What a shambles! A performance that should have been predicted, based on United’s last few performances. But it should have been a win for United. Huddersfield haven’t scored since September and look to struggle in the Premier League. But this was still an away game, and all away games should be taken seriously. So let’s go through five things to take away from this game.

Poor midfield

Matic and Herrera just do not work together at all. They have similar qualities in their both good at intercepting and ensuring that the opponent doesn’t create any tempo in their play, but not only do they not work together, they were both really bad. Out of 6 attempts, Matic only completed 1 tackle. It just shows the lack of control we had in this game. Herrera and Pogba work because Pogba gives us a brave player with quality on the ball. He has been seriously missed but this game was the first time we needed him. With Fellaini we still had a player who would go forward and give us an extra threat, but with Herrera we don’t. Until our record signing comes back we’re going to struggle to break down anyone. His recovery can’t come quick enough

No creativity

While I did think Mhki needed to be dropped (after some sub par performances), I didn’t think we were going to be that bad going forward. United started the game with Martial, Mata and Lingard as the forward three, with Lukaku in front. Lingard was the only player I thought who actually had a good game. He made some good runs and was a good option. But the others were poor. Martial constantly lost the ball and wasn’t making enough runs, and Mata made the mistake that lead to Aaron Mooy’s goal. It was a poor first half from the forwards but it does lead me to my next point.

Rashford and Lukaku

Both of these two had relatively good games. Because of our poor wide players, Lukaku got no service at all, but when he did, he tried to make the most of it and he did okay. Rashford was brilliant when he came on. He was so lively and was on the end of a great cross from Lukaku. These were the only two players who showed any desire to get back in the game and should get some credit after the game.

Where are the leaders?

At 2-0 down against a promoted team, I was hoping United would come out firing and get back into the game, but we just didn’t. It was a poor reaction from the players. It makes me wonder who in this team would be screaming at half time? I would have assumed Pogba and Zlatan would be two players to get furious at half time, but both are out. This team doesn’t have leaders to drag the other players through messy times. The reaction wasn’t good enough and the players need to take some of the blame.

Poor Lindelof

What a shocker from the Swedish defender. I already knew that he wasn’t good enough yet and so far he isn’t proving me wrong. In Europe he has looked okay but in England he’s looked very bad. That second goal almost sums him up. Misread the header and let Depoitre through on goal. This isn’t like Mhki where he wasn’t ready. It just seems like Lindelof isn’t good enough. I still believe Mourinho will get the best out of him but right now he should not be near the first team.


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