Embarrassing, useless, disappointed, disgraceful, negative, poor. Those are a few of many words used to describe how poor Manchester United were tonight against Sevilla. From before the game even started to the final whistle, United looked like they didn’t even care. Lets go through some talking points from this embarrassment.

What was that team selection?

Manchester United showed Liverpool what preparation and clinical finishing were on the weekend, so Mourinho’s answer to that in the biggest game of the season? Drop Mata and McTominay, two of the best players in that game, and bring in Lingard and Fellaini. I’ll get onto to Fellaini soon but Lingard was a another player who needed a creator behind him to give him the ball. I understand not playing Pogba, with all the injury talks. But not playing Mata? Our best outfield player since Fergie has left? Mata has kept us ticking for years now. He continues to be one of the only players in our team who knows how to play football. I think three of the forwards were definitely not good enough, mainly because we had a giant statue in the middle of the park who couldn’t string a pass or do anything useful. They had no way to get the ball because of how poorly the so called creators were. We are Manchester United, we shouldn’t be playing Maroune Fellaini in a midfield two in our biggest game of the season.

Negative Tactics

The biggest talking point from the game by a mile. Mourinho played this game way too safe. How do we go from beating how only real rivals in the country to playing as if we’re a non league side? Even when we were one goal behind we were still passing the ball around the defence like we didn’t even care. Mourinho is at full blame for this but the players have to take some responsibility. They downright weren’t moving at all when we needed a player to take the game by the scruff of their necks. Sanchez was supposed to be brought in for this reason, yet he has not done anything of use since arriving. Rashford tried as usual but his end product still isn’t good enough. Lukaku is the only player in that forward line who gets any credit from. Me tried throughout the game and got the goal he deserved. I am mostly angry with Mourinho for this. It doesn’t mean I want him out. We have overall improved but he better learn from this. If I ever see this again, in the biggest game of the season, I won’t be as accepting as I am now.

Our own wooden pole

Fellaini’s inclusion was a disgrace, but his performances was an absolute joke. He didn’t win any headers of note and did not help Matic in the slightest. He was at points jogging back when he should running like his life depends on it. A passenger throughout and him coming off was the right decision. Pogba wasn’t much better, but at least he was trying to move the ball forward. Fellaini has the touch of a donkey and quality of a child. If it wasn’t for his height, he wouldn’t be near this eleven.

Sanchez Poor Again

Sanchez as I mentioned before has not been good enough at all. Multiple times he lost the ball when we needed to keep possession. I understand that he is new, but the fact he is unable to complete a pass is a joke. A player described as one the best in the league should at least be completing a pass and not losing the ball so easily. Why does he keep starting when it is clear he is adding nothing. At least Martial and Mata do something. Like Fellaini, Sanchez was a passenger. At point he had a good chance to cross but decided to hit it wide. Summed up his performances. Not good enough.

Substitution the difference

When Ben Yedder came on I told my dad that he will make a difference. Muriel isn’t near the player the young Frenchman is and the fact he is starting over him makes Montella more ignorant than I originally thought. He came on and straight away he was making moves, asking the defenders questions. He was a real difference and the fact that none of our players could make that difference, just tells you how much we deserved to lose that game.


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