This could be a title deciding game, if there was a title to play for. I really want to stay optimistic for other Italian teams like Roma and Napoli, but it is difficult. Juventus are just too good for this league, always weakening their rivals and being able to have a huge amount of depth in their squad. With this game being at home, Napoli could have a chance of getting something out of this, but this isn’t a usual team, this is Juventus. Even though most of the time Napoli have looked excellent and exciting, some days they just look off the paces, with Dries Mertens unable to do anything. We’ve seen before how bad Napoli can be, like against Atalanta, but other days look excellent, like through December and January. So Napoli just need to make sure Dries Mertens won’t be pinching any noses and will be banging in the goals. Juve on the other hand have a champions league game coming up so key players might be rested. If Napoli have any chance of gaining some ground on the leaders, this will be it


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