Last season saw some very typical title winners but otherwise most leagues were very interesting. Especially with underachievers, which we saw plenty of last season. So here are 4 teams that must improve next season if their players and manager want to keep their job.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. PSG won the league by 26 points in Laurent Blanc’s final season, and to improve, they hired the superior Unai Emery, who just won 3 Europa leagues with Sevilla. This was indeed a huge statement, because they’ve been dying to be considered a big European powerhouse through progressing far in the Champions League, because they have already proven in charge of Ligue 1 and their domestic cup, and with a quality squad and manager, they’ll win everything right? Well not exactly. PSG struggled most of the season, especially in the league. They didn’t have the same dominant figure in Zlatan and not enough players were scoring. Cavani did carry them through most games, who had an excellent season, but with only Di Maria scoring, it was up to him to get the goals. In the market they were also very poor. Ben Arfa not making sense in the first place, Krychowiak not bringing the same consistency Emery knew him for, and Jese failing to adapt. Draxler turned out okay, but was too late to change their failing season. In Europe they weren’t any better. After a dominant performance against Barca, they allowed them to make the greatest comeback ever and hand them a place in the quarter finals. PSG need to bring back their dominance and make a huge statement in the market this summer. With Monaco losing their players, this is their chance to regain their throne.

Man City

This downfall is one I’m very happy about. Pep Guardiola’s brought out the arrogance of the Man City fans. They hired a man who had everything so far in his career at this point. He won the treble with one of the best teams in history in 2009, and dominated the Bundesliga for 3 straight years but failed to achieve anything on the European stage. Man city prepared for his arrival for a long time, bringing in a director of football to ensure that Guardiola had the players at his disposal to win. City also spent the most money in the summer, so the pressure was on. And for the first 10 games, they did very well. They scored a lot of goals and players like sterling and De Bruyne were playing excellent. But at some point during the season it all fell apart, and the reason for that could be placed on the signings. They signed 8 players and objectively you can only say 2 of them could be considered money well spent. Sane and Jesus were definitely successes, with Sane’s maturity and flexibility being needed for the team, and Jesus was the jumpstart they needed. But they were the only signings that performed. Gundogan is a great player but is injury record is terrible, Nolito was very poor, Stones struggled massively and Bravo was just unreliable, the worst thing to say about a goalkeeper. Pep can be blamed massively for what happened, failing to hold their lead in Monaco and coming across with a terrible attitude in press conferences. His failure to sign younger Fullbacks and asking some players to do tasks they were not capable of just shows his ignorance. Next season he needs to know what he wants from all his players, and make sure he has players who can do the tasks he asks them to do. And most importantly, fix that defense.

Inter Milan

Oh inter. They started the season hopeful with Frank De Boer, bringing in multiple players like Jao Mario, Gabigol and Candreva, and with quality players like Handanovic, Perisic and especially Icardi. This was the chance for a team to finally challenge the almighty Juventus. But after a terrible start to the season, De Boer was sacked after 3 months. The long plan Inter had instantly was abolished and they gained no ground on their other opponents, like Roma and Napoli. Inter went from a challenger to falling behind even Lazio and Atalanta. But things could be improving, with Spaletti appointed, this could be the big improvement inter need. To get a consistent run of form. Icardi cannot be continued to be relied on for goals.


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