With the new season looking even more competitive than the last. Let’s view each team’s situation nearing the start of the season, and predicting where they will finish this season. It’ll be in order from where they finished last season.


Chelsea have been a real mixed bag in the transfer market. On one hand, they’ve signed some good players in Rudiger, Bakayoko and Morata. But on the other hand, they’ve let so many players go and still haven’t addressed some of their biggest issues. Chelsea needed 2 centre backs, 1 wing back on each side and 2 midfielders. They have not addressed their full back area in the slightest. Chelsea haven’t prepared for the extra games that will be played in Europe. Moses and Alonso cannot play 50 games, they will need a break at points. What makes it worse is the players they sold. Pushing Diego Costa, one of the best strikers in the world, away from the club and replacing him with a striker Chelsea spent a lot of money on. Selling Matic to United, although a great move on United’s side, was a terrible decision on Chelsea’s part. They’re starting the new season with only 2 fit midfielders, with Bakayoko out till October. But the players who I was most furious at Chelsea for letting go was Chalobah, Ake and Traore. These three players were academy graduates of the club, and were hoping to finally be given a chance by the manager. But the club decided to sell these academy players, players who would of been able to play a part in the club and cost nothing. As a united fan who believes in giving youth a chance, it does hurt to see a club of Chelsea’s size disregarding players from their so called top academy. Because of all these reasons listed, this will be a difficult season for Chelsea, showing a clear downgrade from last season, with the possibility of Conte getting the sack.

Predicted Position: 7th


This has been a quiet summer for the lilly whites. Besides selling Kyle Walker, they have engaged in zero business this summer, and they have no need to. Their clear priority was to keep hold of their best players, and with only a 27 year old full back being the casualty, they’ve done good this summer. They have something that no other team has. Stability. They are at a good stage right now and want to use more of their youth. They just need to ensure that they use all their players at their disposal. They have a deep squad full of quality, and if the likes of Kane, Alli and Eriksen can stay fit, they should have a good season. I don’t believe Wembley will be a huge issue for them, eventually their fans and the players will adapt. It will have no effect on their season overrall.

Predicted Position: 3rd

Manchester City

While Spurs had no need to add to their squad, Man city had plenty to add and sell to their talented squad. They began by signing Ederson and Bernardo Silva for a combined £78m, and that was only the beginning. Man city then went to fix their fullback area by spending £122m on Kyle Walker, Benjamin Mendy and Danilo. Many have complained about their insane spending here but it makes sense. Pep even said that they haven’t bought new fullbacks for years and all this sudden spending makes up for years of not buying new defenders. After their spree of spending, they have definitely turned themselves back into title favourites. They’ve finally bought fullbacks that Pep can trust and added more to that insanely talented attack. But they still have some issues that signings might not be able to fix. That defense, mainly at centre back, still isn’t good enough unless Kompany is playing. He’s became famous for having very dodgy knees, meaning he can’t play a full season anymore. Another issue that they share with their rivals is their lack of ability to kill a game off. Whether it’s Pep or his players, their were some big games where they failed to kill a game off. 3 come to mind, at home against Chelsea, away against Monaco and against Arsenal in Wembley. They struggled to take their lead to a point where they could sit back. They let Monaco and Chelsea back in the game when they had complete control. Even with these issues, I can see their big squad having a good season next season. A team with De Bruyne, Silva, Aguero and Jesus cannot be underestimated in the slightest.

Predicted Position: 2nd


Liverpool just about got into that top four, and will be looking to stay there. Last season they were able to play their fast pressing style because they only had one game to prepare for. They could play the same team every week because of their lack of games. But with the extra game it’ll give Klopp more to think about. If they don’t buy Van Dijk, then it’ll be a bad summer for them. Adding Salah, Solanke and Robertson are good for squad depth, but without some options in defense, they will struggle this season. Currently they don’t have enough defenders to be able to put out a difference defense each game. Like Chelsea, their squad still hasn’t got enough depth, and even though they have kept their best players, unlike Chelsea. They still need more a few squad players and a good midfielder and centre back. But if I was a Liverpool fan, I’d still put plenty of faith in Klopp. He’s a manager, like Mourinho and Ferguson, who can get the absolute most out of his players. He just has to ensure that he doesn’t burn these guys out. He has a young squad and must ensure these players last. I do think with Liverpool will get champions league. With a good manager and other team’s circumstances, they should be fine next season and build upon what they’ve done last season.

Predicted Position: 4th


Oh Arsenal. I don’t like talking about a team that still isn’t a threat and that hasn’t even added much to their squad but still, let’s discuss. After 2 years of chasing, they finally signed Lacazette. He will be an instant improvement on what they have already. He is more mobile than Giroud and doesn’t have the injuries of Danny Welbeck. It seems that they are keeping Sanchez which of course is a huge boost for them. But what all these idiotic Arsenal fans aren’t considering is Europa League. As a united fan watching his team crawl to the trophy, it takes so much out of you. I keep hearing arsenal fans wanting to bottle the competition but I wouldn’t recommend that. The top four is becoming increasingly difficult to get, so if Arsenal can win a European competition for the first time and get champions league football, it’ll be a good season. But that will involve them struggling in the league.

Predicted Position: 5th

Manchester United

I’m definitely speaking from a biased perspective, but I’m backing my team for the title, and I have some good reasons. The first would be Jose’s second season syndrome. Every team he’s managed has always won the title in its second season, because the players learn his system and that second summer always helps. Second, our signings. Even though I think there will still be another player coming, we’ve done some excellent business this summer. Taking Lukaku from Chelsea was genius, getting Lindelof early was ideal, and getting Matic from one of your rivals was perfect. All these players improve our squad in some way, especially Matic and Lukaku. Matic allows Pogba and Herrera to express themselves more and Lukaku adds a more clinical nature to the team as well as a strong pacey forward. And finally no more Europa league. With us playing in the elite competition stops us from travelling to these insanely distant countries on pitches that aren’t at the top level. And especially no more Thursday night football. It lets the players rest for longer in anticipation for the weekend. Last season we should have challenged, but our focus went further away from the league as the season went on. But this time Mourinho will have full focus on the league, and a focused Mourinho is unstoppable.

Predicted Position: 1st


It might seem strange to consider Everton a real threat to the big clubs, but with their increased funds and a real manager, they have to be considered a threat. Their main priority was to deal with Lukaku and Barkley, two increasing personalities at the club. They dealt with this by selling Lukaku to United and Koeman telling the press that Barkley has no future. Thn they had to prove that they are a threat, by spending some serious cash. They took the young Michael Keane and Pickford, fixing two issues they’ve had for a while, then buying Ajax captain Davy Klassen. And to add more to the squad , they bought ex Barcelona player Sandro for a bargain £5m and bagging Rooney on a free, and they are still spending, with the Toffees trying to tempt Swansea’s magician Siggurdsson for £50m. Everton have made themselves a threat, and now with a deep squad of talented young players. The only way is up for Everton.


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