For some background information, my father is a spurs fan so I have a soft spot for them, so seeing them beat Liverpool this easy put a real smile on my face. So let’s get into the usual talking points.

Incredible Harry Kane 

What a player he is! Kane is on an incredible run of form. I didn’t know what to expect from Kane in this game, but he really showed up. The intelligence he had for that first goal was really impressive. The way he went through Lovren and Matip that easily was just brilliant. Mignolet obviously came out too early but Kane obviously capitalised on it and slotted the ball home comfortably. But for me the best part of his game was his part for the team. His pass to Son for the second goal was like watching De Bruyne hit a ball. Just brilliant. He even ran 90 yards to make a tackle. I don’t think there is a single striker around who would do that, and still score a brace. It was a perfect performance from Kane, and he continues to impress me every time I watch him.

Super Sub Son

A player who barely gets the credit he deserves. Son is one of the only spurs players who has real pace to him. If Everton is anything to go by you need pace in your team to succeed. He is great in those games where the opponent players a high line, like Liverpool and Dortmund now know. In this game he was perfect on the break, and him and Kane linked up perfectly, With Kane assisting Son’s goal. Last season he scored over 20 goals in all competitions, just like his teammates Kane and Alli. He’s a squad player who offers something different and is just a great player to have.

A Deeper Dele

When Spurs play their usual 3-4-3, Alli usually plays in the front three alongside Eriksen and Kane, but this time he played in the centre of midfield alongside Winks, and he had a good game, in fact a very good game. Alli hasn’t been great this season, struggling to get involved in games, but in this deeper position he thrived. Alli is a player who has incredible movement, like a second striker, which is why Pochettino played him so for up the pitch. But next to Winks he showed other sides of his games I frankly never knew he had. He put in some great tackles and drived the ball up the pitch, almost Modric like. I watched this game with my dad and he said where is Alli? And my simple answer was in midfield. He was very disciplined, while also showing his quality. I hope to see him in this position more, to give him another identity as a player.

Spurs’s depth

Overall I thought Spurs had a very good summer window. They brought in players who not only adds depth, they also add something different to the team. It was the perfect way to improve the squad. Players like Sanchez, Aurier and Llorente seriously add to the already talented squad of players. But this game just showed the depth in this squad.


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