Memorable Matches – FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United

After the international break becoming baron when discussing relevent football, let’s talk about matches from the past. Games that will never be forgotten in the minds of the fans who watched. Let’s start with a game that I even remember watching at a younger age. The second encounter in two years between Sir Alex’s United, and Pep’s treble winning Barcelona. Both sides previously played each other in the 2009 champions league final, also remembered as Ronaldo’s final game for the club. The game was quite close, but incredible games from both Xavi and Messi put Barcelona over the line. This game was the rematch, which would hopefully see Fergie finally land the victory over Pep. But we all know that is not what happened. So let’s get into it.

United’s great first 10 minutes

Let’s start with by far United’s best moment. Ferguson’s plan was to use both Park and Valencia to deal with the full backs and midfielders. Park would drop deep to stop Alves from making any as advancing runs. Valencia and Park are both incredibly good at tracking back and helping their full backs. It was a classic Ferguson move. He always liked to play players, like Park, in these big games to help nullify the opponent. United played a classic 4-4-2, with Giggs and Carrick in midfield. Their other approach to deal with their midfield disadvantage was to bring one of the wingers inside depending on which side Barcelona were playing. For example, if the ball was on the side of Pedro and Abidal, Valencia would put pressure on them, while Park would come into midfield to limit the effect of Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets. Both Rooney and Hernandez had very important roles. Rooney had to keep on Busquets. The defensive midfielder is so important in how Barcelona build up play. He is one is able to receive the ball and pick out a further advanced player, to help with possession. Rooney at times helped with this (we’ll get to why it didn’t work later) and Hernandez kept pressure on the back two of Pique and Mascherano. This worked so well for the first 10-15 minutes, but we will now get to why this didn’t exactly work.

A Xavi Masterclass

I constantly love to compliment midfielders. Whether it has been my constant defense of Paul Pogba, my praise for Luka Modric, my love for Vidal’s all round excellence, or the many memories I have of Paul Scholes. Xavi is better than all of the above. I fondly remember watching him, and his Barcelona teammates majestically move around the pitch and win 3 international trophies back to back. I do not think there will ever be a better player than Xavi in the middle of the park. His incredible ability at transitioning play, finding space and retaining possession will never be beaten. He was at his mesmerising best in this game. When Busquets was having a limited effect in the first half, Xavi would drop incredibly deep to receive the ball. He would usually then recycle the ball back to the centre halves, until there was space available to advance play. When Xavi dropped this deep, it left Rooney and Hernandez with a difficult decision, either stick with their role, and leave Xavi to retain possession, or try and deal with Xavi, but not full commit to the game plan. It left United chasing the game, because they failed to deal with the change that one player made. Xavi is the one who won the game for Barcelona. His dismantling of United’s plan is the reason why they cruised the game. He was recieving the ball all over the field, and he was just so good at helping Barcelona get the ball in dangerous areas. It was easily one of the best midfield performances you will ever see.

Messi at his best

If Xavi was the captain of the destruction of United’s approach, Messi was the first mate. Messi as a player as evolved dramatically since his long haired teenaged days at the Camp Nou. He began as a right winger, using his pace and dribbling ability to assist Eto’o and Ronaldinho in their dazzling displays in the final third. However Pep saw something else in him, being his ability at finding space. Messi under Pep was easily one of the hardest players to deal with when defending. If the centre backs chose to track him, it would leave space wide open in the back for one of Villa or Pedro to exploit. But if a midfielder chose to track him, it would leave the midfield disjointed. United had this similar problem. It seemed Carrick was the one with the responsibility to deal with Messi. Like the rest of the side, it was fine for the first 10 minutes. Messi didn’t have much of an involvement near the start of the game. But then the Argentine just dropped deeper and deeper, until Carrick couldn’t follow. That was the point where Messi was at his most deadliest. While many will call Messi an excellent dribbler and goal scorer. His best attribute will always be his ability to find space to receive the ball, which would bring the rest of the team into play. There is a reason why Pep told Messi to never receive the ball in the 18 yard box, because he knew exactly how good of a false nine Messi was. Throughout the game you would see Messi drop near enough in his own half, receive the ball, and just run at United. It worked so often and he was untouchable throughout the game. What helped massively was United’s inability to keep up with Barcelona. Their tireless running, aggression and high energy game was really taking its effect as the game went on, by the hour mark, United had zero legs to stand. Barcelona had that much control of the game, that United would never be able to get back into it. Messi and Barcelona were excellent in just waiting for this moment, and really made them suffer.

