Only two games to discuss this week. The usual Man United game and the Liverpool vs Spurs game. So let’s get straight into it:

Manchester United vs Watford

This was a must win game like every other at this point of the season, and we turned up! This was easily the best we’ve played in the league this season, with everyone putting in 100% and just having a go. Starting from the back, De Gea didn’t have to do much, except that exceptional save from a free kick. Bailly was phenomenal on his return. Even though Jones and Rojo have played brilliantly in the past couple of months, Bailly is just that next level. He was composed, strong and was keeping it easy and not rushing into anything. Smalling had a good performance, nothing special but no mistakes either. Both fullbacks both played well. Getting forward while doing their defensive duties. Herrera was stand out as ever. Most people who don’t watch Man United don’t understand how brilliant Herrera has been. If you compare him to the best midfielder in the league. N’golo Kante, Herrera is better than him in every statistic, except tackles. He goes unnoticed by the rest of the Premier League because he his job is a dirty work job. You normally never credit someone who does all the work no one else wants to do. You’ll usually credit a goal keeper for making an amazing save or a striker for scoring a beautiful goal. But the players who cover a lot of grass and stop some plays from happening just don’t get the credit they deserve. Herrera’s flashy partner in crime, Paul Pogba, had a brilliant. He wasn’t taking four players on or anything but he was creating chances and dominating the midfield. When he plays without Carrick it is important that he learns to not run forward too much but still having an impact on the game, and against Watford he proved he can. The attacking trio of Mata, Mhkitaryian and Martial played brilliantly. They all offer something different to the table. Mata is given a lot of freedom and can make these runs no one picks up, Mhiki glides with the ball through defences and Martial is one of our only players who will take men on. And now to Zlatan. Zlatan was very poor, even though some of his passes were okay, he was never in the box when he should of been. He’s supposed to be leading the line and he just isn’t doing that. The way we played against Watford is how I want to see us play against the smaller teams. We don’t need to play Carrick in games like this, let the players express themselves and put on a show for the fans. What was really pleasing was Mourinho saying he wants his team to play the united way. It’s been unbelievable how amazing he has been for us since coming in and it’s good to know he is learning our way of playing.


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