United have had a very mixed bag of a season, with enough draws to make a starting eleven and players struggling in front of goal, it hasn’t went the way we all saw it going, but there have been some bright spots in the team that have produced on a consistent basis. But first let’s look at the honourable mentions

Honourable Mentions: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard, Eric Bailly, Michael Carrick and Henrik Mhikitaryan

1st Candidate: Antonio Valencia

Valencia has had a very disappointing united career before this season. Having two great season when he arrived, then being given the number 7 shirt and failing like everyone who has wore that shirt since Cristiano left. But we saw a different Valencia under Van Gaal, who was used as a defensive winger or an attacking full back. But he struggled in his positional sense which really made him a poor fullback, but ever since Mourinho arrived, he has been our most consistent player in defense all season. The 31 year old is matching Zlatan Ibrahimovic as some tasty fine wine, with him turning into a tank, and plowing right through that right side. In fact, he is our right side. With United not possessing a natural right winger, we have been playing the likes of Mata, Mhikitaryan and Rashford there, all players who like to cut inside. So Valencia has had the daunting task of covering all areas of that right side, and he has done brilliantly. When watching him play. We will see him whip in a cross (which has been his poorest side of his game this season) and then suddenly run right back to position to put in one defensive shift. Every game he has been a consistent 6-7/10. Which deserves some real praise overall.

2nd Candidate: Ander Herrera

Herrera is my favourite player in the squad. He has that aggression and bad side that every team needs. I always refer to him as our little bastard. Because nothing sums him up more. We’ve seen him consistently put in a tactical foul to stop the opposition advancing or stay on the floor a little longer. He’s that player United fans love but every other fan hates. In fact i would like to see him wear the captain’s armband. In a world where i had to witness Fellaini representing our team in the pitch, Our little bastard doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Not only has he been smart, he’s also been our best midfielder this season, with Pogba trying adapt and have a consistent role, and Carrick’s age catching up to him, Herrera has been that stand out player. He’s been our Kante, running all over the pitch to put pressure on the opposition. He has been a consistent stayer in the team ever since he fought for his place. In fact i love him and Mata on that right side. They know each other so well in Real life and it shows it on the pitch. Lets hope we can continue to see Herrera dominate the midfield with years to come. He’s currently 28, in the prime of his career, so next season we could see him improve and actually add some more quality.

3rd Candidate: Marcus Rojo

A very left field shout. Marcos Rojo has been excellent this season. Shining moments include putting Kane, Lukaku twice and Costa in his back pocket. He is one of our big games players. He shows so much passion for the team and would run through a wall so we could win, exactly the kind of player Mourinho likes. At left back he is awful, as in I’ve never seen a centre back worse than him. But at centre half, he is a different player entirely. Him and Bailly together are our best partnership. To players that have no limit and would run riot on any striker. In fact Eric Bailly would probably be chosen over him if Bailly had played more, but he hasn’t, so Rojo is my 3rd Candidate. I remember going to Old Trafford to watch the Spurs game and being worried about Rojo and Jones at the back, but I was definitely wrong. Never have a seen a player pocket Harry Kane like that all season. He didn’t even get a sniff. If Mourinho wants a player man marked through out the game, Marcus Rojo would be my guy.


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