One of the Signings of the Season is… Top 5 League Talking Points

What a crazy week. Both the Bundesliga and La Liga being mental, let’s get straight into it.

Bundesliga – Bayern Embarrassed, Dortmund’s Dramatic Win

Before the season started, I thought the only way the Bundesliga could be dramatic, would be if Favre could get Dortmund winning again, and if Kovac did the opposite, and surprise surprise, that is happening. Bayern were absolutely humiliated at home against Borussia Munchengladbach. They were beaten 3-0 by Dieter Hecking’s side, and it was definitely a deserved victory. Bayern looked so lacklustre and laid back in this game. The first goal came from Yan Sommer, and the ball was carried by the team, until Plea put the ball away with a great finish. The Frenchman has been a great signing for Mönchengladbach. He is just such a well rounded forward, being an excellent finisher, and is able to help in build up play. He already has 5 goals and an assist this season. He could really help drive his side to a top four spot. The issue with Bayern in this game was their passiveness. The first goal showed this. Mönchengladbach were able to play right around them. None of their players were showing desire to retrieve the ball, or even put in a tackle. The second goal was even worse, with Thiago making a very out of character mistake and giving the ball to Plea, who then gifts it to Stindl, who scores excellent goal. The German had a very good game, scoring the second goal, putting in 3 tackles, completing 2 dribbles and won two aerial duels. It was a very hardworking performance from the forward. It seems Bayern find it difficult to deal with forwards who don’t play as traditional target men. Bayern found it extremely difficult to deal with Tadic in the Champions League, because how often he would move away from the middle and make it hard for Bayern to track him. Kovac needs to learn how to deal with this problem. I am still very unsure if he is the right man, but this is the first risk appointment and Bayern need to follow through with it. Let’s hope for a young manager’s sake, he can turn this around.

Now to talk about the league leaders, Borussia Dortmund got a dramatic 4-3 victory over Augsburg. Dortmund continue their unbeaten run this season, and have looked great. Their attack has looked great so good, and have been rotating players pretty effectively. Sancho is leading Europe in assist, yet this game was his first start of the season. It’s very good to see Marco Reus finally put a long string of games together as well. Even though he is starting to get on, he has been fabulous so far this season. He has already contributed to 6 goals in 7 games, showing just how well he has adapted to life under a familiar face in Lucien Favre. However the star of the show against Augsburg was Paco Alcacer. The Spaniard now also has 4 goals this season, thanks to his hat trick in this game, including a delightful free kick in the last minute to win it. He didn’t even start the game either. He came on with only half an hour to go. In his short time on the pitch, he managed 6 shots in only 22 touches. It shows how forward Dortmund were playing in the latter stages of the game, and with Alcacer given plenty of changes. A great game from a player who finally seems to fulfilling his potential seen at Valencia. Another stand out performer was Dan-Axel Zagadou. Dortmund now have 3 excellent young center backs, and it’s now Zagadou’s turn to show his quality. He came into this game after a great performance in the Champions League, and continued his form. He won 7 aerial duels, which is impressive considering the player he was facing, Finnbogasan, is a very big threat in the air. The Frenchman is starting to look like a very good prospect. Dortmund are currently overseeing another golden generation. With experienced players like Witzel, Reus, Burki and Pitzchek blending very well incredible young talents, like Akanji, Diallo, Sancho, Dahoud, Larsson and now Zagadou. They will give Bayern a very good challenge this season.

La Liga – Atletico’s Big Win. Valencia vs Barcelona

La Liga is a mess right now, but it makes it very entertaining. Valverde still doesn’t know how to correctly manage his squad and Madrid can’t score goals at the moment. Atletico could finally win it again, but it’s still too soon to tell at the moment if they can finally do it. What shows how much of a mess La Liga is at the moment is Sevilla are currently at the top, being the only side to win 5 games this season. While Madrid losing is a massive talking points, we’ll actually talk about their rivals. Atletico Madrid got a classic Simeone win with a 1-0 victory over Real Betis. This is an impressive victory because Betis have been a very good side since last season, having a solid back line and are very difficult to beat. This wasn’t the most eventful game you’ll see, but there are still things to talk about. First was Atletico’s selection. Lucas Hernandez, Nikola Kalinic and Juanfran all came in for the game, and performed fine. Lucas Hernandez was especially good. He won 3 aerial duels, 4 tackles and completed 6 long balls, the most for his side. He hasn’t featured much this season, so it is good to see him return with a good performance. Rodri was another who had a good game. He is really starting to show why Atletico saw him as the replacement for Gabi. He completed 4 tackles and had a 94% pass accuracy. He keeps possession very effectively for his side. However it was Angel Correa who scored the winner. The forward has been used all over the pitch for Simeone, used more as a versatile player to fill in different positions. He put a real shift when he came on, making 4 tackles and scoring the winner. It was a needed victory. With Barca and Real dropping points, it keeps pressure on for the rest of La Liga.

Speaking of Barcelona, they dropped points again. They drew 1-1 with underachieving Valencia, thanks to an early goal from Garay, and an equaliser from Messi (who else?). While in the grand scheme of things, a point against a team that finished in the top 4 last season isn’t bad at all, but context is always important. Valencia have been at the start of the season, only managing 2 wins so far, with this game being their 6th draw. Barca have to see this as 2 points dropped. They have shown again this season how they struggle when a goal down, as seen against Bilbao too. It could come down to the mid week game, but it has to be more than that. The goal they gave away was just a mess. Vermalean was at fault for the goal. He got a slight touch on the ball, which gave it directly to Garay. It still amazes me how he still starts for that club, with Lenglet, a player who is definitely good enough to start, is stuck on the bench. Even when Barcelona got back into the game, it wasn’t a vintage attacking performance. Besides Messi, the rest of the side just weren’t pulling their weight. Barcelona only managed 10 shots in the game, a game they were trailing for 88 minutes. You expect a side to do more when they’re behind so early, yet they just didn’t do enough. Messi had 6 of those shots too, showing just reliant they still are on their record scorer. There is nothing wrong with relying on the best player to ever play the game, but in the rare circumstance that an opponent can take him out of the game, it would leave Barcelona without any sort of way of attacking. Even with all the money spent and the players brought in, it seems they still struggle in games. They will definitely need improve, and most of all play Dembele.

Ligue 1 – Kylian Mbappe on Fire. 2nd vs 3rd.

