With pre season underway, it is our first chance to watch more football (even if it’s at 3am!) after so long without it. We can see the new signings, new tactics and formations, and even improved players. Here are a few things to keep note of during the next 2 weeks.


A smaller one that may become insignificant, but it was interesting. United played a 3-5-2 formation against LA Galaxy, a formation we’ve played previously against Rostov and Chelsea. Mourinho said before the game he wanted to add an extra option during the season, after seeing Arsenal and Chelsea succeed with three at the back. And it was glad to see. Mourinho has been very impressive in his tactical fluidity. Changing formation depending on the opponent. It gives us an edge on opponents that are either strict on their style or gives us a different way of playing.

The Debutantes

Easily the most exciting thing about pre season is to see the new arrivals. Even though both Lindelof and Lukaku didn’t play until the second half, it was still a reason to watch the game. Let’s start with Lindelof. I found his range of passing and his ability on the ball very impressive, even with him almost bagging a goal for himself, but most worrying would be his mistake for the goal. He got turned very easily and does raise some alarms, but it’s only pre season and the first game, so the blame will just be placed on fatigue here and lack of games. Next is Lukaku. Many rival fans are already criticising the forward for not scoring a chance he would usually put away, but it’s just jealousy. Lukaku did play well enough. He had moments where he was great on a ball and ran right through Ashley Cole. It was clear to see he was a little rusty, but he showed positive signs so there’s nothing to worry about for all united fans

Reliable Rashford

Marcus Rashford has turned into one of my favourite players at the club. He just shows such a passion and is willing to play anywhere as long as it benefits the team. Players like Rashford are needed in a team. But against LA Galaxy looked incredibly sharp for a pre season game. It just showed his desire to improve and make sure to remain in the gaffer’s plans. With us playing a two striker system and with Lukaku at the club. It makes me even more eager to have those two starting. Lukaku as the more physical forward and Rashford as the player who will create space for the Belgian. It’s good to see our young star is improving but the day.


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