As the summer transfer window now has begun, now is the best time to look at 4 players who have been linked constantly to the club, with the first two actually happening. So let’s see

Victor Lindelof

The first signing of the summer! This guy never left the gossip in January, but it turns out we never approached him and was all coming from the Portuguese press. So all united fans that was the end of it. But his name started coming up again, so it gave me the desire to look him up and see how he is, and he’s good, but I don’t know about great. I look at him and Bailly, the presumed partnership next season, to see what is different between them and there is a clear distinction between both. Bailly is a very aggressive defender who leads our defenders in tackles and interceptions. Lindelof’s number aren’t close to Bailly’s, but there is one stat that seperates them completely. Lindelof has completed 1990 passes in Portugal, that is 1000 more passes than Bailly. It’s clear that Mourinho wants better distribution from the back, with Rojo being out injured for months. It seems Mourinho wants Bailly to act as the more aggressive defender, making more tackles, like a Chiellini or Vidic, and wants Lindelof to act as the sweeper and distributer, similar to Bonucci, Ferdinand and David Luiz. On appearance Lindelof is perfect for a defender. He’s tall, strong and versitile, being able to play at right back. And of course he’s young. Ensuring him and Bailly could become partners for years to come, and hopefully Lindelof turns out a great signing.

Alvaro Morata

This name came out of nowhere. With Lukaku, Belotti and Griezmann constantly linked throughout the season. We all assumed one of them would be coming to Manchester this summer. But with Atletico Madrid having a transfer ban, Lukaku going to Chelsea and Belotti being way too expensive, Morata seems like the most likely player to arrive, and I’m very pleased. United’s biggest issue, as you should know by now, and Morata was a machine last season, becoming Madrid’s second top scorer behind Ronaldo. He’s tall, can header the ball, and most of all, he’s a deadly finisher. United need a man to keep scoring , and  Morata seems like the guy. Most importantly to me, he had battered the smaller teams in Spain. United haven’t demolished the smaller teams this season and need to not give them a chance. Morata has been playing for team that destroyed teams all season. We are paying a lot for the guy, but I hope he turns out good, and scores a number of goals.

Ivan Perisic

Another one that came out of nowhere but makes sense. Perisic is a good player who contributes greatly from out wide. An issue last season for the red devils was a player outwide who could hold on to his position. Martial was very inconsistent, Mhikitaryan didn’t start till November and only occasionally showed his quality and Mata wasn’t quick enough to damage Fullbacks. It resulted in Mourinho playing Rashford and even Rooney outwide to add something. It’s a position we need to fix desperately. We can’t be relying on Morata and Rashford to score all the goals. Perisic had a very good season, scoring 11 and assisting 8 in a team that was very poor expect Icardi. Perisic will give us a reliable player who can be relied on to score, ensuring that we won’t be seeing draws at home again.


And last but not least is another play we’ve been linked to for a long time. Besides Pogba and Herrera, we don’t have much depth in midfield. Fellaini has played well occasionally but isn’t suited for every game and Carrick is aging. Fabinho will add a player to give Pogba and Herrera less restriction. He’s a player who reads the game very well and spread the ball across the pitch. He’s usually the player to start attacks for Monaco, giving the ball to the creative players to open up space. Fabinho used to play right back for Madrid and occasionally for Monaco, which could allow Valencia to roam further forward. Fabinho would add some steel and creativity to the midfield, to give us one of the deadliest midfields in Europe


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