Ligue 1 might not be so interesting at the moment, with Paris already 8 points clear. Let’s begin with the league leaders, who disposed of one of their tougher opponents in a very dominant display, beating Lyon 5-0. It was a game that just highlights how much better Paris are than the rest of the league. Lyon are already not so great defensively (and going down to 10 men didn’t help), but the manner of which PSG beat them was just astonishing. Before going into the main performer of the game, let’s look at another player who performed very well. Marquinhos was excellent as a defensive midfielder in this game. While I still do not think this is his best position, credit has to be given when he is performing so well in a position he does not know well. He completed 5 tackles, 2 interceptions, 4 aerial duels, and even got an assist for one of Mbappe’s many goals. Speaking of Mbappe, the young Frenchman was absolutely brilliant in this game. After Cavani came off in the first half, it was up to Mbappe to lead the line, and to extend the lead, thanks to an early goal from Neymar. To say he did well is an understatement. He just put in, by far the best performance of an attacking player this season. He had a monsterous 9 shots, with 6 being on target. Those are numbers that Ronaldo would only average in a handful of games. Mbappe was just in the right place at the right time with a couple of the goals, with isn’t a criticism. You want your forwards being in the right place when the ball is in the opposition’s box. However the first and third goal were great finishes, with the latter very reminiscent of one of his goals against Manchester City back in his first season at Monaco. A great day for Paris, as they now extend their lead even further from one of their toughest opponents. The league could already be done and dusted for the Champions.

When saying 2nd vs 3rd, the assumption would usually be discussing one of Lyon, Monaco or Marseille. However with this season just being so strange, it is actually Lille vs St Etienne. This was a big game for both, as it would allow Lille to extend their further ahead in second, and it would allow St Etienne to overtake their opponents. It was Lille who earned the victory in this game, with a comfortable 3-1 victory wrapping up 3 points for the home side. Lille have just been so fun to see this season, and for the sake of entertainment, I really hope they keep up their great run of form. Finding more players to discuss for Lille, other than Bamba and Pepe, is becoming difficult. They are the driving force behind the counter attacking style of football that Lille play. Whenever Lille receive the ball, their first thought is to give to one of their two wingers. They are too important. Bamba was absolutely brilliant in this game. From his usual left wing position, he had 3 shots with 2 on target, made 2 key passes and scored Lille’s first two goals. This was a performance he needed to show in front of his former club, who let him go on a free. Bamba is now on 7 goals this season, as many as Eden Hazard and 3 more than Ronaldo. He has to start being discussed as one of the signings of the season. He was brought in on a free transfer, and is now an important player in Lille’s revival. What a brilliant piece of business from a side who have made many mistakes over the years. Both teams are having good seasons so far, but Lille do look like they could take a European spot at the end of the season.

Premier League – Arsenal Strengthen Top 4 Chances. United Comeback

With Manchester City travelling to Liverpool turning out to be not the game we all expected, let’s look at two other eventual games, first being Arsenal’s 5-1 win over Fulham. It was an excellent performance from the Gunners, who are finally starting to find their rhythm in the attack. Emery hasn’t had an instant effect, but there are things being established. Firstly being the most covered, and that is the goalkeeper more involved with play. I still think that Leno is a bad goalkeeper, but he is good when it comes to using his feet. He will help maintain the ball and distribute it effectively. Moving the ball back to the goalkeeper gives an opportunity for the defenders and midfielders to find a better position to find the ball. Leno was very good on the ball against Fulham, with the German having a 76% pass accuracy. Considering he also attempted 14 long balls, it does show how much of an improvement he is in this area. The attack does seem to be finally clicking. Arsenal were horrendous defensively last season, however in attack, they were brilliant. Aubamayeng hit the ground running, and Lacazette scored 15 in the league. A good return for his first season. Both were excellent against Fulham, with both scoring 2, and Lacazette winning the man of the match. He was particularly good on the day. He was great in link up play, and his moments of individual magic were what put Arsenal in a comfortable position. What helped Arsenal the most was how poor Fulham were in both departments. In defense, Jokanovic decided to change to a 3-5-2, to accommodate the limited amount of players he had in defense. It didn’t work at all. The wing backs left a lot of space out wide and it let Iwobi and Bellerin plenty of space out wide to stretch the rest of the defense. In attack, they were just so wasteful. Fulham had 21 shots in this game, yet only managed a single goal. This was because of how wasteful Andre Schurrle is. The German managed 7 shots, and most were just not good shooting opportunities. Fulham really could struggle to stay up, if they do not find a consistent line up and system.

Manchester United completed a dramatic comeback over 90s rivals Newcastle, with the home side earning a 3-2 win after conceding 2 goals in the first half. The whole game summed up United under Mourinho. They were poor, slow and lacking desire in the first half, and in the second half it was completely different. Pogba took the game and was the main reason why United won that game. Many have been criticising the Frenchman this season, and many are quite unjust. While his comments off the pitch can definitely be questioned, he has comfortably been the best player for United, excluding Luke Shaw. He has been one of the only players who shows a desire to win the game, and has always added the quality needed. He was excellent against Leicester, Wolves, Young Boys, Watford and now Newcastle. He has been at his usual excellent self. This was actually the first time United have conceded 2 goals in the first 10 minutes at home. It was a shambles, with Ashley Young letting Muto straight past him as if he didn’t even have to try. But it all changed in the second half. To Mourinho’s credit, bringing off Bailly as early as he did really made a statement, that it was going to be all or nothing for the rest of the game. While Fellaini didn’t make much sense, Sanchez definitely did. The ex Arsenal forward scored the winner in the last few minutes of the game, which was his first goal of the season. While it was a commendable effort from United, it doesn’t change anything. They have still been very poor this season, and can call themselves lucky that Newcastle couldn’t put the ball away. The Red Devils need to get rid of Mourinho as soon as a plan is in place. They cannot keep persisting with this style and with his arrogant, dividing way of managing a team.

Serie A – Mauro Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain Finding Their Feet

Serie A didn’t have any surprises or big scorelines, so let’s talk about two of the most prolific Argentine strikers in Italy, Mauro Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain. Both play for rival teams and have started their season pretty well. Let’s start with Icardi’s Inter, who won away at SPAL by 2 goals to 1. It now puts into in 3rd, with only 2 points behind Napoli. Inter had a very poor couple of games, but seemed to finally find their grove. Icardi is the main reason for that. He is by far one of the most underrated players in the last 4 years. He has been as consistent as Harry Kane, but plays as much more of a poacher. In fact his goal against Spurs in the Champions League was his first goal from outside the box for Inter. It just shows how good he is at getting on the end of chances, and at finding space. He was at his usual self against SPAL. While he was lucky for this first goal, thanks to a deflection from Djourou, his second was Icardi at his best. He made a run towards the ball and received it with no one around him, and put the ball away so comfortably. Icardi had 3 shots, 2 on target, and won 4 aerial duels. He is arguably the best finisher in Europe, with the chances he gets being just perfect for any forward to put away. While Icardi was the man of the match, credit has to be given to Ivan Perisic. I included the winger in my world cup team of the tournament, because of his excellent performances for Croatia in Russia. He has continued that fine form into the new season, reminding the league why he is one of the best wingers in Italy. He got the assist for Icardi’s second, and has been a real boost for Inter since his late start. This is a big season for Inter. After their big spending and their first season in the Champions League for 7 years, they need to show how they can remain consistent. Napoli are a mess defensively, so second place is definitely up for grabs for the Nerazzurri.

