Besides Leicester, the Champions League has been quite predictable so far. With Barcelona making one of the most remarkable comebacks in football to beat PSG, to Bayern Munich scoring ten in two games against Arsenal. It has already been very predictable. With some very interesting draws being made for the next round of the Champions League, now is a better time than ever to see who will be progressing to the final four.

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid

This easily has to be the most eventful game. Surrounded by the the student against the teacher, it’s the holders of the trophy against the favourites for it. This fixture is what i thought the final would be, because both teams include a great depth in squad and both contain some world class players that could get into any team. Real Madrid have the advantage of it being the identical team that played last season, giving them the boost of experience of playing with each other, and it’s proven to be the boost it is. From them being top of La Liga and not lost a game at home all season. But Real have consistently getting injury troubles. With the likes of Bale, Casemiro, Pepe and Modric all missing games at one point in the season because of injuries. A big depender on the result of this tie would be how much of Real’s squad will be playing. Bayern on the other hand, don’t have many issues. Even with an out of form Thomas Muller, Bayern are still dominating the Bundesliga and rolled Arsenal over like it was nothing. When watching Bayern aren’t even at 100%, they seem to be playing at 70-80%. The idea of of them at full potential is terrifying. A squad containing world class players like Lahm, Thiago, Alaba and the main man Lewandowski. On paper, this should be a win for Bayern, and having Ancielotti instantly increases their chances. But Real Madrid are too unpredictable, so a late goal from Ramos will never be off the table.

Prediction: Bayern Munich 4-3 Real Madrid on Aggregate

Borussia Dortmund Vs Monaco

This is the game I’m most looking forward for and will definitely be watching. Both of these teams have scored bundles of goals threw their leagues and the Champions League, and knowing this going into the game instantly a must watch. Dortmund haven’t been the force i thought they would be in the league, but in the Champions League they have been flawless, scoring the most goals in the competition so far. The likes of Aubameyang and Dembele have flourished so far, both being some of the stand out players in the competition. Dortmund know how to grind out their away games and how to dominate their home games, making them a tough opponent especially in the Champions League. Monaco on the other hand have learnt their lesson against City on how to close a game down, and they were phenomenal in both legs against Man City. Monaco just have to use their full backs correctly and get as many crosses in the box as usual. Dortmund on the other hand have to take advantage of Monaco’s high line. I’m expecting a high scoring game, but I can see the Germans progressing because of their previous experience in the competition.

Prediction: Borussia Dortmund 7-6 Monaco on Aggregate

Athletico Madrid vs Leicester City

This could be a good fixture for Leicester, or the worst fixture. This all depends on which Athletico turn up. The one that beat Bayern or the one that got beat by a Real Madrid team that didn’t even have some of their best players. Athletico have changed their style over the last few years. From the title winning side that were aggressive, quickly winning the ball back and punishing teams, playing midfielders outside to increase the work rate, to now playing less aggressive players in midfield in Koke and natural wide players such as Carrasco. I prefer their old way. It made them more organised and harder to break down. Now they are easier to break down, and now have turned into more of a form team in some aspects. But they are still strong in the champions league. Oblak keeping 17 cleansheets out of 20 games. And that is going to be Leicester’s biggest worry. Athletico are still very very hard to break down, so Leicester will have to be creative in breaking them down. Leicester have been very good in the last few games and especially against Sevilla, where they showed why you shouldn’t take them lightly. Both teams play a classic 4-4-2 so will be interesting what happens. I do however believe Athletico will progress. But i will be rooting for Leicester through out.

Prediction: Athletico Madrid 3-2 Leicester City on Aggregate

Barcelona Vs Juventus

This is a game that might surprise some people. Barcelona were very lucky against PSG, because of the typical biased referee including a Suarez dive, and PSG playing poor in the last 15 minutes. But the comeback was very impressive anyway and should be credited. But Juve are a different team. They have the best defence around and the best striking partnership in Europe, and in my opinion they are favourites. Juventus haven’t lost a game at home so their home game will make the difference. They just need to be strong in their game in the Nou Camp. Which can be done if they prepare correctly. But this should be a win for Juventus, but a team with Messi is always unpredictable. 

Prediction: Juventus 4-3 Barcelona on Aggregate


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