What a brilliant game of football. It had urgency, terrible defending, great attacking, and overall was very end to end. Arsenal may have had more of the ball, but United took their chances, and for the first time, early on. So let’s go through some talking points.

A strong start

A strange one but all the more true. United this season usually take a while to really put their mark on the game. They have a slow build up and spend most the game crossing the ball, which in itself is a very hit or miss strategy. But against Arsenal it was different. We put a lot of pressure on Arsenal’s bang average defence, forcing them to make mistakes not once, but twice. Koscielny was the first culprit, giving the ball away in the first 5 minutes, and then Mustafi just took too long on the ball, giving Lingard the chance to run with it. Arsenal were terribly naive when defending, but it still took a lot of work for united too clinically put those chances away.

Messi Lingard

To this day it still bothers me how so called united fans do not like Jesse Lingard. He represents everything great about united. He should never be sold and is good enough to be a bit part player. He continues to show his quality. He is a great dribbler, with a great ability to find pockets of space to exploit. He was the main reason why we were so good on the break. He moved the ball quickly and drove the team forward. If it wasn’t for a certain Spaniard, he would have been my man of the match.

De Gea is the best keeper in the world.

De Gea made 14 saves, 5 of them being simply unbelievable. The way he was about to keep out Sanchez’s shot with a slide tackle just shows his incredible speed and reflexes. Many say United don’t have any big game players, but that is wrong. One being Messi Lingard, and the other being De Gea. Both always perform when called upon. The only time Arsenal scored was when they couldn’t miss. In all honesty I do not know where we would be without De Gea. He is the best keeper around and the best ever in the league. Controversial but true.

Pogba’s red card

Lets cut straight to the point. It was a a straight red. Pogba in dangered an opponent and deserved. I do have to question one thing, being Bellerin’s position. I have never seen anyone tackle like that. It’s as if Bellerin was looking for Pogba to get sent off. It’s likely that I’m wrong but it’s just too strange to believe. Pogba is going to be seriously missed. We saw before how important he is during his time out. He is needed if we ever want to get close to City.

Arsenal keep getting worse

Yes they had a lot of chances but they didn’t score any. They are poor defensively and their midfield is average at best. If it wasn’t for their front three, they wouldn’t even be in the top 10 never mind the top 6. They showed in this game how much they need Ozil for any success. He is their sole creator and if he isn’t performing, Arsenal aren’t performing. If they lose him they are going to get no where this season.


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