To conclude, this game was a huge turning point. It was the first time Sir Alex would look at a game and even admit that there was nothing he could do. While their first encounter in Rome was closer in pure ability of the players on the pitch, the rematch was not. United didn’t have the furocious front line of Tevez, Ronaldo and Rooney anymore. Fergie’s magic still brought the best of the aging and average talent throughout the squad, but there was a limit to this. Pep’s team and squad was of such a high standard that any line up Fergie put out on the day, would not have won the game. It was the first time I ever saw Sir Alex get completely outclassed on a tactical level.

It was a high point for his opponent however. This victory ensured that this team of players would go down as one of the best teams to ever play the game (and the best in my opinion). Every player in that team was at their peak, and worked so well together to produce a team that few were ever able to beat. It’s still the team that Pep is trying to equal in achievement and style. A game where the old was beaten by the new, in such a dominant display, and that is why this is a memorable match.


Another top 4 most overrated players in Europe

With more time passing and more players disappointing on a daily basis, let’s have a look at more players who are given way more praise than they deserve

Marko Arnautovic

Easily one of my least favourite players in the premier league, Marko Arnautovic is what I like to refer to as a Match of the Day player, a player made for highlights and the occasional good game. Arnautovic will only play well once every 6 games. it will seem like he is a good player, with him getting the occasional brace, but he doesn’t do it enough. He will get roughly 8-10 goals each season but he scores in patches, not consistently. He is a classic example of a player full of talent but doesn’t do it enough, and his recent poor displays against united and Southampton just continue to show that

Andreas Iniesta

Don’t get me wrong, Andreas Iniesta was a great player, a player who could go through anyone with ease, but at the old age of 33, he is still getting in lists of best player of the year, and I find that a joke. He is still getting these plaudits but players like Thiago and Verrati, two world class players in their prime, can’t even get a nomination. Iniesta has went from a key player for his side into a player who just doesn’t have the legs for it anymore. His showing against Madrid in the Supercopa just shows it. Players like Casemiro, Modric and Kroos all outran him in midfield. Iniesta just isn’t good enough anymore. Occasionally he can show his quality, but it is time for the Red and blue to replace one of their greatest players, for his good and their own.

Laurent Koscielny

Koscielny is still regarded as the best defender in the league, and a world class player. Two titles given to him that are definitely undeserved. He isn’t even in the top 5 defenders in the league, players like David Luiz, Toby Alderwireld, Vincent Kompany and Eric Bailly are smarter than him, are better leaders and are definitely better on the ball. The only attribute he has over other players in the league is his pace. It usually gets him out of many sticky situations. But a player with such poor positional play and a bad temper, shouldn’t be regarded as a world class centre back.

Joe Hart

He’s normally rated by older fans and definitely English pundits, because he’s English and he’s won titles. But as a goalkeeper he just isn’t good enough for the top teams. Joe Hart was linked with moved to Liverpool and Manchester United, which made me laugh hysterically. He has poor distribution, which is why Pep got rid of him. But there’s more then that. His diving to his left side is a glaring weakness. Against Iceland, the second goal he conceeded should have been saved, but it slipped right through him, on his left side. For Torino last season, he caused the most errors leading to goals, not including the awful Claudio Bravo. Joe Hart just doesn’t have the shot stopping ability and the distribution to compete with the best, and it might be too late to improve.