Another game, another 4-0 victory. United are on fire right now so let’s look at all the talking points from Sunday’s game

Pogba was missed

This was the first premier league game of the season where our french maestro was unavailable, and it showed. United lacked any sort of creativity through the midfielders, Matic and Fellaini. I am not saying they performed poorly, in fact the opposite. Both Matic and Fellaini were brilliant. Matic controlled the game brilliantly and Fellaini was brilliant in his own way, winning 3 aerial duels and making 3 interceptions. I thought both of them contributed brilliantly in defence, but didn’t contribute enough going forward. Everton have a poor defence so their partnership can be excused in this case, but against a team like Burnley or West Brom, a more creative midfielder will be needed.


THAT goal from Valencia

A goal that is worth mentioning. Valencia was never a goalscorer for United, in fact the last home goal he scored was before Mourinho was even in charge. But for a moment it was like a young rooney was playing again. The Ecuadorian hit the ball perfectly from the right side. This will easily be remembered as one of the goals of the season, with the goal giving us and advantage against a very defensive team that just began the game sitting back and showing no ambition to attack.

Lukaku’s reunion

This was the big Belgian’s first game against his former club, and he marked the occasion by scoring and celebrating, as he should. Lukaku had no reason not to celebrate. He is a young guy and was at the club for roughly 100 games. It might seem like a lot but that was his fourth club in his short. Lukaku seems like a player who doesn’t get attached to a club. It isn’t like the Van Persie or Frank Lampard situation, where they played for Arsenal and Chelsea respectively for most of their careers. Lukaku said he celebrated because the Everton fans were mocking him for missing a free kick, which makes his goal even sweeter.

Importance of our ArmenianĀ 

Mhiki is continuingly showing why he is the incarnation of Mourinho on a pitch, starts slow but needs time to show why he’s one of the best. To me Mhiki is one of the most underrated players in the league. People seem to forget he plays for the club because he didn’t feature that prominently last season. Mhiki so far has scored 1 and assisted 6, which is just ridiculous. I think he’s been our best player so far this season next to Matic. Many complain about him losing the ball and while it might be frustrating, it’s because he is running at players. I want the players to be ambitious, and if it could end up with a goal, it is worth the risk. Let’s hope he keeps up his incredible form and even scores more throughout this season.

Everton not performing

Many are already asking for Koeman to leave, and i can understand why. Looking at Everton’s signings now, you can see they signed too many midfielders and didn’t get enough pace in the team. They are seemingly relying on an ageing Rooney and a very average player in Sandro. They’re playing a 3-4-3 with poor wingbacks. Martina is just not very good and Baines is now starting to show is age. Compare them to Chelsea for instance. They player Alonso and Moses, two wingers with an incredible workrate. Everton should have players similar to them if they want to play this system. They had a poor showing against Chelsea, Spurs and United, and their next game against Bournemouth, will be a sign to Everton fans what their situation is.


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