Let’s move on to their rivals. Milan disposed of Chievo with relative ease, with a 3-1 victory. It now puts Milan in 10th. It might sound underwhelming, but they are only 3 points behind Lazio, who are in 4th. Higuain was great in this game. Like his fellow Argentine, he also scored a brace. I was a very small minority of people who did like the Higuain signing. I thought he would give them guaranteed goals for the short term, and would give Cutrone a player who has plenty to teach him. Higuain has been everything they could ask for. He already has 4 in 5, and is taking 4 shots a game this season, already showing numbers similar to his time at Napoli. He is another who seems to be severely underrated by many fans. While he has had a reputation of not performing on the biggest stage, his consistency in a 38 game season cannot be criticised. There many players in Europe who are as good in the league as Higuain. He had a very good game against Chievo, getting 4 shots, 2 key passes and has a 92% pass accuracy. While Higuain was good, he wasn’t the best player on the pitch. That honour goes to Suso. It amazes after the changes of owners, managers, players and systems, Suso keeps performing. He got a mental 8 key passes in this game, which led to him getting 3 assists, which means he now has the joint most assists in Europe. Milan also have a big season on their hand. They are competing with both Roma and Lazio for that 4th spot. There are still questions on whether Gattuso is the right man for the job (I really don’t think he is), but the risk could pay off.


Every Premier League Club’s Best Signing

Now with the transfer window coming to a close, and most clubs getting all of their business done, it’s time to look every clubs best summer signing. Most of these will be very brief, as I will be discussing 20 transfers and so not want to drag it on. Enjoy! (I will update this list if a certain club makes a better signing)

Arsenal – Lucas Torreira

Even with Arsenal signing 6 players, Torreira is the only exceptional bit of business. Torreira is a player I have praised all summer, for not only being a defensive machine, but also being an excellent passer, completing the most for Sampdoria last season. He will give Arsenal that bit of bite they have been missing since Gilberto Silva left the club. He will finally make Arsenal’s midfield look solid and will help them in their quest for top 4 again.

Bournemouth – Diego Rico

I still find it crazy that Bournemouth do not get more criticism than they should get. Last season was easily their poorest in their 3 years in the division, and no thanks to their defense. Bournemouth ranked bottom for tackles won, and 19th for interceptions. Their defenders were poor (besides Ake, who was pretty good) and it was their downfall in progressing from their 9th finish in 2016/17. The Cherries have brought in Leganes defender Diego Rico. Who had a very good season for the Spanish club. While Bournemouth were poor in a defensive sense, Rico was not. He was averaging an outrageous 5.5 tackles and interceptions per 90, which is a vast improvement over Ake’s 2.7. Hopefully Rico will add some solidarity to the back four and it might to an improvement compared to last season.

Brighton – Bernardo

Full backs are by far the most important position in football right now, which makes it crazy why there aren’t many to choose from in the world right now. Brighton, however, have added a very solid one to their ranks. The versatile defender Bernardo has signed from RB Leipzig, and is a very good addition. The Brazilian is excellent in the air, winning 2.8 aerial duels, while also completing 3.7 tackles and interceptions. He doesn’t offer much of an attacking threat however, but his versatility and defensive strength could be a real asset for seaside club.

Burnley – ?

As of the 30th of July, Burnley are yet to sign a player, which is confusing considering they could be playing Europa League football next season. This will be updated if they do sign a player however.

Cardiff City – Bobby Reid

I’m tipping Cardiff as relegation candidates. The Welsh side are probably the worst side that were promoted. Both Fulham and Wolves look more like Premier League sides, while Cardiff seem to be unable to possess the same quality. However I will give credit where it is due, with Bobby Reid being an excellent bit of business. The forward was excellent for Bristol last season, looking like a real all around forward. Finished the season playing every game, scoring 19 and assisting 7. He was averaging 1.9 shots per game. What is notable is where he is taking these shots from, with 1.2 coming from inside the penalty area, showing how he gets into very good areas. He also isn’t afraid to do some hard yards for the team, putting in 1.1 tackles per 90. If Reid can adapt immediately to the league, it could be the difference between survival and relegation for Cardiff.

Chelsea – Jorginho

Even though the Italian is the only signing Chelsea have made, he is still an excellent addition. For Sarri to impliment his system effectively, he needs a player who is excellent at controlling a game. Fabregas could do that, but his legs are gone. Who else to bring besides the guy who performed so well for Sarri’s last team, Napoli. The midfield maestro is a pass machine, averaging over 80 passes per 90 with a 90% accuracy. Chelsea have went from having an imbalanced midfield, into having one of the best in the league. That is how good of a signing Jorginho is.

Crystal Palace – Max Meyer

What an absolute bargain of a signing for the eagles. After some issues with the Schalke board, the young German was not given an extension on his contact, and was allowed to leave for free. Meyer was very good last season, topping the league with 2.8 interceptions. He was moved deeper last season, to take advantage of his ability on the ball, and it worked in his favour. He averaged an 89% pass accuracy last season, and ended the season with 4.3 tackles and interceptions. An improvement on his 1.2 in the 2016/17 season. Palace have given all of the creative burden to Zaha. Now with Meyer, it could allow Palace to be even more of a threat.

Everton – Richarlison

At the time of writing, Lucas Digne is very close to completing his move to Everton, however I still think Richarlison is the best signing of the window so far for the toffees. The young Brazilian looks like a real promising player. When many young wingers arrive in the premier league, they are usually incredible dribblers but do not contribute enough in front of goal (Adama Troare is the perfect example). Richarlison is not a great dribbler, however he is excellent in getting in goal scoring positions. While seeing the player not score a goal after November can be quite worrying, he is still very young, and his finishing will improve. A great signing all round.

Fulham – Jean Michael Seri

One issue many promoted teams face when arriving in the premier league is making that step up, to have the quality to stay in the league. Fulham have so far done a very good job in buying good level players, the likes of Mitrovic, Schurrle, Le Marchand and Fabri are all effective in showing the intention that Fulham are going for. However their best addition by far is Ivory Coast international Jean Michael Seri. Seri is a very good midfielder, not great, but is definitely an improvement on what they have. Seri averages 90 passes per game, with 2.1 key passes. He will add that extra bit of spark to the London side, and hopefully enough to stay up.

