What an excellent way to start the season. After a reality check in the Supercup, it was nice for us to start the season with the dominant performance. Every player on that pitch played so well. Before the preview let’s quickly discuss the previous game. United lined up in a 4-3-3, with a partnership of Bailly and Jones at the back, Pogba, Mata and Matic in the middle and Big Rom leading the line. The first 15 minutes were very sloppy from united, and that is understandable. It’s the first game of the season so usually it’ll take a second for the players to get used to the feel again. But after 20 minutes, we started going at them. Mata made some excellent runs, and was picked out by Pogba, but the Spaniard failed to put the ball away. The first time with an excellent save from Hart and another was an attempted pass, when he should have shot. But after an excellent pass from Matic, Rashford ran half the pitch and set up Lukaku, who sweetly scored by hitting the post. The first half ended with united ahead. But this was a situation that was common last season. Usually we would only be able to score a goal and the opponent would eventually equalise. But not this time. With Lukaku scoring the goals so calmly and clinically, those home draws hopefully will be over. United continued to dominate the game, with West ham barely having a chance thanks to Matic dealing with any threat and Jones and Bailly being solid at the back. The game ended with Martial and Pogba scoring the final goals, and there was plenty to talk about. Firstly the midfielders were great. Mata roamed freely creating space, Pogba showed confidence and a real arrogance on the ball and Matic not only stopped any threat, but even showed a bit of skill himself! Mhikitaryan created the most chances on the weekend and bagged himself 2 assists. But Phil Jones was the player I was most impressed with. He wasn’t injuring himself and was showing a real leader in himself at the back. My man of the match was Matic, for having one of the greatest debuts I’ve ever seen and being the perfect partner for Pogba.


We are normally very unlucky against Swansea, with them having some surprise victories against us in the past. But this Swansea team is not the same. The signings of both Tammy Abraham and Roque Mesa from Chelsea and Las Palmes respectively are good signings, but with the sale of Siggurdsson you have to say they’ve lost more than they’ve gained. They still have a shaky defense and not the same firepower without their key creator. If I was Mourinho, I’d line up with the same formation but make a few changes. Firstly I’d change Mata with Herrera, to add some balance to midfield and give Pogba more freedom. I would consider playing Martial over Rashford but Rashford did play well against West Ham and doesn’t deserve to be dropped. Their defense isn’t exactly the quickest so it is important for Pogba to be able to pick out those runs that Lukaku and Rashford have to be making. Matic has to neutralise any threat of Abraham and Herrera needs to stop the threat of Mesa, so he doesn’t have any foot on the game. I can see a united win here, but won’t be as easy as the previous game.

Prediction: Swansea 0:2 Manchester United


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