Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel has easily been the most consistent player for Leicester. In a team full of disappointments, Schmeichel is easily the only player that will come out of this season with more plaudits than their title winning season. He had kept Leicester in so many games this season, and with them  progressing further in the Champions League, with Schmeichel saving two big penalities, he deserves this place as the leader in the back of this team, like his father.

Honourable Mention: Tom Heaton

Antonio Valencia

I have already spoken about my love for the Ecuadorian, but I might as well compliment him again. Valencia has been the most consistent performer this season for United, and at times being the only player on that right side, with Mata, Mhikitaryan and Rashford cutting in. But he owns that right side. One moment you will see him crossing the ball into the box, the next you’ll see him making an important interception to stop a winger from hurting our defence. He has became a player everyone thought to be sold, to a the first name on the teamsheet. He epitomises the role of a modern day full back, and rightly deserves his name on the team sheet

Honourable Mention: Victor Moses

David Luiz

A member of Football Daily said that if you’re not hearing anything about a defender, then they are doing their job. And that can be said about David Luiz. Both him and Azpilicueta have been phenomenal at the back for chelsea, and that is something i never thought i would see. David Luiz in the past never impressed. He seemed to be too reckless and struggled to keep his head sometimes. But in a back three he is playing brilliantly, being the defender who sits deepest out of the three, and his ball playing expertise flourishes in this role. Conte has got the best out of him, and his the first manager to do so.

Honourable mention: Yan Vertongen

Cesar Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta never stops impressing me. Over the last 4 years he’s established himself as one of the finest right, left back and centre half in the country. The fact he has been able to excel in 3 different positions just shows his talent and attitude, having no problem with switching positions constantly. He’s been a consistent performer for Conte this season and his ability with the ball shows in a back three that would usually show itself to be incompetent. He’s a player i hope continues to perform for the blues for even longer.

Honourable mention: Michael Keane

Marcus Alonso

Alonso was signed for a huge fee for a player who previously played for Sunderland. But he’s came in and impressed massively. His work rate and defensive displays have been excellent. But what’s been most impressive is the goals he chips in with. He’s scored a handful of goals from a position that doesn’t usually get involved with scoring. This position was low on options. With Danny Rose injured for a large chunk of the season and my Honourable mention, James Milner, only being above average. Alonso was the best out of an average group

Honourable mention: James Milner

Sadio Mane

Mane has been short of brilliant. He was the player Klopp needed to bring in. A player who is willing to run at the opposition and has a great sense of movement. Knowing went to stay wide and when to cut in. And it shows, Mane scored 11 goals from the right side of the pitch. Most people have sighted Coutinho or Lallana as Liverpool’s most important player, but it isn’t true. Mane is the only player who will take men on and advance the play quickly. He is by far the most important player for Liverpool and easily slots in to this team.

Honourable Mention: Pedro

N’golo Kante

Kante has proven he’s the best defensive midfielder in the league again. The fact that he’s been able to replicate his brilliant season for Leicester just shows how effective he is. Chelsea’s biggest issue was their midfield wasn’t good enough. Yes it was their midfield that won the league, but what last season taught us that Fabregas doesn’t work had enough in his position and Matic was getting exposed easily. And Kante’s energy and attitude is what they needed. Someone to do all the work while the other players can show their quality. He was the perfect player for Conte and is still the best tackler in the league.

Honourable mention: Ander Herrera

Deli Alli

There hasn’t been a goal scoring midfielder this good since Lampard. Alli just has everything to continue to succeed. He has the mentality, the technique and the intelligence a good midfielder needs. When Kane was injured it was him who filled his goal scoring boots. Alli has turned up some big games this season, especially the Chelsea victory. Both him and Kane have been brilliant this season. If it wasn’t for Kane getting injuries, he would probably be winning the golden boot again and the PFA player of the year, but my vote would to to Deli Alli. For putting a strikers goal output and still being a brilliant midfielder.

Honourable mention: Christian Eriksen

Eden Hazard

The Belgium is back to his very best. On his day you could rank him the breathtaking category you put a player like Neymar, Iniesta or Messi. He can epitomise the love i have for the beautiful game. The way the ball just glues to his feet to the way he can run through a defence, like against Arsenal. The magical Hazard we all love came back after a year long break, and it was good to have him back. He adds so much to that Chelsea team, especially in creativity and goals. When they won the league it was only him and Costa scoring the goals but now more players are contributing. The free role he has been given really shows us all the best he can be, and it has been a pleasure to watch him embarrass defenders again.

Honourable mention: Philippe Coutinho

Harry Kane

I am backing the English forward to break the goal scoring record in this country if he continues scoring his many goals, or at least overtake Rooney. What blows me away with Kane is he’s just so average on paper. Touch isn’t great, isn’t amazing with his head, but he can finish better than anyone. He is so traditional as a striker. Doing his job better than anyone. His game is perfect for Poch. He plays so often and helps bring others to play. Him and Alli almost communicate telepathically. They know each other so well and it is beneficial to spurs to keep them both at any costs. They’ll have a tough season playing in Wembley and need their best players to perform.

Honourable Mention: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku has continued his goal scoring from last season and stepped it up to the next level. He has became a player worth £60m to a player worth £80m. It isn’t the fact that he has been able to improve, it is the fact that he has consistently continued to score goals. Him and Harry Kane have to be some of the most valuable strikers in the world, both being young and very physical strikers and can score over 20 goals for a club. It would definitely be better for Everton to sell him. They can use the money to increase their options and Lukaku deserves champions league football. Koeman is used to dealing with selling players after managing Dutch teams and Southampton and will be able to improve. He has to let Lukaku leave and become one of the very best

Honourable Mention: Alexis Sanchez


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