Another game where we were just bad and still got the three points, but in this situation it was needed. Spurs were on level points after our horror show down in Yorkshire, so a win was needed. Let’s go through the talking points.

A New Formation

United for the first time this season played a 3-4-1-2, and for the most part it didn’t work. From Mourinho’s perspective it would make sense. It gives you a solid defence to work from and have 2 upfront, which I just love. It did seem like the formation was still new for the players, but overall is was enough to clinch the win. We still did get out ran in the midfield but Spurs didn’t take advantage of it. The more this formation is used the more the players will adapt. It’s great to have multiple because it helps deal with different oppositions, like Chelsea next week.

Ashley Young isn’t good enough

It’s as simple as that. Many after the game were saying he was the best player on the pitch, and it makes me wonder which game they were watching. Ashley Young did irritate Dele Alli, a player who was just being a pathetic child, to another level. But he was so poor on the ball. On one occasion he lost the ball in his own and could have gave spurs a chance to score. It just seems a premier league winning player doesn’t know when to run with it or to pass. It worries me that the left back situation is this bad were playing Ashley Young there, in 2017. It just amazes me. This is an issue we needed to fix in the summer but just didn’t. When we don’t have a consistent player in a position it makes the whole team unsettled. Instead of buying a left back we decided to spend £38m on Lindelof, when we already have a player in the academy who is ready and is better than him. I just have to question why this position wasn’t sorted out by now.

The Rashford and Martial team

These two are a real double act! I thought Rashford was our best player until he was taken off. I should have been a little annoyed, but I just knew Martial was going to score. Spurs were so poor at this stage of the game that it was so easy for United to just get the goal, and ensure the win.

No Quality

The biggest complaint as usual is the midfield. After 3 games now it still doesn’t work. Matic and Herrera just seem to not work at all. They both have no chemistry and don’t give us enough strength in the midfield and offer nothing going forward. Both Matic and Herrera are great players but just terrible together. Pogba or Fellaini seem to work better together with either Matic or Herrera. It’s an issue that can’t be resolved until the injury situation is gone.

Kane’s injury isn’t an excuse

Many spurs fans and pundits will all say united only won because of Kane’s injury. It amazes me after 4 years now that is still a reason for a lack of success from Spurs. They’ve had years to resolve their status as a one man team but fail to do so. They bought Llorente when the logical choice was to buy Iheanacho. To question Spurs’s over reliance on Kane is to question their transfer policy. They should have solved this issue the summer when they realised they had no other option. While the lily-whites were poor going forward, they also were poor defensively. For Martial’s goal the Spurs defence turned off completely, giving Lukaku and Martial the chance to get involved in the game. Spurs could have easily got something out of this game, but according to the pundits, press and basically everyone, apparently a draw away at a rival is a bad result, when in reality it isn’t.


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