Huddersfield – Terence Kongolo

After looking at Huddersfield’s recruitment so far, I was very impressed. Selling Tom Ince and bringing in Sobhi is pretty good business. Diakhaby will give them another option, Eric Durm is a no risk signing, that could pay off. However getting Kongolo on a permanent was excellent. The Dutchman didn’t get much of a chance for Monaco, but he has excelled since arriving in Yorkshire. He was averaging 5 tackles and interceptions for Huddersfield, and even won a very good 2.2 aerial duels won. He doesn’t contribute much going forward however, but Wagner clearly is happy with the solid defensive work he does for the team. A great addition to the team.

Leicester – James Maddison

Replacing a player with Mahrez’s quality is a difficult challenge. The Algerian was an all rounder. He was able to create, dribble and also assist. The foxes made two great moves in doing this. The first being the acquisition of Portuguese full back Ricardo Pereira, a player with outstanding defensive and attacking numbers. The other was the signing of up and coming attacking midfielder James Maddison. The ex Norwich playmaker was absolutely excellent for them last season. Ending the season with 14 goals and 8 assists, making him one of very few players in the championship to end the season with over 20 goal contributions. His attacking numbers are actually very difficult to believe. He was averaging 2.8 key passes (David Silva averaged 2.2 last season), 2.6 shots, (Lukaku averaged 2.5), and 2.4 dribbles, more than Mahrez. A brilliant signing that could be the real push for Leicester.

Liverpool – Naby Keita

While the signings of Fabinho and Allison are both excellent in their own right, it is hard to compare to Naby Keita finally arriving at the club. The Guinean is one of the best box to box midfielders in Europe, and bringing him in for a bargain £50m (yes bargain) is excellent. Keita is a player who excels in all departments, being solid defensively, a good creator, an excellent dribbler and a player who will help massively in the final third. One void that Coutinho left when he departed to join Barcelona was his incredible dribbling ability. While Keita might not be as effective from distance, he still will be an brilliant player to give the ball to. Liverpool have lacked a player in midfield who can help against teams who sit back. Having Keita and Fabinho will help the reds break these teams down, and finally begin to launch a real title challenge.

Manchester City – Riyad Mahrez

Another signing here based on lack of options. Mahrez is a really good player, but they have spent a lot on a player who might not even play a majority of the games. This trick in bringing in league winning talent in every position has worked for Pep before. At Barcelona he had the choices Villa, Sanchez, Messi and Pedro. At Bayern he could choose Koman, Costa, Robben and Ribery. He likes to fill his team with players all at the same level, to increase competition to ensure every player is doing their best. the difference here is price. At Bayern, he used Costa and Koman as competition, who both costed less than £30m (Koman was on loan during Pep’s time as manager), and at Barca, Sanchez and Villa were not brought for much money at all. While I did think their wide talent did need strengthening, it was prominently their left side. However he will still perform very well for City and should help them retain the title.

Manchester United – Fred

I recently discussed the signing of Fred, but to reiterate, he is very good one. He might not be the flashy Brazilian signing we see in the modern game, but he is still a quality player. Fred is a very good box to box midfielder, able to fill in multiple roles, being able to play as a number 10 and a number 6. His biggest strength is his versatility. One issue United have been facing is how easy they are to suppress in big games. By just keeping Pogba out of a game, United always looked so much weaker and struggled to break teams down. Putting men on Pogba meant that he would have to come deep to receive the ball, basically making the Frenchman a zero threat. Having a player who also has good quality on the ball will mean the team will have more than one outlet of attack. Fred could be one very important signing.

Newcastle UnitedKenedy

While I like the permanent signing of Dupravka, I think bringing Kenedy back was a good move. I mentioned how much I liked Kenedy last season. He gave Rafa a real perfect winger. A guy who was able to put in some real defensive work, while also beating players and helping the team in a creative sense. Bringing him in for another season can only benefit the team. Newcastle are definitely going to struggle next season. They haven’t recruited in the right areas. They have failed to bring in a striker yet, with Mitrovic gone, and Gayle not performing last season. The magpies bringing back Kenedy will hopefully help them in their battle for survival.

Southampton – Mohamed Elyounoussi

Southampton’s biggest issue over the last couple of seasons has easily been their lack of goals. Charlie Austin was their top scorer last season with a small seven. While fixing the striker would be the easy solution, the goals from around the rest of the team just aren’t good enough. Nathan Redmond ended the season with only a single goal to his name. The worst part about that was he had 48 shots. The players are clearly needing competition. Bringing in the Norwegian international is very important. In 65 appearances in the swiss league, he got a goal contribution every 100 minutes. He was extremely impressive for Basel. He will add creativity, as well as a goal threat to a Southampton team in dire need for some.

Tottenham Hotspur – Harry Kane

While it isn’t technically a new signing, keeping their best player is so important, with Madrid looking for a new goal machine to replace Ronaldo. Spurs have put themselves in a position where they can never get rid of him. While they haven’t signed anyone, they don’t really have to. Everyone are saying they are weakened because of their lack of activity. But even if they do not sign someone. They have managed to keep Alderweireld and Rose, to players who were seemingly on their way out. Pochettino and Daniel Levy have managed this core group of players excellently. They are not in desperate need for a player, but some improvements could be useful. Maybe a back up to Eriksen could be handy to take the creative press off him (Grealish could fill that role) and a replacement for the aging Dembele (maybe going all out for Thiago Alcantara would be perfect). Spurs aren’t desperate for players, but improvements could definitely be made.

Watford – Gerard Deulofeu

Watford just seem so lackluster going into this season. They are in need for a new centre half, and most importantly, a striker. I am not expecting much from the hornets at all, however the signing of Deulofeu is still a good one. The Spaniard arrives at the club after joining them on loan back in January. After the loss of Richarlison, Watford now look like less of a threat in an attacking sense. Deulofeu and Richarlison are not similar players in the slightest. Richarlison is excellent at getting into the box and finding good areas, while Deulofeu is better at bearing his man and stretching the defense. Deulofeu makes them a bit less unpredictable. Let’s hope it’ll be enough for them to stay in the division.

West Ham United – Felipe Anderson

I’ve spoke about West Ham in another post, so I’ll keep this one short. Felipe Anderson is similar to Dimitri Payet in the sense of it gives West Ham a player with an ability to unlock a defense. I’m starting to love the fact that every team seems to be getting a top six standard player, and the Brazilian fits the bill. He is an incredible dribbler and is great creativily and in front of goal. West Ham needed to add goals to the rest of the team, and to add overall quality to match the aspirations of the owners. Anderson could definitely be that player to put them back into entertaining us again.

