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4 Players Who Need To Leave Their Current Club

These four players are players who are rather two good for their team or aren’t getting played enough, and need to move on to a bigger challenge or more game time: 

Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon)

Lacazette is a player who was heavily linked to Arsenal, Spurs and West ham in the summer. It just baffles me why he didn’t move. He is a very good player and just too good for Lyon. For the past 2 seasons Lacazette has been banging in plenty of goals for Lyon, giving them champions league last season, but I just can’t see them getting anything this season. With Nice doing a Leicester this season, and Monaco and PSG just being themselves, I just can’t see them getting the spot they so desperately want. I respect players who stay at their club out of pure love for the team, but Lacazette should aim high. Loyalty doesn’t exist in the game anymore. So I wouldn’t even blame him for leaving. I thought Arsenal or Spurs would of been a great pick personally, his pace and intelligence would fit them both perfectly. He’d give them the goals they both need at the moment. Ive already heard how much Lyon’s owner wants for him, but he might just be worth it for some teams.

Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton)

Van Dijk has this ability of just staying under the radar. Everyone knows how talented he is, but everyone seems to forget about him. Southampton had a very good campaign last season, and Van Dijk was one of the best parts about it. He had the difficult task of replacing Alderweireld, and he succeeded. Van Dijk is built to be a centre back, he’s tall and very physical. You can tell he’s Dutch too, for how composed and intelligent he is. There are two factors that make me think he should and will move on next summer. The first being how good he is. He could easily fit into any team in the league, he’s that good. The other factor being Southampton’s reputation as a selling club. Southampton have been giving their best players away for the past few seasons. Key players like Lallana, Mane and Schneiderlin were all sold to Liverpool and Manchester United respectivally. And surprise surprise, the Dutchman has been linked to both teams. If both offer £30m plus, then should definitely be moving to even better things next season.

James Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

It feels like forever since we all saw James star at the World Cup in Brazil, and after his huge money move to Real Madrid, it seemed like everything was working for him. But after him seeing two managers get sacked for not being good enough, he’s in a situation where Zinedine Zidane doesn’t think he’s the right guy for him. Players like Kroos, Modric, Casemiro and Isco (who I was originally going to talk about, but changed my mind after the Madrid Derby. He’s earned a place in that team) are picked over him. All the problems James is having right now is just a classic Real Madrid problem. They’ve gained this reputation of buying the biggest players in the world, without thinking how they’ll fit in the squad, and James is another victim of this. It’s clear that he is a very talented player, but he just doesn’t fit in Zidane’s system, and I don’t know if he ever will. He needs to move on for the sake of his career. He was linked to many teams in the summer, including Man United (who isn’t though), Chelsea, Juventus and PSG. The only reason he probably won’t be sold is the transfer ban. Real Madrid want a lot for him, it would not be a problem for wealthy clubs but because of the transfer ban, Zidane will not want to get rid of anyone. It’s a shame really. He’s a player who will make thinks happen for you, and with many years left in him, he could be a huge player for another team.

Romelu Lukaku (Everton)

Why hasn’t this guy left yet? When his own manager has said he needs to move on, it’s just telling that he’s too good for Everton. Lukaku, is physically, perfectly built as a forward, he’s strong, tall, quick and very aggressive. But it’s other factors of his game that need a bit of improvement. He’s not as clinical as other srikers in the league, something that will improve over time. His first touch needs sorting out if he wants to improve playing off the last man. If he sorts these things out he’ll be one of the world’s best. With huge links to big clubs like Manchester United (again, who isn’t), Chelsea, Bayern Munich and PSG (the French giants being the most likely destination), he’ll soon moving on to scoring in huge games and cup finals

Form means nothing to Cristiano! – Matchday 12 review

Last weekend was surprising to say the least, mainly because I didn’t get a single prediction right (I need to step up my prediction game) and all the games went completely different than I thought it would. I think the best place to start would be the first game of the weekend:

