With Coutinho and Van Dijk making big moves already, it could be a huge chance for Manchester United to have a huge effect on this window. There are still key weaknesses in this team and it’s a perfect time to make a difference.

Malcom (Bordeaux)

A player that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Malcom is a player with a lot of talent, and plays like a real winger. To show how much we need a right sided winger, the last one we signed was Wilfred Zaha. We’ve been playing the likes of Juan Mata, Henrik Mkhitaryan, and Jesse Lingard out on the right for the past 3 years. We need a player who knows how to play like a winger, someone who is looking out for others instead of creating for himself. We already have Tony Martial for that. To have true balance in our team we need players for different situations. Mata is great for drifting in and overloading the midfield, Lingard is a fast mover and helps us play quick passes and get through tough defences. Mhiki doesn’t look like to be staying to next season at this rate. Malcom averages 2.4 key passes per game. To compare, Sane, Sterling and Mahrez all average between 1.6-1.9 respectively. Malcolm also averages over 1.5 crosses per game. Maybe it’s the way the others play, but they don’t even reach one per game. With the way united play it makes sense to get a player who can play a certain way we seem to want to play. No one in the squad is able to cross and play on the wing. To get a player who might not settle straight away wouldn’t be the worse situation. With the league gone, no league cup, the champions league being unlikely and the FA Cup being the only competition we have a real chance of winning, bringing in a player who will have a future effect, like Lindelof, Martial and Rashford, is perfect. If we can bring the Brazilian in this month for less than £40m, that will be a decent deal and would get us ready for next season.

Alex Sandro

With Sandro clearly not being played as much as last season, it makes sense to take advantage of a situation like Sandro. He is one of the top 3 left backs in Europe and would be a brilliant addition. With question marks still being over Luke Shaw and Darmian not being good enough, bringing in guaranteed success would make sense for any price. No stats are needed here because it is obvious how good he is. He was fantastic last season and was the entire left flank for Juventus. With Tony Martial playing as an inverted winger, having a player who will give us a constant overlap on the left would be extremely useful. Danny Rose was the other left back that United have been linked to. I’d personally prefer Sandro because he has a much better injury record, and will not be as difficult to deal with as Spurs. Only Malcom and Sandro I can personally see signing in January. No one else sticks out to me as likely to move. Let’s hope Mourinho is able to push these deals.


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