What a dreadful performance. This was the worst I’ve seen united since we drew against Celta Viga in the Europa League. It was awful and it might just have been the game where we gave City the league. So let’s go through the talking points

The Lukaku Criticism

The player clearly getting the most criticism from the fans. Most I think is justified. He should have scored that chance he had and should have done better on the set pieces. Those are why I think he was one of the worst players on the pitch, next to Young, Smalling and Martial. Many have said since he costed £75m he should score with every chance. This is complete nonsense. When I think of the best strikers around I think of Cavani, Lewandowski and Icardi. These players normally score one in every four shots. Strikers need a lot of creativity to get chances. I’ve already mentioned how bad Zlatan was at scoring goals last season and it just shows how stupid some fans are. I still like Lukaku. I would have been fine with him, Morata or Belotti. They’re all great strikers and as long as they play great I’m fine. Yes he is in some bad form but in these big games he’s had zero creativity. Without Pogba we offer nothing in creativity. It’s an area in the squad we need to fix. Lukaku will score over 20 goals this season. It just depends if Pogba is fit and if our other players actually decide to chip in. I do think his criticism in this game was definitely justified, but some of the things said about were definitely an over exaggeration.

The Game Plan

Simple question, what was the plan? By the team sheet one would assume we were ready to play on the break, but we were constantly hitting long balls and transitioning slowly. Sometimes we’d hit the ball into the channels, and then play some short passes. It was as if we didn’t know what we were doing. The midfield is still the reason why we are so bad without Pogba. Herrera just isn’t good enough to pass the ball in long distances and Matic doesn’t usually do this job. Mourinho has tried this so many times and still doesn’t realise it doesn’t work. Just play Mata or McTominay in midfield. An extra man would help us move up the pitch quicker and help dominate. Mourinho didn’t set up correctly.

Poor on set pieces

The way I thought we could beat city turned out to be our downfall. We were all over the place and was quite surprising. In a Mourinho team I expect much better organisation when defending a set piece, but instead we had David Silva being allowed to run and Lukaku giving a dreadful clearance. It was just the worst way to lose.

Lingard performs again

Mentioning De Gea as our best player isnt a surprise, but Lingard isn’t far behind him. He made some tidy passes and set up Lukaku for a good chance. He has been great recently and can come out of this game with a bit of dignity. I love Jesse and hopefully continues to perform. He has such a pretty way of playing.

City weren’t great, but won

City haven’t been great at all recently, but they keep winning. I do think labelling this as title mentality is stupid. They’ve just been below par. They’ve definitely been better but they still were quick, clinical, and just horrible to defend. Pep has made this team hard to beat as well as beautiful to watch. I hate them for personal reasons but I still have to give credit where credit is due.


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