified. He is one of the players who makes our game work, by coming in deep and bringing other players in. People want Rashford to start ahead of him more but I don’t. Rashford is still 19 and has time to develop and who better to learn from than Zlatan and Rooney. Rashford will learn and eventually will be our main man. He’s just gotta wait. I’m not worried about Liverpool at all. The only players I’m worried about are Mane, who isn’t even at the club right now, and Coutinho, who can be dealt. Besides that every player we have is better than theirs. I think if Mourinho goes for it and makes sure to neutralise Lallana and Coutinho we should be fine and be back in this title race. Come on reds!

Prediction: Manchester United 3:1 Liverpool


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