Oh what an absolute infuriating end to the game. It was a game that showed some real familiar issues I thought were finally gone, so let’s go through the usual talking points

The reaction by the fans

A strange opinion, but I hate 70% of United fans. I think many just love to rather overreact or over exaggerate. An example being Lingard, Rashford and Lukaku. For years I have seen united fans say Lingard needs to be sold because he isn’t good enough. Just what a load of rubbish. I’ve argued constantly that Lingard is a good player with a purpose. I love Lingard because he represents everything good about the club. He deserves to be in the team, and we’ve been playing better with him in the team so there can be no argument there. Rashford is another strange one. I have a lot of appreciation for Rashford, based on him being there when we need him. When he debuted we were low on forwards and he stepped in and performed. When Zlatan got his injury last season, Rashford was there again to help us in the league and Europa league. We owe him for always being reliable. But that doesn’t change the fact he has not been great in the past few games (I’ll get to that later) but the reaction from many united fans has been so stupid. Many saying he should go out on loan or be removed from the first team. Just clueless reactions. He deserves it like Lingard. He played the most games for us last season and can be relied on. We need to be there to support him. Here I hate to publicly insult another group, but it has to be shown as an example. Ever since Arsenal Fan TV became a laughing stock, every other club fanbase has been trying to replicate their fame online. One certain United channel, TheUnitedStand, is one I have a certain amount of resentment towards. They, like Arsenal Fan TV, love to just to make a title more than a discussion. Just checking their YouTube channel now I saw one of their recent titles being Rashford is lazy. Again I will get to him, and mention why that is incorrect. Anyways, with Lukaku I’ve seen many of these YouTube fans say he is a waste of money. I’m a huge fan of the Belgian, but if he plays bad I will mention it. Many think if a striker isn’t scoring he’s playing bad, but that isn’t true. I’ve only thought Lukaku has played bad on 2 occasions this season, being City and Watford. Others I thought he wasn’t to blame, because the team was bad. But many just love to say how bad he is without talking about the game. I just don’t like the idea of a bunch of idiots representing a fan base. It’s very shameful.

Rashford in Poor Form

Rashford didn’t have the greatest of games. He made so many poor decisions that just made me scratch my head. The most obvious being the chance near the end of the game. After a brilliant ball from Pogba, Rashford was one on one with Schmeical and just needed to hit it right, but instead he looked unsure, whether to shoot or go for the penalty. He took too long to decide and ended up ruining a good chance. He could have a lot of the blame for us not taking all the points available, and I agree. I always believe he has a good work rate, but his decision making has always needed work. He isn’t even 21 yet. He has plenty of time to improve and the only way to do that is to continue playing. He will improve.

Juan Great Performance

A brilliant performance from a brilliant human being. Nothing makes me happier than seeing Juan Mata play well. He has been so loyal and consistent to us that he always deserves games. This game was the best I’ve seen him for a while. He just did what Mata did best, get involved and move the ball up the pitch. His first goal especially was tasty, a tidy finish from a tidy player. It was a shame he didn’t play the 90 minutes, because he was easily our best player on the day.

Last Season Vibes

What I mean hear is that feeling of dominating but not winning. But this game especially was a serious reminder of last season, where this constantly happened. The most obvious signs were missing easy chances, and then giving away a late goal. Last season this happened against Stoke, Anderlecht, Celta, Everton, Swansea, Arsenal and Burnley. It’s a shame it’s came back again because I thought Mourinho finally sorted that issue out, but it is still apparent. All we can hope for is we learn to watch a man when he is making a run.

Leicester deserved the point

The foxes definitely didn’t deserve to lose that game. They showed glimpses of quality and that clutch goal at the end was what they needed. Leicester under Puel have been much better. Mahrez looks to be enjoying his football, Gray looks competent, they look better defensively and are overall better to watch. I backed Leicester to finish eighth and it seems that might still happen. I hope them all the best, now we have played them twice.


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