After Kyle Walker and Romelu Lukaku signing for Man city and Manchester United respectively, many have began asking if fees for players have just increased to an insane amount, and to answer that briefly, they aren’t.

Many people have issues with money in football, believing that clubs are overspending on players and valuing some players at an insane amount compared to their talents, and they’ve exceeded averages set years ago. Believing £30m on a young player is too much. But I think it’s suitable. Average people do not value the players, the clubs do. A player is valued by what he is worth to the club on and off the pitch. The best examples of this are two players, both I will discuss. First is Siggurdsson. The Swansea midfielder had a very good season, scoring 11 and assisting 8, and The swans valuing him at £50m has struck many people by surprise, considering Siggurdsson isn’t young and only plays for Swansea. But people never consider his importance. He is by far their best player, and letting him go would not be worth anything. He is probably less talented than a player such as Perisic or Salah, but those players aren’t as important as Sigurdsson is to Swansea. They value him so highly because they are unable to replace him like other clubs could replace a player with Siggurdsson’s qualities.

The next player would be Andrea Belotti. He is one of the many breakout stars of 2016/17, scoring 26 for Torino as their main man. With a record like that, it isn’t a surprise that some big clubs like Man United and Chelsea enquired for the Italian’s services, but with a valuation of £80m by Torino, it has shocked many fans that a player who has only had one good season can be valued so highly. Similar to Sigurdsson, Belotti is valued extremely highly by Torino, because of his importance to the club in the future. He is valued less than Lukaku was by Everton. It is all about how important the player is to their respective clubs. That is what is important to remember when you see small clubs selling their players for big money, because of their value.


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