With another win for united, while not as comfortable, was still an important victory. So let’s go through the most important things to take from this game

1. Déjà Vu

During the first half, united were dominant but were unable to score past a very solid Leicester side. This was the same story from a lot of home games last season. Pogba had 6 shots and most wide, Lukaku was ineffective, mainly because he wasn’t given the ball enough. Martial and Mhiki were great and Mata started very brightly but struggled to put the ball the away. Even with Mhiki and Martial playing well, we still struggled with width, with Blind and Valencia still not pushing up enough. It had the same vibe from last season. Constant panic if united were going to score or not. But thankfully we saved it in the second half.

2. Super Subs

The reason we saved it in the second half was because of the changes made by José. He changed the game by bringing in Rashford and Fellaini, taking off Mata and Mhiki in the process. Fellaini gave us his usual physical threat and creating havoc in the opponent’s area, and Rashford just gave us a bit of width. And thanks to a bit of luck from both of our super sub’s goals, we took a lead.

3. Phil Jones is performing

Another game, another clean sheet. Even though Bailly was brilliant as usual, Phil Jones was brilliant again. After years of injuries he’s finally playing regular football and showing why Fergie bought him at such a young age. He kept Vardy at bay and made some important clearances and tackles, neutralising Leicester’s frightening attack. All we can hope for now is he stays fit for the rest of the season.

4. Valencia’s crossing

It’s been a real concern for me since last season. No matter how much I rate him going forward, giving us an option while still doing his defensive duties, his crossing is poor. Throughout the game I was waiting for Valencia to hit a high ball into the box but constantly hit them at the keeper. He becomes increasingly frustrating when we are wasting good opportunities because our winger turned full back can’t cross.

5. Harry Maguire is brilliant

The only reason United couldn’t break them down was because Maguire put one hell of a performance in. He bossed that defense and completely neutralised any threat made by United. It was difficult in the first half because Maguire played so well. I just have to credit how good he was. Leicester are just getting better and I can’t even say they played poorly. They did well and United were just lucky.


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