Many people said the second match between the biggest clubs in the country was disappointing, and I have to disagree. The game at Anfield definitely was a disappointment. Mourinho wanted to make sure United didn’t lose because of the bad run of form we were in, and we didn’t. But this time we were the team in form and the scousers were out of form. When I first saw the line up I was very optimistic we would win comfortably. We had the best upfront and midfield we can offer and they were playing a child at right back. In fact that was the worst Liverpool team I’ve ever seen go to Old Trafford. They had no Mane, no Coutinho, no Matip or Clyne, arguably their best players. Mane is the only player in that team I think would get into the United team, so without him I thought they’d do nothing, and I was partly right. Liverpool set up for the draw. They neutralised Carrick so he would have no involvement in the game, which was a good move from Klopp. Without Carrick we struggle to get any move started. He starts the tempo and helps hit quickly and gives Pogba reassurance. Speaking of Pogba, what a nightmare he had. This was easily his worse game in a Man United shirt. He couldn’t get a hold of the game, only completing 70% of his passes. You could tell the occasion got to him with his marking. Pogba’s biggest flaw is his man marking is very poor and he struggles to keep on his man. Mourinho wanted him on Lovren for a reason. Pogba is the tallest and one of our best headerers of the ball, but he just couldn’t deal with Lovren. He got away from Pogba so many times it was appalling to see. Klopp wanted to make sure Pogba couldn’t do anything with the ball and he did that successfully. Every time he got the ball there were 3 players on Pogba straight. Even thought it was a smart move from Klopp, Pogba has to improve when he’s in this situation. Pogba loves running at players, but that doesn’t work against teams like Liverpool. He has to move the ball very quickly so they don’t get it. He has to improve his decision making and that should improve over time. He’s still only 23 and midfielders don’t usually reach their prime till they are 26-28 so he still has time to dominate that midfield. He just had to learn. Mourinho’s substitutions definitely paid off, mostly Rooney and Fellaini. Mourinho could see Carrick was out of the game in the first half, so he brought on Rooney to counter that and give us an extra man. Even though I don’t think he played great, he definitely helped us dominate the game. Fellaini came on because Mourinho could see we couldn’t play our way because they had 10 men behind the ball (I’ll get to Klopp’s hypocrisy in a minute), so we went to plan B, and it played off. Fellaini played a big part in the goal, gifting Zlatan the chance to score. Zlatan’s goal made me wonder where we would be without him, he’ll be instrumental in us getting top four if he keeps it up. This might be a point gained for Liverpool because of their poor form and the players they didn’t have, but this is 2 points dropped for United. We are too far from Chelsea now. All we can do is get top four and hope other teams drop points. It isn’t over till May. Jurgen Klopp after the game said soon as Fellaini came on it wasn’t football anymore. Well Jurgen I have to disagree with you. It wasn’t football anymore when all of your players were in your own half. I know your stubborn with your style and hate to change it. But plan B’s exist for a reason, so you find another way to break a team down. 
A quick congrats to Sevilla for finally defeating Real Madrid and to Fiorentina for beating the Old Lady. Also congrats to Monacco for finally getting to 1st in ligue 1. And if anyone hasn’t seen Andy Carroll’s goal yet, I’d highly recommend you do so. It is just sublime


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