Many casuals fans will blurt the same quotes that the idiotic BT pundits will say to act smart. To let’s debunk some of these quotes.

“Mesut Ozil is lazy”

The most English quote I have ever heard. Pundits such as Martin Keown and Steven Gerrard go on and on about Ozil’s work rate. It just shows how stupid and behind England is in analyzing and coaching, because it is clear that they don’t understand his role. Ozil’s role is to find space and create for the team and is one of the best around at doing that. His role in the team isn’t to run around like a headless chicken, he’s a smart player. In fact, he runs more than Sanchez per game and makes the same amount of tackles per game as the hardworking Danny Welbeck. It’s just the typical English view that you have to work hard. Jordan Henderson never gets credit from me because hardworking isn’t a compliment. Ozil is a world class player and Arsenal fans, like a kid with a Rolex, doesn’t know what to do with it.

“Romelu Lukaku is stupid”

Another stereotypical few that I kinda see as racist. A BBC journalist said they’d rather have Morata over Lukaku because even though Lukaku scores more goals, Alvaro Morata is smarter. That sole point of view confused for reasons. Why would you want a striker scoring less than a striker scoring more. And especially that Morata is smarter. It’s completely not true. Watching interviews with United’s number nine, he says how much research he does before a game, learning how defenders move. He also says how much time he watches greats such as Drogba play the game, so he can improve his game. Morata has only scored 41 goals in his career. Lukaku did that in two seasons. He is a clinical finisher who’s hold up play is seriously impressive. He will only improve and the criticism he receives is just purely unfair, simply because he’s a big black man, and Morata is a elegant Spanish man.

“The age of good defenders has passed”

Another view that isn’t true. Many don’t understand that defenders now have changed roles and some defenders now will easily rank as some of the best to play the game. Sergio Ramos may not be the best defender, but as a goalscorer he is phenomenal, carrying his team out of some sticky situations. He scored 11 goals in the league last season which was mental. Leonardo Bonucci is another name that comes to mind. He is a brilliant ball player who reads the game to another level. Chiellini gets a lot of credit for the amount of tackles he gets per game but he is able to do that because Bonucci sweeps, meaning he knows if he makes a mistake, he’ll have cover. Even some other centre halfs like Diego Godin, Mats Hummels, Andreas Barzagli, Miranda, Vincent Kompany, are all defenders who could rank up with any of the other greats. Even looking at Fullbacks you have Marcelo and Dani Alves, two defenders who rank as the best in the world. And Philip Lahm who I’d say is one of the best of all time. Defenders don’t get the credit they deserve, and especially when pundits make it seem as if their quality is lesser.

“Kante is world class”

Tough one to explain here, but Kante is a player that can’t be world class. Yes he’s a great destroyer, but he doesn’t have an all round game that can compete with the best in the world, being Verrati, Thiago, Modric, Pogba, and Kroos. He doesn’t have their stand out ability, being tackling, passing and intelligence. Thiago especially. He is a player who is brilliant on the ball and can throw in a few tackles. Kante doesn’t have his kind of ability. He is a great player, but not near the world’s best. Even next to his senior Makelele, he doesn’t have the same intelligence. He is a great player but just shouldn’t be ranked next to the real world class players in the world.


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