Another game I actually went to see. Besides the great seats and atmosphere, the game wasn’t great to watch. But many players did stand out. So let’s talk about it

Return of Shaw

The biggest talking point would have to be a great performance from Luke Shaw. I have been constantly wining about Ashley Young starting for united, because he isn’t good enough to be starting for us. But seeing Shaw play at his best just shows what a real left back is. He didn’t a foot wrong and was incredible going forward. He was able to give united another option and works so well with Martial. It might limit the Frenchman’s options but having another man on the wing can always help. If Mourinho knows anything about football then Shaw should get more minutes. He definitely deserves it.

A Shining Scott

With more games means more players being given a chance. Nothing makes me happier than a player from the academy given a chance in the premier league. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen McTominay. In fact he’s played in most competitions this season, but this was his first start in the league. I’ve been complaining about Herrera and Matic not working as a partnership and Mourinho not trying something different during Pogba’s absence, but this time he did and it definitely paid off. McTominay was very good. He didn’t nothing wrong, while not doing anything spectacular. He just did everything right. I thought him and Matic both had great games. They both were very good defensively and especially McTominay. Near the end of the game he had the crowd on their feet. He was making some crunch tackles in the opposition half to keep us moving. He even was making late runs to give Lukaku some options. Something that was lacking throughout the game from the team. I think Scott has done enough to earn his manager’s trust and hopefully get more games.

A Solid Jones

Phil Jones can be credited for making sure Bournemouth didn’t get more chances. He did the usual Phil Jones, but his body on the line to make sure the ball didn’t go in. He has been one of our better defenders this season and him making a return will be a huge boost.

A change of formation

Another game, another slow performance in the 4-2-3-1. Without Pogba this formation just doesn’t work. It focuses on one creative force. Without the Frenchman it can’t work. Mourinho can keep trying but it just doesn’t work. We were solid defensively but weren’t great in the final third. We were slow and didn’t pick the right passes. Decision making in general wasn’t great and needs improvement. However the last time we lost to city we kept losing, so I’d prefer this then losing.

A risky Bournemouth

Credit to the Cherries, they did try. Usually I get frustrated seeing teams come to Old Trafford and not even try to attack. Bournemouth had a few chances and to be fair they have done much better than most teams have done this season. I don’t think they’ve been great this season mainly because of how easy they are to open up. Nothing was different here.


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