What a brilliant game of football this was! As I mentioned in my preview this game could either way, and for the most part it did. Manchester City started off very well, with Sane having a great time on that left side, and using a great piece of skill to set up Raheem Sterling’s goal. But it didn’t take long for Monaco to get back in the game. One ball from Fabinho (who had a great first half) and a header from Falcao put Monaco back in it. A common outlet for Monaco were their Fullbacks, Mendy and Sidibe. For the majority of the game they were phenomenal, Sidibe especially, his role was to get as many balls in the box as possible. It causes City’s back 4 to panick constantly. It seems as if those defenders can’t mark, because there were so many chances where Otamendi and Sagna just let a man slip right past them. All of those defenders were very poor in the game. They looked lazy and showed their age and in John Stones case, his inexperiene. Monaco’s second goal was another forward ball from Fabinho, and finished beautifully by the young Mbappe. This was another goal which just showed how poor City’s defending were throughout the game. There was no one even looking at Mbappe and just gave him the chance to make a run and have an opportunity at goal. It then took a bit of magic from Aguero to put them back in the game, as he’s done multiple times for City. We then City and especially Pep’s strength turn to his weakness. It only took Falcao to put Stones under pressure and take the ball from him and chip the keeper beautifully, putting Monaco back in the lead. But now we see a collapse from the French side. The lack of experience in that team came back to punish them. A lot of those players lost their heads near the end of the game, where we see City’s biggest players pull them out of a home loss, with Stones redeeming himself after a poor defensive display by scoring a goal past the keeper, Aguero smashing a volley in the back of the net from a corner, and Sane given a tap in to finish the game off. This isn’t the end of the fixture. Monaco still have a chance to win this game but it would take a total collapse from City from not just their defence. Monaco’s biggest enemies were themselves and set pieces. Two of Manchester City’s goals came from corners. If you want to get far in this competition you need to be solid in every aspect. They can’t give players like Aguero space. This was a brilliant game of football though, with both teams attacking quickly and with numbers through out the game. As a neutral, I hope to see a similar in France as we all saw in the first leg in Manchester.


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