Wolves – Rui Patricio

No question in this choice. Wolves have signed a player (with the help of a certain super agent) who has not only won league titles, but has won a European trophy with his country. One area that recently promoted teams struggle with is defensively. Premier league teams attack in multiple ways, and it can expose a defense all sorts of ways. Having a goalkeeper who has played against and with some of the best players around, can only be beneficial. One of the best signings of the summer right here.

Let’s Talk About Manchester United…

For a club that has seemed pretty inactive, there is a lot to talk about here. I am a Manchester United fan so it is of course the club I keep the most notice of. While I try and stay unbiased, it can be hard not to start feeling frustrated and worried for the club I support. So let’s just go through everything that there is to talk about.


Easily the most talked about topic revolving the club, it has been a very strange window so far. The players we have brought in have been very good signings. Fred fixes a huge problem we have in the team, which is a player who can adapt to different roles. The Brazilian is an excellent box to box midfielder, being able to do the defensive work, while also possessing quality on the ball, helping the team when attacking. One area in our midfield last season was lacking in that department. While both Pogba and Matic had good seasons, the mostly played in a two. The problem with doing that is they both do not balance each other in the slightest. Pogba is a player who excels in carrying the ball from midfield into the dangerous areas and helping create, while also being a real goal threat. Matic is great at covering the defense, and a safe distributor. Matic does not have the legs to cover the ground Pogba has to leave to help the attack. As the season went on we did move towards the midfield 3, which did help give us balance. The problem is that third player was usually either Herrera, Fellaini or McTominay. All of these three were mostly unable to contribute in any way to attacking (or in Fellaini’s case, defensively). It left us so reliant on Pogba, that marking him out of a game would make us so predictable. Fred is a player who is able to contribute to attack, which means he will be able to either drive the ball into the final third, or allow Pogba to make those runs into the box. Dalot was another signing I was pleased to see. Strangely enough, my favourite thing about him is how little I know about him. It feels very old fashioned, relying on only word of mouth to know what the young Portuguese full back is good at. From what I know, he is able to play at both right back and left back, and is very good in both attack and defense. Unfortunately he has picked up an injury, but should return by December. If both of these signings are positive, then what is the problem? Well it’s the other areas we haven’t strengthened. It was made very clear that centre back was an area that Mourinho wanted to strengthen. Throughout this window, we have been linked to many different defenders, including Harry Maguire, Toby Alderweireld, Milan Skiriniar, Marquinhos and Gary Cahill. But it seems the board are unwilling to meet some of the crazy prices places by their clubs. It is clear that Mourinho is getting frustrated with it, because he wants to go into the new season with every hole filled. Out of the names previously mentioned, Skiriniar would be my choice. The Slovenian is not only composed, but shows great maturity and is very good in the air. Many would favour Alderweireld, but I still have my reservations. Over the last 2 years he has suffered serious injuries, which have worsened by the year. If Manchester United spent in excess of £50m on a 29 year old, who could have another serious injury left in him. It is way more of a risk than is being made out. Buying from Premier League clubs is always a problem, because they can charge how much they want (as seen with John Stones and Virgil Van Dijk) because they know how much your club needs that certain player. Maguire would also be a red flag. While I do really like him, buying him would be a huge rip off, with Leicester asking for £65m. If it was for less than £40m I’d be okay with it, but I don’t want the club overpaying for players. It’s an issue that can be seen at the moment, being the disconnect between Mourinho, and the board. Mourinho has constantly been complaining about the lack of signings and the lack of additions to the squad. I agree with him to an extent. Mourinho is similar to Guardiola, in the sense of they both need full backing if they are to win trophies and make their clubs successful. We have seen Guardiola get this treating at City, with the club spending £100m on just full backs. Mourinho has made it clear that he doesn’t believe he is being backed in the same way. Even just looking at last season, United were constantly linked to Perisic, but the club were unwilling to match Inter’s valuation for the winger. We do not know how important Perisic could have been for the team, but it could have been the difference that was needed. The board seem to want that Galactico signing, like a Bale, Ronaldo or Neymar. But Mourinho, and I, think that is unnecessary, when the rest of the squad need serious surgery and it isn’t being addressed. However I do sympathise with the board in some aspects. The players that the club have brought in for Mourinho have not all worked out. The two that do stick in my mind are Henrik Mhikitaryan and Victor Lindelof. Both players were wanted by Mourinho. Mhikitaryan was bought for a pretty reasonable price at the time, and while he did play very well in the Europa League, his inconsistency in the league was his downfall. Lindelof has had a very mixed start to his united career. Last season he barely put in any tackles or interceptions, but did show some very good composure on the ball. Both of these signings not working could be the reason why the board do not want to put 100% backing into Jose, because they have had their hand bitten already. The relationship between Mourinho and the board will become the end of the the two time champions league winner, like it has before with other clubs.


Now with all things to be said about transfers out of the way, let’s just look at how the current group of players are being handled. This current squad of players have been managed very poorly, and context is very important here. In Mourinho’s first season, I constantly praised him for truly bringing the best out of his squad. The likes of Jones, Rojo, Herrera, Fellaini, Rashford and Valencia all were giving out their best performances and it gave Mourinho plenty of credit for getting the best out of his players. But last season became very different. All of the players mentioned just didn’t show the same level of performances. Jones started off very well, but seriously struggled January onwards. Rojo was coming back from an injury for most of the season, leaving him lacking match fitness. Herrera was by far the most frustrating. He went from an instant starter, into a player who failed to contribute anything to the team. Playing him alongside Matic was the problem. Matic averaged a very good 3.7 tackles and interceptions last season, leaving Herrera with the Pogba role of transitioning play. It was a role he excelled at for Bilbao, however now playing as more of a destroyer, it is a role he is no longer comfortable performing. Fellaini was another who came in for Pogba and performed very well, but was a key problem for United against Sevilla, a game all United fans just want to forget. Rashford’s development in that first season was going very steadily. His contribution to the team was very good, even making the most appearances for the club in that season. Rashford seemed to be lacking real confidence during the season, which limited his minutes and contribution for the team dropped, and wasn’t giving the same solid output. Valencia performed very well, giving a real driving force on that right side. However he began to show his age, failing to contribute effectively in the final third, like a modern day full back should. I’m bringing this up to show how Mourinho has failed to make those average players usable. Instead he failed to get the best out of his players, thus making united a much poorer side on the whole. While Mourinho fail to improve his players is one massive discussions, it is his treatment of two players, being Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial. Both have been on the firing end by the manager, and in my opinion, it’s mostly unjust. Mourinho was criticising Pogba for a lack of consistency, lack of focus, and for not performing. This mainly came from the Spurs game at Wembley, where Pogba on a defensive level, was very poor. Mourinho subbed him near the beginning of the second half, and brought on Fellaini to “offer something different” and he said it was purely “tactical.” However Pogba’s appearances for the club were much more limited, with the Frenchman being benched for both legs against Sevilla in that same month. Mourinho has been utilising Pogba incorrectly for most of the season. The ex Juventus midfielder has been playing in a deeper role, as more of a creative midfielder (like a Pirlo, Fabregas, or Xavi) But that is not his strengths. While Pogba is indeed an excellent passer of the ball, his strengths are his dribbling and creativity in the final third. Pogba’s main responsibility should be scoring and assisting, but Mourinho needs his midfielders to be disciplined, and work very hard defensively. Those are not his strengths. Pogba is such a unique player, in fact a one in a kind. Never have I seen a midfielder who is that fast, that strong, that technically gifted and that good in the final third. He can do things midfielders do not usually do. Getting the best out of him is the way for Manchester United to succeed. The signing of Fred might be the key to his shackles, to allow him to play his game. Martial is another who is definitely struggling in recent months. Martial was actually very good for United up until the signing of Alexis Sanchez. He went from a potential player of the season until a player stuck on the bench, to make way for a player who did not deserve the starts he was getting. Every time Martial played last season, he looked so good. In only 1584 minutes played, he contributed to 14 goals. That is a goal every 113 minutes. It shows how effective Martial was whenever he played, and how important he was for United. However Mourinho clearly doesn’t see what I see, as he seems fine to let the wide man leave this summer. If signing Alexis would have limited Martial’s minutes this much, maybe signing him was a bad idea. My expectation was to see Martial on the left with Sanchez on the right. It would allow us to play an inform player, while fixing a clear issue on that right side. It just seems baffling to bench a player who was performing so well, thus weakening United as an attacking threat.

