10. Jordan Pickford

Everton’s biggest concern last season was defending, and while Michael Keane was an excellent bit of business, Jordan Pickford was just even better. Pickford last season made the most saves in the premier league, instantly making him the best part of a terrible Sunderland team. And when they eventually got relegated, everyone was wondering who would sign him. And to everyone’s delight, it was Everton. They had some real goalkeeper issues last season. Robles had a terrible save percentage and Steklenburg constantly made mistakes. They signed a young keeper with so much promise and is already showing his value. He is definitely England’s next number 1.

9. Benjamin Mendy

Man City ended last season with no Fullbacks, after not giving 3 of them contracts and selling Kolorov to Roma. That position was key for Pep to strengthen, and after signing Danilo and Kyle Walker, Pep was finally addressing his real squad concerns. So then they go and spend £50m on the best left back they could buy (meaning they couldn’t buy Marcelo). Mendy was brilliant for Monaco last season. He plays like a winger but has the energy of a midfielder. He can dominate the entire left side on his own, meaning more players are able to push further up the pitch and join the attack. Mendy will know how to play Pep’s way, making him a good deal for both parties involved.

8. Keita Balde

Speaking of Monaco, to replace the outgoing Mbappe, they signed a promising winger from Lazio. Keita, like Mbappe, is given a free role upfront. To be able to come deep or stretch the play, because Falcao will be staying central. It will give Monaco the same edge they had last season. They’ll be able cause teams all sorts of trouble, and with amount of goals and assists Keita got last season, PSG are looking like they have their usual challenger back.

7. Nemanja Matic

One of United’s biggest concerns last season was we didn’t have a real defensive midfielder. Someone who has the legs and intelligence to play at the top. Mourinho did as he always does. If he knows a player personally who could fix his issue, he will buy them. Like he did with Carvalho many times. And this time he signed a real quality defensive midfielder in Nemanja Matic. The 2 time title winner was signed for £40m, and from how he’s started the season, is really looking like a bargain. Matic already has given Pogba more space and freedom to push forward. He’s added a winning mentality and some needed experience to a group of hungry young players. He will be a player who will help transition the old to the new, and might add a view trophies while doing that.

6. Nelson Semedo

It was clear that Barcelona were in desperate need of a right back after Dani Alves’s departure. Sergi Roberto filled in at right back but just couldn’t do the same work as the Brazilian. The first big signing they made was Nelson Semedo from Benfica. A fast right back with a real quality going forward. The improvement shown instantly when he was brought on against Madrid on the Supercopa final. He replaced Aleix Vidal and Semedo just added so much more than his team mate. He gave Barcelona a tempo and some energy on that right side. If he keeps this up, he will prove to be a good long term fix.

5. Mohammed Salah

Liverpool have the best attacking three in the league, as much as it pains me to say it. They have pace, creativity and intelligence in their 3. Their biggest issue was depth. Coutinho and Mane both missed many games last season. It forces Klopp to change the players and ruin the dynamic three they had. But with Salah, they’ve added another player who plays similar to their best three. He is quick and great on the counter. He had 2 great seasons at Roma and now is ready to show Chelsea what they’ve missed out on.

4. Ousmane Dembele

The first £100m player. Dembele is beginning to be underestimated only based on his price. But a player who dribbled as much as Messi and got the second most assists in the league deserves credit. Barcelona are buying a future Balon Dor winner, a player who will stay in their team for years to come. They just have to make sure they don’t sell this one to PSG.

3. Romelu Lukaku

Easily placed on a subjective view, Lukaku has been performing consistently since joining Everton, and it was about time he returned to a big club to show Europe all his qualities. At first it seemed Chelsea were going to sign him but United swooped in and got the man. And so far, he’s the perfect fit. He is strong, powerful and most importantly, clinical. He gives united another dimension to play. Instead of a slow Zlatan, we have a player who will let us play on the counter. Although his build up play isn’t as good as the big Swede’s, he certainly can improve and be a world class no9

2. Neymar

A player who has changed the course of football with his world record transfer. PSG didn’t win the title because they didn’t have enough goals. Don’t get me wrong, Cavani had an amazing season but it takes him a few shots to score. They’ve bought a goal and assist machine in Neymar. He will instantly fix their problem and make them competitive in the Champions League. He’s given them the ultimate step up and ruined of their European rivals.

1. Leonardo Bonucci

Not much needs to be said here. Milan have signed the best defender in the world for only £35m. He has made me take them seriously. Their other signings all seemed like just good players. But Bonucci is the real icing on the cake. He gives them a solid defense and a winning mentality. Something that Milan team has missed over the years


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