Manchester United 1:1 Arsenal – Mesut Missing

I did say in my match previews that I really wanted United to get something out of this game, and even though they did, we should of got more out of it. United were the dominant team from start to finish. Arsenal posed no threat to that back four and Pogba, Herrera and Mata bossed that midfield, making Wenger’s decision not to play Xhaka pretty regrettable, because Coquelin and Elneny just couldn’t deal with Pogba’s strength and speed. That Arsenal game sums up United at Old Trafford this season, playing their best games but just not finishing their chances and being very unlucky. But even though these draws are hurting United in the long run, the signs are still there. United were a constant threat and solid in the back. The issue is the players aren’t taking their chances, and it makes you think that maybe the game would of been different if Zlatan was leading the line instead of Rashford. Mourinho has nothing to worry about at all. The issues he has are all solvable, including the inconsistency, as long as United get the best out of Pogba, they should be fine. Arsenal on the other hand, were typical. Typical for them to not turn up and for Wenger to make excuses. Players like Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey did nothing. Arsenal just got very lucky with Oxlade-Chamberlein coming on and actually trying to do something, and crosses it the best super sub around right now, Olivier Giroud. This was supposed to be Arsenal’s year, after actually buying players in the market. But everyone should of saw this coming. I still believe Arsenal will never win the league under Wenger, it just seems like all these players don’t have the mentality to win the league, and you just have to blame the manager for that.

Borussia Dortmund 1-0 Bayern Munich – Tuchel prepared!

I have to admit Dortmund surprised me big time here. They set up with the intention of dealing with that powerful attack, and they suppressed it as much as they could. When looking back at that team sheet, you could do nothing more than be puzzled. Schurrle in CM? 5 in the back? I just couldn’t understand what was going on. When watching the game, i still couldn’t put my finger on it. But they scored and went on to win the game, so they must of done something right. Tuchel was very lucky in one aspect and that was how average Bayern were. Players you’d think they could rely on, like Alonso and Hummels, just didn’t play well enough, making many mistakes. You could blame the occasion on Hummels, but we all expect better from Bayern. They just didn’t look up for probably the biggest game of the season, but Dortmund did. They set up perfectly, making Lewandowski invisible and their wingers unable to do anything. Not only that, their players worked so hard to get those three points, and you can’t do anything more than praise every single one of them. Players like Gotze just turned up, it’s as if they all knew the occasion and knew how important it was for the fans, who despise Bayern with a passion. I just wanna thank Dortmund for making the league interesting and competitive. With Leipzig top of the league and Dortmund only three points behind their rivals, even after their slow start, this could be a season to remember.

Athletico Madrid 0-3 Real Madrid – Ronaldo at his best

What else to say about Real absolutely destroying their rivals. I thought this game would be closer than it was, with Athletico desperate to close that gap. But it seems like Athleti are out of the title race already. I can’t see Real losing anymore games now and Barca will obviously be fine. All Athletico can do now is aim for top four, and let’s be honest, they’ll probably get it. I think what impressed me the most was the depth Los Blancos have. With six obvious starters out, you’d expect them to struggle without the likes of Ramos, Kroos and Casemiro. But clearly not. Players people have written off at Real, the likes of Isco and Kovacic, two players I thought had no future at the club, turned up, especially Isco. He was absolutely brilliant, making those key passes and making Athletico’s midfield look like nothing. But let’s quickly talk about Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is obviously one of the best to ever play the game, so when people criticise his form, they don’t know who they are talking about. Ronaldo is a player who Real can rely on, no matter how out of form he is. He has gained this ability over the years to be in the right place at the right time, and Zidane will keep playing him because of this ability. The world’s best don’t rely on form because they will always turn up, no matter what the occasion. Even his hatrick wasn’t that impressive, a free kick that only went in from a deflection, a questionable penalty and a tap in. But hey, a hatrick is a hatrick. I think the player I was most impressed with was Varane. He was an absolute rock and he gets my man of the match.

AC Milan 2-2 Inter Milan – best game of the weekend!