5 Talking Points from Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United

Oh what a comeback! That first half was another shocking performance, but that second half was incredible. So let’s go through that complete emotional rollercoaster

A Terrible 45 Minutes

Before going into the good stuff, let’s just go through how truly terrible that first half was. We looked unorganized, lacking ambition, and most of all, not interested. I truly believe that we have the worst defence out of the top 5. Even though De Gea has kept the most clean sheets in the league, we also face the most shots per game. It shows when watching that first half again. So many times we just let them come towards us and play their game. Mourinho seems to believe that this is the way to defend, and he might be right. But when we have players who seem unable to defend, it is impossible to make any system work. Valencia, Young, Bailly and Smalling were all tragic in the first 45 minutes. Valencia seemed desperate to ruin any shape we tried to have, Sterling put Young on a plate multiple times, Smalling was at clear fault for the first goal, and even Bailly was giving the ball away in stupid. It was poor all around and just continues to remind me how poor that back four is as a unit. I still argue that Liverpool have a better defence than united, while we have kept more clean sheets (thanks to a certain Spaniard), Liverpool do not allow opposition teams to take many shots. If their keepers were more consistent, they would easily be the third best team in the country. Another issue that seemed to continue was United in general struggling to move the ball. It was classic Mourinho, send long diagonal balls to Lukaku and hope that he is able to win the header. The issue here was the balls given to him were consistently poor. Even if Lukaku was closer, there was no one close enough to win the second ball. I do never want to see such a poor first half ever again by Manchester United, especially against our second biggest rivals.

Dealing with Fernandinho

The Brazilian has continually been the cog to this phenomenonal team, and to deal with him, is the key to dealing with city. In the first half United used Lukaku to shadow Fernandinho, but because the Belgian also had to put pressure on Otamendi and Kompany, this didn’t work. Matic also came out to pressure the Brazilian, but this also didn’t work. When he did this, it left Herrera and Pogba to cover for him, and with those two sitting further back, it gave more space for Gundogan and Silva to move and receive the ball. In the second half however, there was one slight adjustment made. Herrera would go further back to make a back 5, so if a player would step out to Fernandinho, it wouldn’t leave United as exposed. A smart move to nullify a player who is capable of moving City much further up the pitch.

Sanchez improvement

Since signing from Arsenal, it is safe to say Alexis hasn’t been an instant success, but the second half shown the quality of player we have at the club. One of my biggest issues with Sanchez has actually been on the ball. He seems to miss time his passes, resulting in United losing possession. This could have been a result of only signing recently, meaning he still isn’t on the same wave length as his teammates yet. His performance on Saturday was a definite showing of how good he is. Mourinho said after the game he wasn’t happy with Lingard and Sanchez in that first half, and wanted them to come closer to Lukaku, which they definitely did. Sanchez started to move more towards the middle, giving Danilo a much harder task, and had an involvement in 3 of United’s goals. The Chilean managed to create 5 chances, more than any other player for United on the day. The ball for Pogba’s header was inch perfect. It was a delivery we expect from a player of his calibre. It is great to see him finally showing why we were so happy to sign him.

Pogba’s Payback

But of course the biggest talking point is the performance of a certain Frenchman. Pogba in the second half was everything we needed in one of our biggest players. But let’s begin with his first half. In all honesty I didn’t think he was as bad as everyone else. He was at least trying to move the ball up the field, even though it did end in failure. It was incredible to see him change that much. It was the first time all season we have seen him run into these dangerous positions, to remind us why he scored so many for Juventus. It is still up for debate whether he decided to do this himself or if Mourinho gave him these instructions. The manager did say after the game that he was happy with the midfield, so it can be safely assumed Pogba decided himself. He is turning into a real character, and especially, a leader. A leader is something that cannot be bought, but made. Most importantly he scored two good and important goals to put us back into the game, against I team I despise from the bottom of my heart. But for me the best thing he did was give Otamendi a proper hard tackle. It was something that wouldn’t even be questioned if Keano or Scholes did the same thing. A choice to waste more time and to remind city that he is there. A show of pure passion and desire. Rumours and criticism of Pogba isn’t deserved. He has struggled recently, but we all know he can become a truly brilliant player at United, and let’s hope he continues

The Party Ruined

Oh the smile on my face when seeing all those city fans miserable at full time. At the end of the day the Champions League is more important for City. They have a tough game against Liverpool and need their bigger players ready for it. But they have also missed a one in a million chance. That being winning the title in front of their rivals. I’m glad they didn’t win, but they still have this title wrapped up. If City lose to Liverpool though, I do think they have underperformed this season, which will be explained if that happens.

Manchester United 3-0 Stoke City

After 10 games off, it was great to us return with a bang. After city’s defeat on Sunday, let’s try and make this gap less embarrassing.

