What a final for a neutral, but frustrating for both teams involved. Man United fans will be happy that we have a player with the quality of Zlatan and Southampton fans will be furious with the linesmen for disallowing a goal, because if that goal was counted then the game would of went a completely different way. Manchester United were awful on the night. There was no fluidity in the midfield, lack of creativity from the wide players, and were dreadful in the back. Marcos Rojo was signed as a CB, not a LB. He lacks the pace, the threat and the energy of a natural full back and makes me question why Daily Blind wasn’t selected to play. Blind might not have the same aggression as Rojo, but he is a far more intelligent footballer and possesses an excellent delivery on him. Rojo’s biggest strength is his aggression and physicality. Bailly might come across as a more threatening player on the pitch, but he isn’t prepared to risk his life to recover the ball, like Rojo. Smalling was also very poor on the day, making many mistakes and being at fault with one of the goals, not keeping his eye on Gabbiadini and leaving Bailly to watch as he finishes the chance. The midfield lacked any tempo and urgency in that first half. Herrera had a very good defensive display but didn’t add enough going forward, expect for his assist for the big Swede. Pogba had a very poor game as well, not putting his stamp on the game as we all wanted him to do, and this isn’t the first time. We all know Pogba will become an amazing footballer, but he needs to make sure his nerves do not take over, and hopefully this will improve over time. Mourinho brought on Carrick to cool down those nerves and add a calm head, but it didn’t help at all. Southampton’s wingers had an amazing game because of the poor our full backs played. Rojo isn’t a left back and they knew that. Nathan Redmond and Cedric had a field day on that right side because of how incompetent Rojo is at left back. But not to take anything away from Southampton, because they were very good. Their fullbacks and wide players were giving great service for Gabbiadini who also had a great game. He is slowly becoming a brilliant signing, giving the Saints a vocal point for the plenty of chances they create. Even though Southampton fans will be happy that their team didn’t role over and out played United on the big stage. But they weren’t as clinical as the winners. Which is what you need to be


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