Well I was right and wrong to some extent. I did say Barca had to not start Andre Gomes and play Rakitic. Which they didn’t do. Gomes is a big reason why Barcelona were so bad. They lacked movement in the middle of the park because of how Emery set up. It took their midfield out of the game. Matuidi, Verrati and Rabiot put Barca’s midfield to shame. They moved quicker and defended so much better. Verrati created 2 chances and made 5 tackles in the game. He was my Man of the Match because of how he controlled the game against other brilliant midfielders like Busquets and Iniesta. Emery also took MSN out of that game. It seemed whenever they got the ball Verrati or Rabiot would be on them as well as the full backs. Di Maria had a field day against Jordi Alba, because of how bad he is as a full back. Luis Enrique must be feeling the pressure now. He’s unofficially out of the champions league and Madrid are still at top of la liga. He could be out the door by the Summer. Emery on the other hand is reminding everyone why he was brought in. He is brilliant at preparing for knock out games. PSG want to prove to the world they are a big club and Emery could be the one to do that


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