I am going to be completely honest about this. I actually predicted 4-1, because Bayern aren’t human and Dortmund just aren’t strong enough yet, and i was right.

Bayern and Dortmund both started the game very positively, with Pulisic and Dembele starting very brightly, but it didn’t take long for Bayern to get the lead, with a typical brilliant Frank Ribery strike. But that wasn’t the end for Bayern, not long later Dortmund gave a free kick away and Lewandowski scored a brilliant strike to make it 2-0. Dortmund needed a lifeline, so step in Raphael Guerreiro, with an amazing strike that could be the goal of the season. At the end of the first half it gave me the chance to understand what Dortmund did wrong, which was a lot. They played the same way they did the first time against Bayern. The 5 in the back and trying to hit Bayern on the break when they overcommitted, but they never did. Bayern approached this game with the simple task of insuring that they do not lose the ball and hurt Dortmund quickly, which they did. Praise goes to that right side of Lahm and Robben. Dortmund just couldn’t deal with the overlapping of Lahm with Robben. They just gave Lahm so many opportunities to whip a cross in to Lewandowski. And if he wasn’t given the option, Robben would just cut inside and shoot. Robben is like an old classic, you know what’s coming but it’s still amazing. Even though Bayern were brilliant, Dortmund were not so great. Especially Dembele. The young Frenchman struggled to make an impact on the game, unable to create any real chances for other forwards and just didn’t impress in the slightest. Dortmund were just completely outclassed, and the second half was there to show that. Dortmund’s stunning goal was soon unimportant, because goals from Lewandowski and Vidal insured a dominant victory for the champions elect. This game just goes to show the pure dominance of Bayern. Years ago when Dortmund had Lewandowski, Gotze, Reus and Hummels, they were able to compete with the mighty Bayern, but after selling their best players they’ve went down to obscurity, with new comers RB Leipzig and recent relegation fighters Hoffenheim. They’re lacking experience and the overall quality they used to have. They just need to improve that defence and hope players like Dembele and Pulisic go to improve overtime, then one day, they might be able to compete again. Signing Dahoud is another young player. They need experience, especially in that defense. It seems like Bayern will dominate for more years, making my second favourite league less interesting.


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