What a game of football! This was actually the first Milan Derby I ever watched, and I now understand why it’s considered one of the best Derby’s around. Both teams were in different kinds of positions and form. Milan obviously being in better form than Inter. But Inter just turned up today. I thought Perisic was their best player, being a constant threat and getting that dramatic late equaliser. Miranda was also great at the back and was very impressed with him. AC Milan I thought had the right game plan, play on the break and outnumber them. Suso had the game of his life, scoring two great goals. He was a constant threat on that right wing, running past that defence and scoring two huge goals. The best thing Inter did was silence Icardi. The Inter captain barely got a sniff of the ball and didn’t do much. I thought the inclusion of Jovetic did help relieve some pressure from Icardi, giving him an actual chance against Donuramma. Speaking of Donuramma, this was actually the first time I watched Donuramma in goal, and I got to say I was very impressed. For a 17 year old playing against their biggest rivals, he was so calm through most of the game and was playing like he’s done it plenty of times. I feel like Donuramma will be big in the future. But at good as Buffon, we’ll just have to wait and see
Other notable games to talk about were Fenerbatche beating Galatasaray, Spurs coming from behind to beat West Ham, Malaga getting a draw against Barca and RB Leipzig moving to the top of the Bundesliga

November 18-20th big match previews

There are some big games coming this weekend, and I’ve decided to talk about the most notable fixtures for the weekend, while also putting my predictions for each of the games

Manchester United vs Arsenal

This is a big game for both teams, both need the three points to support their title challenge. Man united have not been as great as everyone thought they would be, me included. And without Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eric Bailly and Chris Smalling, this could turn out to be a very difficult game for them. But it’s November, and when is the best time to play Arsenal? November, when all their injuries happen. Arsenal are currently without Hector Bellerin, which could be a huge miss for them, Alexis Sanchez is doubtful for this game, so both teams are without their main man upfront. As a Man united fan my heart is saying United but Arsenal have been in much better form this season. So arsenal seem like the more likely winner.

Prediction: Manchester United 1-2 Arsenal (but hoping for united to get something out of this)

Athletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

This is a game where I have no idea what to expect. I thought Athletico would be way more involved in this title race but it just hasn’t worked out for them this season. This is a game where they have to win, plus they’d get a bit of satisfaction from beating them after the Champions League final. No one wants to play Real Madrid right now, they have been unbelievable. Bale has turned into their main man by the looks of it after his new contract. The only problem Real have is the injuries. With Pepe, Ramos, Kroos and Casemiro still out, Athletico could take advantage of that but I still don’t think that unbeaten run will end this weekend.

Prediction: Athletico Madrid 1-2 Real Madrid

AC Milan vs Inter Milan

This seems to be the weekend of Derby’s! AC Milan have surprised many people this year with competing for Champions League and having great youth players coming up with the likes of Donuramma and Locatelli. Inter, on the other hand, are without a manager and their captain is hated by their fans. They have been a massive disappointment this season, spending a lot of money on real talent like Banega and the young Brazilian Barbosa, and not many of them really showing their value. I saw how well Milan did against Juventus and I feel they are gonna show that fight and resilience yet again with three points. But I feel like Inter will turn up for game like this. 

Prediction: AC Milan 1-0 Inter Milan

Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich

Both teams to be have been very underwhelming this season. I thought Bayern would walk this season without a threat, but it seems like a few teams aren’t letting them win this league easily. Losing their best players has proved to have a massive effect on Dortmund. Their defence is missing Hummels and it seems like Mkhitaryan is being missed too. But the big difference maker could be the return of Marco Reus. One of their biggest players is returning and what a great time to come back, I just don’t think he’ll be enough for Dortmund to overcome the Champions. They’ll have to hope Lewandowski doesn’t have his shooting boots on if they wantanything out of this game.

Prediction: Dortmund 1-3 Bayern Munich

Top 5 Premier League Signings (As of Match Day 11)

The recent transfer window has easily been the most frantic window of all time. The record was broken with the signing of Paul Pogba to Manchester United and there was still some other big money moves in the summer, like Benteke to Crystal Palace and John Stones to Manchester City. But instead of just listing them, I’ll be counting down the best Premier League signings as of November 2016, good chance there will be another list in a few months time, depending on any player who has made a difference. The way I’ll be judging these transfers is what they add to the team they’re joining and if the club that signed the player has done good business in the market.

