A big question that is asked around the world of football would be who will be the next Ballon d’or winner after Messi and Ronaldo are past their best. Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the prestigious award for 10 years now. That’s insane. A decade celebrating the success of some of the best players to grace the world of football and it will finally over in some years. With some of the best young players in the world playing their football at the top level, waiting for their chance to be in the spotlight, let’s have a look at some players who could have a chance at winning the award when Messi and Ronaldo eventually start to decline.

1. Neymar

Neymar easily is the player with the highest chance of winning the Ballon d’or after Messi and Ronaldo eventually start to decline. He’s already achieved some magnificent acclaims at a very young age, including being a part of a gold medal winning Brazil team, winning a treble, overtaking Ronaldinho in Brazil’s all time top goal scorer’s list, and scoring almost 300 goals before the age of 25. Some players score that many in their entire career. Neymar is at a stage where he isn’t a young player anymore, and needs to show this unbelievable talent he clearly has every season, like Messi and Ronaldo have over the years. Neymar is not having his best season so far. But these are moments that the greatest of players have to work their way through, to prove that they are one of the best. Neymar has already achieved enough to win the Ballon d’or, but he is surrounded by two of the best players to ever play the game. As long as he continues his goal scoring, he will be the first to win the Ballon d’or. 

2. Ousmane Dembele

Dembele is the best young player in Europe. Even though I am a huge fan of players like Donuramma, Rashford and Kimmich, Dembele is performing extremely well for a top club in a very good league. He has scored 5 and assisted 12, 5 of them in the Champions League. Dembele is performing at such a high level at such a young age. He had the task of replacing Mhkitaryian after the latter having the best season of his career, and he is achieving that. Dortmund buying the Frenchman under the noses of some other clubs after an amazing season in Ligue 1, even completing more take-ons than Messi per game, shows the genius scouting network they have, and it is the perfect destination for Dembele. Dortmund are a team that cherishes youth and turning them into top players. Under Tuchel, Dembele will be given plenty of first team football and learn from a very good coach and some amazing talent around him. He is at the perfect place to turn into the perfect player.

3. Deli Alli

Deli Alli has scored 50 goals from midfield quicker than Matt Le Tissier, Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard and that is unbelievable. Spurs lacked that extra bit of quality and Alli arrived when they needed him the most. He gave them that perfect man to be behind Harry Kane, someone to make those runs behind and has the perfect touch to control those balls over the top from the defenders. In his first full season for Spurs he scored 10 and assisted 9, and he just keeps on scoring. He is working under a coach who puts a lot of trust in him and he is thanking him back with the contribution he makes in Spurs’s success. There will be a time when Deli Alli will have to move for the benefit of his own career. If he follows in the footsteps of the likes of Gary Linekar and David Beckham and challenges himself in another country, then there will be no doubt he will achieve plenty in his career.

4. Paulo Dybala

Dybala is a special player who is slowly turning into a world class talent. He began gaining a lot of attention when he began scoring a lot of goals for Palermo. Then gaining a huge move to Juventus, where he instantly impressed. Dybala is playing for the biggest team in Italy and has turned into one of their best players. He is at a stage in his career where he is winning league titles and aiming for the champions league. Like Neymar, he is already at a stage where he could be in contention for the Ballon d’or. But is unfortunately playing at the wrong time. He just needs to start playing or Argentina to increase his reputation, then he has a real chance at the Ballon d’or.


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