There are some players in the world of football that gain more credit than they deserve, usually surrounded by other teammates who gain all the praise, these players have lived off the success of others or have lived off one successful season. Here are 4 players who have done this:

1. Jordi Alba

FIFA players believe Jordi Alba to be a good full back, but that seriously isn’t the case. Alba is very quick, and because of that, it makes people believe he is a good fullback at going forward and defensively. It isn’t true in the slightest. Alba is lucky he had been surrounded with amazing players like Busquets and Iniesta, players who make him look much better than he truly is. Sergi Roberto, a make shift right back, is easily a much better full back than Alba. He has lived off the success of players like Pique, Iniesta and Masherano. He shouldn’t be near a team like Barcelona.

2. Andre Gomes

Andre Gomes is simply here because he was the worst player in that Barcelona team and the worst signing of the summer transfer window. After signings like James Rodriguez and Paul Pogba, I have changed my view on money in football. If a player adds something special to your team no one else can then he is worth any amount of money. Barcelona spent over €60m on a player who doesn’t add anything different to that team. On paper you’d think he’d be there to replace Iniesta, because Iniesta isn’t getting any younger, but Iniesta adds something going forward, Gomes doesn’t, he barely creates a key pass a game compared to the amount Iniesta creates. Is he there to replace Ivan Rakitic? Rakitic is a brilliant midfielder, who offers so much in the final third. He gives Barcelona an extra bite in the opposition box and something on the counter attack. Gomes doesn’t give that either. He isn’t a direct player like Rakitic. So the question is, why did Barca spend so much money on a player that doesn’t fit in their team in any way? And it’s showing. He has been appauling. Both Alba and Gomes were awful against PSG. Just reminding everyone how poor they both are in an otherwise brilliant team.

3. John Stones

I still do not understand why this guy was bought by anyone. I still believe that he will be a great defender and yes he has great passing ability for a defender. But to be a defender you need to defend well, and that’s where he fails. He is the most expensive English player and the 2nd most expensive defender. It shocked me that City actually bought him for so much, an unfinished product that can barely defend. I do sympathise for the lad in some aspects. He is surrounded by incompetent defenders in Gail Clichy and Kolorov. But he isn’t proving me wrong. He still is poor position wise and still doesn’t know when to pass the ball and when to kick it into row Z. Decision making will improve over time but he’s playing under a manager who is against kicking a ball out of play. John Stones was bought for his passing and not for his defending. If he stayed at Everton I do believe Koeman would fix the problem he has. So why is he overrated if I sympathise for him? Well because he is still the starter for his team who can barely defend. Eric Bailly is the same age and he is a real centre back. Sule has signed for Bayern and he looks phenomenal. They are all the same age as John Stones so I do expect better from him. But I do believe he will improve.

4. The England National Team

John Stones will not be mentioned here at all because he plays well for England. But damn people just always hype this team before every tournament and they have always disappointed. The manager can definitely be blamed. Roy Hodgson was awful and should never of been picked. But when Gareth Southgate, the man who got Boro relegated, is just telling me how hard that job must be. The team has definitely got the quality, but it doesn’t play like a team. The best comparison to a team that does play like a team would be Germany. 5 of their best XI were playing together at youth level. The likes of Kroos, Hummels, Khedira and Muller all played together so they could play as a team. England do not do that. They try and fit as many superstars as possible in the team but it doesn’t work like that. You need the players to play well together first and foremost. The likes of Wilshire and Rooney shouldn’t be near that England team. Players like Stones, Dier, Alli and Kane have to play together constantly to understand each other, so it will at least give the team a spine. There also needs to be a relationship between the manager and the youth team. The younger players need to be incorporated in that squad for the future.


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