Magical Pogba

By now you have probably realised I have a real love for Paul Pogba. And against Stoke he really put in a Pogba performance. He was constantly demanding the ball and just driving us forward and acting as our main creative hub. He had his usual Hollywood balls to the fullback (which I would prefer him to do less of) and doing quick passes to give others space to take advantage of. He added two more assists to his tally this season, making 12 goal contributions in 13 games. To compare De Bryune has the same amount in 10 more games. I find it ludacris that Pogba is not discussed in the same bracket as the likes of Modric, De Bryune and Kroos. He has the biggest skill set of a midfielder on the planet and can do everything. Pogba is on course to have his best season in club football. Not bad for a dab merchant.

Return of Valencia

It was great to see our Ecuadorian powerhouse return in his position. With him playing it gives us a much more balances back line. While Lindelof did okay at right back, he will never have the same consistent performances in that position as our captain. It also shows why Valencia is captain in the first place. He leads by example by putting the same energetic displays every week. While he is great going forward and defensively, his cross still can’t beat the first man, he still the best right back we could get.

Lingard in midfield?

A strange decision from Mourinho but did pay off. While it wasn’t a perfect performance, he did show why Mourinho played him there. He showed his usual lively performance with some great passing moves as usual. While I love his flexibility and his new found end product. This really isn’t his best position. I would play him in these games against weaker sides, to give us an extra edge, but in tougher games I’d prefer Fellaini or Herrera to play there, to give us someone more disciplined and stronger. Good performance from Messi Lingardino.

4-3-3 working again

Another game, another reason why 4-3-3 works. It just is the right position to play, and with the possible arrive of a certain arsenal winger, it might get even better. The issue still remains that right side, and if the Sanchez rumours are true, then we might be ready next season. Sanchez will give us a big game player who is at the top of his game, ready to win games and trophies with United. While it will be costly, bringing glory back to the red side of Manchester will be worth it.

A typical English appointment

Paul Lambert? Really? It is just such an underwhelming appointment in general. I’m just tired of teams just picking the safe option. I mean there has to be someone better right. Lambert has a 27% win rate in the league, which is dreadful. He’s been appointed for doing a great job keeping Aston Villa in the league, a job he lost the season after to Tim Sherwood. The board clearly do not know what they’re doing or do not feel ambitious in their appointment. They just want a pair of predictable hands with no difficulties.

5 Talking Points from Manchester United Over The Winter Period

With so games being played, it’s time to look over the busy period with some key talking points.

Set Piece Defending

Easily the one thing that we need to improve on. On the top of my head I can remember conceeding 4 goals from set pieces. Mourinho has this reputation of being great at organizing a defence, but with all these goals being let in from set pieces, it’s incredibly worrying. Most of the time when we conceed I usually say it’s from individual errors, like the Stoke game early on was full of them, but recently I just think it’s our organisation. Mourinho recently has sorted this out clearly, with United keeping clean sheets against Southampton, Derby and Everton. The defence seems to be improving, but Mourinho to make sure that these players are not letting the opponent leave them for dead at corners. It’s seriously concerning and it could ruin all this work that can clearly be seen this season.

Lionel Jesse

Easily our most improved and our best performer, not including Pogba and De Gea of course. Lingard has just been sensational. He has finally added end product to his game, while still keeping his great work rate and quick passes. It’s something so small to love but since we struggle to break teams down that sit back, having someone who will play a quick pass to move us further up the pitch is exactly what we need. And most importantly of course, he can only score screamers. It’s as if he’s competing with himself for goal of the season, and he’s winning. He’s been the main reason why we haven’t let Chelsea keep second place. He saved us points against, Arsenal, Burnley, Everton, West Brom and Derby. He gets important goals. Even if he drops off he will be thanked for performing so well in December and going into January.

An Unsure Rashford

It’s clear to see Rashford is not in the greatest of form at the moment. In certain areas he’s been unlucky but it’s clear to see it’s just an error in his game right now. When he first broke onto the scene anything he hit went in. But now Rashford can’t even hit a barn door in the form he’s in. When you watch the moments he misses in more detail it is clear to see that he is overthinking the whole thing. The obvious one is the chance he missed against Leicester. He was one on one with the keeper and didn’t know weather to shoot or try and get a penalty. He took so long to decide the keeper eventually intercepted him. This is all just immaturity in his game. He needs to work on his under pressure decision making and literally the only way to work on that is to keep getting in those positions when given the chance. The fans just need to keep supporting him and hopefully he keeps it up and eventually this drought will end.

Resurgence of Luke Shaw

Shaw has started four out of his last five games. His most consistent amount of appearances for a while. He is also playing very well. He just looks so much sharp and most importantly, much fitter. It seems that Mourinho has had issues with his fitness recently and he seems to be proving the manager wrong. I’m glad to see Shaw playing regularly again. It’s been so long and he deserves this. I still think we need cover at left back. If Shaw continues to perform this regularly until the end of the season, then I might change my stance on that.

The 4-3-3

I’ve made this clear so many times in the past. The 4-3-3 is our best formation because it gets the best out of one of our very few world class players. When we play in a 4-2-3-1 we always seem to struggle, with Pogba having to do so much defensive work and come so deep to get the ball. Pogba is great at playing those long passes across the pitch. I like them but it bothers me because he is so much more. He is a one of a kind footballer that can do just everything, but especially he is great at running into space and beating opponents. He is just such a unique player that forcing to make those long switch passes just is a real shame. If we had 3 in midfield it will enable someone else to drop deep to get the ball from defence and give it to Pogba. With Herrera just not performing this season, it will have to be a new player to fill this whole. On the top of my head I can think of a few names. Milenkovic-Savic, Allan, Jao Mario, Rabiot, Fabinho and Goretzka come to mind. All these players could do exactly what we need. Of course if I could choose anyone it would be Luka Modric. But we can’t always have what we want.

The Two Players Manchester United NEED To Sign in January

With Coutinho and Van Dijk making big moves already, it could be a huge chance for Manchester United to have a huge effect on this window. There are still key weaknesses in this team and it’s a perfect time to make a difference.

Malcom (Bordeaux)

A player that has been getting a lot of attention recently. Malcom is a player with a lot of talent, and plays like a real winger. To show how much we need a right sided winger, the last one we signed was Wilfred Zaha. We’ve been playing the likes of Juan Mata, Henrik Mkhitaryan, and Jesse Lingard out on the right for the past 3 years. We need a player who knows how to play like a winger, someone who is looking out for others instead of creating for himself. We already have Tony Martial for that. To have true balance in our team we need players for different situations. Mata is great for drifting in and overloading the midfield, Lingard is a fast mover and helps us play quick passes and get through tough defences. Mhiki doesn’t look like to be staying to next season at this rate. Malcom averages 2.4 key passes per game. To compare, Sane, Sterling and Mahrez all average between 1.6-1.9 respectively. Malcolm also averages over 1.5 crosses per game. Maybe it’s the way the others play, but they don’t even reach one per game. With the way united play it makes sense to get a player who can play a certain way we seem to want to play. No one in the squad is able to cross and play on the wing. To get a player who might not settle straight away wouldn’t be the worse situation. With the league gone, no league cup, the champions league being unlikely and the FA Cup being the only competition we have a real chance of winning, bringing in a player who will have a future effect, like Lindelof, Martial and Rashford, is perfect. If we can bring the Brazilian in this month for less than £40m, that will be a decent deal and would get us ready for next season.

