The summer transfer window is almost here and already there are plenty of rumours of players wanting to leave and clubs placing massive bids, so let’s look at the players who are already being talked about that could leave their club in the summer.

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez has had his best season or his career, yet it is clear he is extremely unhappy at Arsenal. He is in a team of underperformers and he wants to win, and that is justified, every player like Sanchez wants to end their career with as many trophies as possible. So a big move away could be the answer. He’s easily the most talked about because of all the different destinations he could end up at. The most talked about is Chelsea, because a few weeks ago he mentioned that he wants to play for a club in London. So everyone instantly assumed Chelsea. Even though he definitely could be implying the blues. I do think he is only toying with the press here. Chelsea have shown their interest and if Hazard does go to Madrid which is becoming ever so likely, then Sanchez would be the best replacement. The only issue here is the chances of him being sold to a Premier League rival is very low. The last thing Arsenal want to do now is strengthen one of their rivals. If not Chelsea, where else? Another club that is been mentioned is Juventus, where I can see him moving. Juventus have had this habit in the past of buying players who are not wanted by their club or players who are aging and can help the old lady win more trophies, and Sanchez could fit that bill. He is being rumoured to be worth roughly £30m, which is a reasonable price. A price Juventus could definitely afford.

David De Gea

Ever since the broken fax machine interrupted De Gea’s last attempt to go to Madrid, this will be his chance to move to the club he wants to play for, and I will be heartbroken if he does. De Gea has been excellent for us for the past 4 seasons. Without him, I have no idea where we would be. The rumours of David leaving have been growing much more in the past month, with even  rumours of Mourinho telling the Spaniard he is free to leave if he is unhappy. If the player is unhappy, then he should leave. There is no purpose in keeping an unhappy player. Manchester United need players who want to play for the club. This scenario can be seen as a similar one to the Ronaldo situation. A player who was at the top of his game who became unhappy and wanted to leave. There’s nothing going against the shot stopper from leaving the club in the summer, and with a rumoured price of £60m, he could be the record breaking goal keeper Madrid need.

James Rodriguez

Speaking of Madrid, the rumours of a certain Columbian coming to United have been never ending since last summer, and I can see it happening. Ed Woodward loves a big name signing like Paul Pogba, to increase shirt sales and to gain a massive profit oversees. James Rodriguez is still a big name around the world and him coming to United just seems like a signing Woodward wants. As for Mourinho, he has shown his interest in the player in the past, so if both want him, there’s nothing stopping United from buying an unhappy Columbian, one who isn’t playing many games for Madrid because of the form of Modric, Kroos and Isco. With De Gea and James going both ways, it makes sense on both sides to get the players they want.

Alvaro Morata

Morata is a player that every club in the world just seems to want, and it’s understandable. Morata might not have played many games this season, but his goal to game ratio is phenomenal, and any big European team will want to take the advantage of his lack of game time and offer him more. There is no doubt he has the quality and physique, we just need to see his consistent​y on a bigger scale. The rumoured club for him is Chelsea. With Costa being a very form player this season. Conte seems to want to replace the target man with someone younger and more consistent. I can only see this transfer happening if Costa eventually leaves for China or another club, and if Zidane wants to sell. If Madrid purchase Hazard, Morata going the other way wouldn’t be a bad idea.


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