This game did go down as I thought it would, with Madrid winning pretty comfortably. But Napoli could of done more through out the game. It wasn’t completely one sided like the Bayern game. Napoli had some chances but they were quite poor on the ball when it mattered. Dries Mertens had a good chance but hit it over the bar, and Insigne had a good chance that he missed too. It’s not as if Real Madrid won the game because of a poor Napoli display. They won because they deserved to. Real’s game plan seemed to be make the most out of Napoli’s average full backs and get some balls into the box. All the goals came from crosses from that right side. With the third goal being an absolute screamer. Casemiro hit it with so much power it gave Reina no chance of saving it. Ronaldo wasn’t at his best but still had an involvement in the game, giving Benzema a great chance to score. The only thing Real should be worried about is Navas on that goal he conceeded. He was so off his line for no real reason. It only took a magnificent ball from Hamsik and and a brilliant curling shot from Insigne from far out to beat him. Your keeper should never be conceeding goals like that. This round isn’t over for Napoli. They still have a chance of getting through, but it will take a lot from Napoli. They have to score two and can’t conceed. I have faith they can do this. They just have to hope Real don’t turn up in the slightest against them.

In my preview I said I will not be discussing the Bayern Munich game because I didn’t see it as an even match up, and I was proven correctly. Arsenal didn’t show any desire or any quality on the ball or in defence. Bayern never looked like they would lose control of that game. It just showed how far Arsenal are from the elite clubs in Europe, and Wenger must be feeling the pressure. Even though he has kept them constantly competing with other clubs at the top. But there is a turning point, and that is not being taken seriously. No one here in England takes Arsenal seriously in the slightest because of the manager. If Arsenal want to compete, they have to bring someone in who can handle it. You have to credit and respect Wenger for what he’s done, but they aren’t competing and they need to compete if they want to remain a top club and a premier league title contender.


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