5. Steven Defour – Anderlecht to Burnley (£8m)

Any team that gets promoted are instantly relegation candidates and that’s just the reality of it. Any team that get promoted have to make sure they have a lot of depth, because the premier league is tiresome league. Players don’t get that winter break the La liga players and the Bundesliga get. They need a goalscorer. Proof of that can be seen with Sunderland last season. Without Defoe, they wouldn’t of got out of that bottom 3 at any point during the season. Villa got relegated because they didn’t have that 10+ goalscorer, to score those important goals in big games. Burnley have that with Andre Gray and Sam Vokes. But they can’t score goals without the right service, and that’s what Steven Defour gives you. I was very impressed when I saw Burnley bag the Belgium for only £8m. What a bargain! Defour adds that quality every team needs, someone who can make something out of nothing, who can bring the ball into the opponent’s half and give those strikers the chances they need to win games. The first moment I saw of the midfielder was an assist to Andre Gray against Liverpool. I just sat there thinking “that is exactly what they need.” I’m not sure if he keep it up all season, but early signs show he can do it.

4. Ilkay Gundogan – Borrusia Dortmund to Manchester City (£21m)

This was the first big transfer of the window, and what a way to start. Gundogan is a class player and City got him for a bargain, they just have to hope they can’t keep him fit. He has been great player for Dortmumd for a few seasons now, and it was a big money move we were all waiting for. He gives Pep everything he wants from midfielder, calm, composed, intelligent and a great attacking threat. I never used to think of Gundogan as a massive attacking threat but after seeing him recently for City, I’m pretty surprised. He has this ability to come out of no where to give support for the likes of Sterling and Aguero. But there is a problem with the German, and that is his injuries. He’s pretty similar to other City players like Aguero and Silva, quality on their day, but at some point will be injured. If Pep can sort out his injury problems, then Gundogan will be one of the best midfielders in the league.

3. Ashley Williams – Swansea City to Everton (£12m)

Ashley Williams is easily one of the best leaders, and defenders, in the league. He was one big reason why Swansea have stayed up over the last few seasons, and why Wales went as far as they did in the Euros in France. He gives you a voice, a presence, someone who will carry the weaker players when needed. Every team needs a player like him, especially Everton. The toffees last season were so poor in the back. Conceeding 55 goals all together. Much of that blame can be put on Roberto Martinez. It seemed as if he had no idea how to organise a defence. Everton were  very solid under David Moyes, but it seemed Martinez sacrifices a solid back line for an entertaining style of play. They were great to watch, but there is no point in scoring plenty if you’re gonna conceed even more. Those kind of decisions got Martinez sacked, and now under Koeman, Everton are still entertaining and are even keeping clean sheets, and Williams can take a lot of credit for it.

2. Sadio Mane – Southampton to Liverpool (£35m)

I was one of those people who did question Sadio Mane’s move to Anfield. The main reason for that being his inconsistency, he was a great player to watch at Southampton, but he lacked consistency. He’d score two goals in a game and then go 5 games without scoring again, but it seems like Jurgen Klopp has got the best out of the former Southampton man. Mane has became everything Liverpool needed last season, someone who’s first thought was run forward and cause some problems for the defenders. Mane has been in great form, scoring 6 and assisting 2 so far this season and if he keeps it up, he’ll be in the team of the season for sure.  Liverpool’s front three have became the most deadly front three in Europe because of their speed and intensity, and Liverpool fans can be thankful to Klopp bringing in the right man to change that. 

Honourable Mentions

Eric Bailly – Villarreal to Manchester United (£30m) 

Idrissa Gueye – Aston Villa to Everton (£7.1m)

Joel Matip – Schalke FC to Liverpool (Free)

 Shkodran Mustafi – Valencia to Arsenal (£35m)

Nathan Redmond – Norwich to Southampton (£10m)

1. N’golo Kante – Leicester City to Chelsea (£32m)

Who else? Who else could possibly be a better signing than N’golo Kante to Chelsea, he would what some people refer to as a title winning signing, and I can’t agree more. Kante gives you what any title contender needs, consistency, an engine and someone to do that dirty work. Last season proved that some of those Chelsea players can’t be relied on, and they needed someone who can always be relied on. Kante was the meaning of consistency last season, playing in almost every game last season for Leicester, only missing one game from injury, and doing all the dirty work needed so Leicester could counter the opposition and help them win the league. Conte signing the French man must of made Chelsea fans wonder who Jose Mourinho was. He fits into Conte’s system so well because of his ability to go unnoticed, Kante can be like a ghost on the pitch, taking the ball off the opposition without them even realising. Not only did Chelsea sign the best midfielder from last season, they also got him pretty cheap for what they are getting. If Chelsea spent up to £50m for him, no one would of batted an eye. He is that good.