Damn many of those predictions were off. Anyways let’s get straight into it

Stoke City 1:1 Manchester United

This game could sum up Manchester United’s season, plenty of chances but the players just couldn’t convert. Because of the lack of conversion, no one really stood out. Zlatan wasn’t great and Mata was responsible for the own goal and for not putting us back in the game, probably having his worst game in a United shirt. Mhkitaryian played very well, but missed an easy chance. It took a bit of magic from Rooney to dig us out of the hole we put ourselves in. His goal was sublime, curling it with enough power so Lee Grant couldn’t save it. Wayne Rooney’s record breaking goal covers up a very lackluster Manchester United. This was a chance for us to go ahead of City and gain a bit of ground on Liverpool and Spurs. But we didn’t take it. Even though we are unbeaten, all these draws have ruined our season. So many games we can say we should of won that game. Mourinho and the players have to solve this problem. We can’t keep relying on a one goal lead away from home. It’s a priority next season for us to improve in this area. Either bring in someone like Greizmann who will take his chances or improve the players. The likes of Zlatan and Rashford need to step up.

Manchester City 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

This game can sum up both teams as well. Both bottling it when they needed the three points. This was a chance for spurs to prove that they are in this race, but it seems like they don’t want to do that. They defended very poorly and that isn’t something you usually say about Tottenham. They lacked their usual high energy and were making very stupid mistakes. City capitalised on a poor spurs side by taking advantage of Lloris having a very off day. Usually he’s very consistent as well. But city’s poor poor defending let them down as per usual. Even though spurs fought back, they and city have dropped points. They are both very lucky that United and Liverpool didn’t gain any ground. Otherwise that would be a title ending match.

Lyon 3-1 Marseille

Games like this make Lyon look like such a threat. Even though they still aren’t great at the back, players like Valbuena and Lacazette make them so fun to watch. That first goal from Valbuena was brilliant, curling it right past to keeper, very similar to how Rooney did it. Lacazette is such a clinical striker, taking advantage of a poor Marseille team and taking his chances. Their tribute to Fofana (who had to retire from an injury) was great to see. Lyon will have to fight for that champions league place, with Nice, PSG and Monaco guaranteed their places so far.

AC Milan 1-2 Napoli

Milan Milan Milan. This was their chance to gain some points on their rivals, bit didn’t take the chance to do so. Goals from Insigne and Callejon very early in the game gave Milan no chance of getting back in the game. And who assisted these goals? Who else but Dries Mertens. He’s having an amazing season. Scoring 12 and assisting 2. He is the most inform player in Europe right now. Napoli and Roma are the only teams who can beat Juventus to the title. Donuramma should of done better with some of the goals but he still has time to improve. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go to Juventus.


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