Let’s talk about players that I have such an adoration for that I could watch them kick a ball all day long. These players to me sum up why I love football and they show just how beautiful the game is. There will be no order to this. It’ll be just players that I love.

Paul Pogba

Let’s begin with a player that continues to be one of the best midfielders around. People still don’t see the quality in Pogba after how terrible we were without him. He is our creative force and it tells you how good he is when we rely on him so much. He plays with such an arrogance and character that it is just brilliant to watch. He’s just what we’ve been missing since Scholes retired. He has this incredible skill to just drag the ball forward bring the team with him. Ever since Fergie left, United have been on a slow, stagnant period. From the horrible, horrible, horrible Moyes era, to the boring slow Van Gaal era. Now in the Mourinho era, Pogba seems to be the signing that will kickstart our revival and bring us back to be the best team in the world. He carried us through the Europa league and will do the same in every game he plays this season. Pogba to me is the second coming of united. He shows what a United player should be and what all academy players should aim to be.

Luka Modric

From a player I love for more biased reasons, here’s a player that just never gets the credit he really deserves. To me, Modric is one of the best midfielders of all time, and right now, is the best in the world. He is perfection in a midfielder. He is able to do the defensive work, able to make the key pass, able to run right past players, and most importantly, gets into great positions. What makes him so good is his knowledge of getting into those pockets of space where other players don’t want to go, while being able to transition defence into offence. He is what all midfielders should be. After Pogba’s big money move, it seems many have forgot what a midfielder is supposed to do. They aren’t strikers, they create for strikers. They are the reason the ball is able to go from one half to the other. Modric is the best at doing at. If you ever catch a Madrid or Croatia game, just keep an eye on him. Watch how he moves and what he does with the ball. It will truly change your perspective on a midfielder.

Cristiano Ronaldo

When someone asks me why I love football and why I support Manchester United, I reply with 2 words. Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the reason why I love football. Watching him run down the wing with his one million stepovers just blew my child sized mind. He was utterly incredible for United. He was by far the main reason united won that trophy in Moscow. He put in some incredible performances in the league and in the champions league, including that incredible goal against Porto. If any player summed up how United played under Fergie, it would be Ronaldo. He was fast, direct, arrogant, strong, and most importantly, a winner. He is the reason why I am going through this hell of being a united fan, because I know one day we will be just as good as those teams with Ronaldo were.


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