Alex Sandro

With Sandro clearly not being played as much as last season, it makes sense to take advantage of a situation like Sandro. He is one of the top 3 left backs in Europe and would be a brilliant addition. With question marks still being over Luke Shaw and Darmian not being good enough, bringing in guaranteed success would make sense for any price. No stats are needed here because it is obvious how good he is. He was fantastic last season and was the entire left flank for Juventus. With Tony Martial playing as an inverted winger, having a player who will give us a constant overlap on the left would be extremely useful. Danny Rose was the other left back that United have been linked to. I’d personally prefer Sandro because he has a much better injury record, and will not be as difficult to deal with as Spurs. Only Malcom and Sandro I can personally see signing in January. No one else sticks out to me as likely to move. Let’s hope Mourinho is able to push these deals.

Top 5 Premier League Signings (As of Match Day 11)

The recent transfer window has easily been the most frantic window of all time. The record was broken with the signing of Paul Pogba to Manchester United and there was still some other big money moves in the summer, like Benteke to Crystal Palace and John Stones to Manchester City. But instead of just listing them, I’ll be counting down the best Premier League signings as of November 2016, good chance there will be another list in a few months time, depending on any player who has made a difference. The way I’ll be judging these transfers is what they add to the team they’re joining and if the club that signed the player has done good business in the market.

5. Steven Defour – Anderlecht to Burnley (£8m)

Any team that gets promoted are instantly relegation candidates and that’s just the reality of it. Any team that get promoted have to make sure they have a lot of depth, because the premier league is tiresome league. Players don’t get that winter break the La liga players and the Bundesliga get. They need a goalscorer. Proof of that can be seen with Sunderland last season. Without Defoe, they wouldn’t of got out of that bottom 3 at any point during the season. Villa got relegated because they didn’t have that 10+ goalscorer, to score those important goals in big games. Burnley have that with Andre Gray and Sam Vokes. But they can’t score goals without the right service, and that’s what Steven Defour gives you. I was very impressed when I saw Burnley bag the Belgium for only £8m. What a bargain! Defour adds that quality every team needs, someone who can make something out of nothing, who can bring the ball into the opponent’s half and give those strikers the chances they need to win games. The first moment I saw of the midfielder was an assist to Andre Gray against Liverpool. I just sat there thinking “that is exactly what they need.” I’m not sure if he keep it up all season, but early signs show he can do it.

4. Ilkay Gundogan – Borrusia Dortmund to Manchester City (£21m)

This was the first big transfer of the window, and what a way to start. Gundogan is a class player and City got him for a bargain, they just have to hope they can’t keep him fit. He has been great player for Dortmumd for a few seasons now, and it was a big money move we were all waiting for. He gives Pep everything he wants from midfielder, calm, composed, intelligent and a great attacking threat. I never used to think of Gundogan as a massive attacking threat but after seeing him recently for City, I’m pretty surprised. He has this ability to come out of no where to give support for the likes of Sterling and Aguero. But there is a problem with the German, and that is his injuries. He’s pretty similar to other City players like Aguero and Silva, quality on their day, but at some point will be injured. If Pep can sort out his injury problems, then Gundogan will be one of the best midfielders in the league.

3. Ashley Williams – Swansea City to Everton (£12m)

Ashley Williams is easily one of the best leaders, and defenders, in the league. He was one big reason why Swansea have stayed up over the last few seasons, and why Wales went as far as they did in the Euros in France. He gives you a voice, a presence, someone who will carry the weaker players when needed. Every team needs a player like him, especially Everton. The toffees last season were so poor in the back. Conceeding 55 goals all together. Much of that blame can be put on Roberto Martinez. It seemed as if he had no idea how to organise a defence. Everton were  very solid under David Moyes, but it seemed Martinez sacrifices a solid back line for an entertaining style of play. They were great to watch, but there is no point in scoring plenty if you’re gonna conceed even more. Those kind of decisions got Martinez sacked, and now under Koeman, Everton are still entertaining and are even keeping clean sheets, and Williams can take a lot of credit for it.

2. Sadio Mane – Southampton to Liverpool (£35m)

I was one of those people who did question Sadio Mane’s move to Anfield. The main reason for that being his inconsistency, he was a great player to watch at Southampton, but he lacked consistency. He’d score two goals in a game and then go 5 games without scoring again, but it seems like Jurgen Klopp has got the best out of the former Southampton man. Mane has became everything Liverpool needed last season, someone who’s first thought was run forward and cause some problems for the defenders. Mane has been in great form, scoring 6 and assisting 2 so far this season and if he keeps it up, he’ll be in the team of the season for sure.  Liverpool’s front three have became the most deadly front three in Europe because of their speed and intensity, and Liverpool fans can be thankful to Klopp bringing in the right man to change that. 

Honourable Mentions

Eric Bailly – Villarreal to Manchester United (£30m) 

Idrissa Gueye – Aston Villa to Everton (£7.1m)

Joel Matip – Schalke FC to Liverpool (Free)

 Shkodran Mustafi – Valencia to Arsenal (£35m)

Nathan Redmond – Norwich to Southampton (£10m)

1. N’golo Kante – Leicester City to Chelsea (£32m)

Who else? Who else could possibly be a better signing than N’golo Kante to Chelsea, he would what some people refer to as a title winning signing, and I can’t agree more. Kante gives you what any title contender needs, consistency, an engine and someone to do that dirty work. Last season proved that some of those Chelsea players can’t be relied on, and they needed someone who can always be relied on. Kante was the meaning of consistency last season, playing in almost every game last season for Leicester, only missing one game from injury, and doing all the dirty work needed so Leicester could counter the opposition and help them win the league. Conte signing the French man must of made Chelsea fans wonder who Jose Mourinho was. He fits into Conte’s system so well because of his ability to go unnoticed, Kante can be like a ghost on the pitch, taking the ball off the opposition without them even realising. Not only did Chelsea sign the best midfielder from last season, they also got him pretty cheap for what they are getting. If Chelsea spent up to £50m for him, no one would of batted an eye. He is that good.