With the summer transfer window approaching, there will be plenty of rumours made by terrible news papers like the Sun to increase sales. But some players continue to be constantly linked to moved elsewhere, and shouldn’t leave.

Kylian Mbappe

There have been some incredible breakout stars this season, but none have had the staying power and the talent of Mbappe. For someone so young, he is already showing an incredible eye for goal and movement that is reminiscent of Thierry Henry or Anthony Martial. Mbappe broke records this season, and with Monaco realising his potential, they instantly increased that asking price for the youngster. Now being rumoured to be up to €100m. With the rumoured enquires being Real Madrid and Man City. Mbappe could be the next greatest player of all time, but now is not his time to move club. Mbappe is still so young and shouldn’t even be thinking about moving club. Monaco are easily the best club for the Frenchmen, with their emphasise on promoting youth and their fast style of attacking football. Mbappe still needs to learn how to be the main man, he just isn’t ready for that yet.

Andrea Belotti

Belotti has became one hell of a complete forward, having the all around capabilities to score any kind of goal, including headers, right foot or left foot. And at 23, signs like that are incredible to have at a young age. He is currently top scorer in Serie A, and it’s understandable why a big club will want him, but he isn’t ready yet for the big challenge. He has carried Torino and they aren’t prepared to let him go for less than £70m. Which is an insane asking price for a player who’s​ finally had a good season. He still needs another season to prove that he is ready for a bigger club.


Now for a player who is already at a big club. My stance on Isco has changed massively over the past couple of weeks. Originally I believed he should leave because he is too good for that Madrid bench. He needs to move on and become the world class player he could so easily be. But after seeing him carry madrid in that quarter final against Bayern, it seems like Madrid really do need him. With the consistent injuries of the former world record transfer Gareth Bale, Isco needs to be there to insure they have a fine replacement. Not only that, in some aspects he’s better than Bale. Isco has shown consistent quality throughout this season and shown why he should be chosen ahead of the Welshmen. Isco needs to stay because he is too good for that bench, and is finally given the opportunity to show why.

Ross Barkley

Barkley has had another inconsistent season, starting the season very poorly, playing great during the new year, and now returned to being bang average. Barkley has been consistently linked to Spurs, and even though it is an interesting destination, he shouldn’t join the new Wembley occupiers. He hasn’t shown enough promise to deserve a start in a bigger club. Barkley has reached an age where he shouldn’t be considered a player with a lot of promise. He is at an age where he needs to consistently show that promise. Staying at Everton would easily be the best decision for him. With Lukaku likely to leave in the summer, it will finally be his chance to be the main man, for the other players to count on


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