As usual, the Balon Dor continues to be a popularity contest only containing players who make the headlines, and not the players who are actually better. There are 4 players here are definitely good players, but this award is supposed be judged on the year, not their fame. These players should not have been included, and I will explain why.

Philippe Coutinho

The inclusion that easily baffles me the most. Coutinho is definitely Liverpool’s most talented player, with his brilliant ability on the ball and is able to unlock a defense with relative ease, something lost Liverpool players are unable to do. But it baffles me that a player who won absolutely nothing for Liverpool and was injured for 3 months is nominated for the award for best player in the world. Coutinho isn’t even the best player on his team, never mind the league. It inclusion can only be explained by all the Barcelona rumours. It raised his popularity and probably convinced casuals that he is instantly a good player, but it isn’t true. If I could choose, I would have Lorenzo Insigne on this instead of the Brazilian. A player I’ve spoken about multiple times and who I think Barcelona should have tried to sign. Last season he scored 18 and assisted 9 for a Napoli team that just couldn’t stop scoring goals. He has the entertainment factor, the skill and the pace to put people on their feet. He is definitely better than Coutinho and deserved some recognition for his efforts. But as usual, the premier league and especially Brazil always gets the attention it doesn’t deserve.

Karim Benzema

This one easily baffles me more the Coutinho choice. Karim Benzema has been a great player for Madrid for many years now, but this summer was the chance for him to be moved on, and Morata to be made the main vocal point. But Perez decided to do the most Perez thing he could do, sell the better player because he was worth more. Benzema only scored 11 goals last season in the league and didn’t really put any outstanding performances in the champions league. It’s another inclusion purely based on reputation than skill. Benzema still has his incredible workrate that gives Ronaldo more freedom to stay up the pitch instead of giving him defensive responsibilities. But was definitely not one of the best 30 players on the planet this year. If I was choosing, I would of had either Alvaro Morata or Romelu Lukaku on this list. Both scored more goals than the Frenchman, and both made headlines after bit moves to Man United and Chelsea respectively. They have started the season with a bang, with Lukaku and Morata contributing to half their teams goals so far. They have been brilliant and deserved some credit, definitely more than Benzema.

Sadio Mane

The next two players inclusions didn’t bother me as much as the previous two, but I still think their inclusions have resulted in 2 good players missing out. Sadio Mane is Liverpool’s best player and is by far one of the most exciting in the league, but a player who didn’t win the AFCON or win anything with Liverpool doesn’t deserve a place. He is a brilliant player who I’m glad is finally living up to the potential I always knew he had since he arrive at Southampton. Whenever he isn’t in the team, Liverpool lack that killer instinct and struggle to hurt teams. There was another player in the premier league who was overlooked and I don’t understand why. Alexis Sanchez scored more and assisted more than mane did for the highflying Liverpool side. Sanchez was a star in a poor arsenal side. If it wasn’t for him they would be in a relegation battle. He was easily one of the best players in the league last season and deserves more credit for what he did. How does a player who scored over 30 goals not get onto the Balon Dor list just baffles me.


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