With more time passing and more players disappointing on a daily basis, let’s have a look at more players who are given way more praise than they deserve

Marko Arnautovic

Easily one of my least favourite players in the premier league, Marko Arnautovic is what I like to refer to as a Match of the Day player, a player made for highlights and the occasional good game. Arnautovic will only play well once every 6 games. it will seem like he is a good player, with him getting the occasional brace, but he doesn’t do it enough. He will get roughly 8-10 goals each season but he scores in patches, not consistently. He is a classic example of a player full of talent but doesn’t do it enough, and his recent poor displays against united and Southampton just continue to show that

Andreas Iniesta

Don’t get me wrong, Andreas Iniesta was a great player, a player who could go through anyone with ease, but at the old age of 33, he is still getting in lists of best player of the year, and I find that a joke. He is still getting these plaudits but players like Thiago and Verrati, two world class players in their prime, can’t even get a nomination. Iniesta has went from a key player for his side into a player who just doesn’t have the legs for it anymore. His showing against Madrid in the Supercopa just shows it. Players like Casemiro, Modric and Kroos all outran him in midfield. Iniesta just isn’t good enough anymore. Occasionally he can show his quality, but it is time for the Red and blue to replace one of their greatest players, for his good and their own.

Laurent Koscielny

Koscielny is still regarded as the best defender in the league, and a world class player. Two titles given to him that are definitely undeserved. He isn’t even in the top 5 defenders in the league, players like David Luiz, Toby Alderwireld, Vincent Kompany and Eric Bailly are smarter than him, are better leaders and are definitely better on the ball. The only attribute he has over other players in the league is his pace. It usually gets him out of many sticky situations. But a player with such poor positional play and a bad temper, shouldn’t be regarded as a world class centre back.

Joe Hart

He’s normally rated by older fans and definitely English pundits, because he’s English and he’s won titles. But as a goalkeeper he just isn’t good enough for the top teams. Joe Hart was linked with moved to Liverpool and Manchester United, which made me laugh hysterically. He has poor distribution, which is why Pep got rid of him. But there’s more then that. His diving to his left side is a glaring weakness. Against Iceland, the second goal he conceeded should have been saved, but it slipped right through him, on his left side. For Torino last season, he caused the most errors leading to goals, not including the awful Claudio Bravo. Joe Hart just doesn’t have the shot stopping ability and the distribution to compete with the best, and it might be too late to improve.


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